General Questions

Why should I buy from you?

The doubt on the mind of many is this, and we’re here to put your mind at ease. First and foremost, our company has been around since February 2011 (a simple WHOis lookup on google can verify this), and what started out as a passion, quickly grew into a profitable business for us. Our stock is entirely legitimate and earned only over the years with ethical means. You can find testimonials left by past buyers all the way back to 2011 here.  We use the safest transfer methods, offer the most helpful support and our prices are unbeatable. To sum it up ; Reliable, Affordable, and Safe! There is really no reason not to buy from us! If you still have doubts, you can try out our shop with a test purchase of a small item (we offer items for as low as $0.99).

Do you need my neopets password or username?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Anyone who asks you for your Neopets password is a scam artist. For most purchases your username is not needed either, as most purchases come preloaded on an account. Therefore, you will be completely secure on your end.

How are your products obtained?

This website is operated by a team of five players, who have been playing since 1999/2000. The neopoints we sell are obtained from playing games daily, the stock market, restocking, reselling, investing, and etc. Our net value of neopoints put together, is well over what would amaze you. It is mostly wise investments such as H4000 Helmet’s (which were buyable back in the days, and now run a price of 6M nowadays), Meowclops, Candychan Stamps, and etc. that really helped us develop our wealth.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our primary payment gateway is Paypal. In addition to that, we also accept payments via Interac eTransfer (Canadians), Bitcoin (International) and Western Union (International). For the additional payment methods, those have to be manually processed, so you can contact us through the site to set that up.

WHAT currency does your site use?

Our base currency used on all our products is USD (United States Dollars).  However, we accept currencies from all over the world. When checking out, Paypal will auto-convert the currency to that of your country.

How long does it take to process the orders?

If you’re order only contains products with [ID] in the product title, your order will be fulfilled in 12-24 hours. Otherwise, if your order contains products without [ID] in the product title, then it will take 12-72 hours.

Can I be a seller for you site?

Unfortunately not! We here at Neopoints.In cannot verify the legitimacy of publicly bought virtual goods, therefore we don’t want to put our customers in a vulnerable position. For that reason, only we as staff do the supplying.

Some of your prices are a little higher then they should be?

We have 100s of items in stock, and thus can’t adjust the prices according to the economy everyday.. If you want to buy an item, and you think the price should be lower/higher due to recent market changes, leave us a email and we will adjust the price accordingly.

Neopoints Questions

How will I receive my bought neopoints?

The neopoints you purchase will be delivered on a complimentary account. You will be emailed the login details to an account, with your neopoints already on it, and than you can move it to your main account.

Is it safe to buy neopoints?

You’ll be better off buying ETS (Easy To Sell items), and converting that to pure neopoints on your account, rather than buying neopoints directly.

Accounts Questions

Can I know the username?

For obvious safety reasons, no. But you can feel free to inquire about the format of the username and whether or not there is numbers or underscores in the username. If you also need any other specific information about the account, do not hesitate to contact us.

How will I receive access to my purchased account?

Once we see your payment has cleared, we will email you the username, password and birthday (& PIN if applicable) to your listed contact email. You will get full access to the bought account with no limitations.

Pets Questions

Can I know the pet’s name?

For obvious safety reasons, no. But you can feel free to inquire about the format of the pet’s name and whether or not there is numbers or underscores in the pet’s name. If you also need any other specific information about the pet, do not hesitate to use our contact us form.

How will I receive my purchased pet?

You have two options. By default, we will transfer the neopet to the username you provided at checkout. The second option is receiving the pet preloaded on a shell account.


If your question is not listed here, send us an email at support@neopoints.in.