[ID] NCPack- Bag of Mystery Capsules


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Age: 7.5 years
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Shop Size: 30

Xxxxxxx the Blue Gnorbu
Xxxxxxx the Yellow Blumaroo
Xxxx the Green Kacheek
Total Avatars: 160
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 10 | Game: 5
Notable Trophies:

Total Neocash Items: 100
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 13 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Bag of Mystery Capsules
Giant Cake Background
Faerieland Library Background
Guarding the Gates Background
Shenkuu Performer Headdress
Carnival Background
Earth Faerie Dress
Earth Faerie Dress
Earth Faerie Dress
Warrior Glade Background


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