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by A on

Despite email errors the site made sure I got my order asap, it was even processed on the weekend. Can only recommend. πŸ™‚

by Kassie on
Multiple Purchases

Great service, very fast and responsive. I have bought multiple items and never had an issue. Thank you!

by C on
Best Site Ever!!

I was skeptical at first, like most. But after being away from neo for half a decade and losing most of my items in long forgotten accounts, I needed a fresh start. This site helped me start over in a happy way. I'm making my second purchase tonight! Thank you!!

by David Iron on

Amazing quick and easy to use, especially once your account is set up, 11/10 customer service is great, it takes some time with non ID orders but worth it, in the end. I had an issue with a purchase and it was quickly resolved. Quality takes time.

by Tina on
Excellent customer service.

I was very nervous about purchasing from this site at first. And not being sure how things work. They took the time to answer my many questions. I now have my new main account and I'm very happy. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this site

by Demo on
several purchases

Excelent customer service, super fast! Thank you from a repeat customer!

by R on

Never done this before and wasn't sure if these sites were legit. Within 24 hours I had what I paid for and everything was very easy. Will definitely use again

by Happy on
I just got my dream UC

I just got my dream pet, and I couldn't be happier. This particular pet has been out of stock for a very long time (or someone must have beat me to it). I never would have been able to get a WN one ever by trading.

(Also, due to the previous reversal scandal, trading UCs is much easier. As long as your account looks used, people don't question unseen pets as much. I bought a cheaper UC pet to trade for fun and have had no issues.)

by Happy Customer on
Buying UCs

This is the 3rd time I've bought a UC from this site. I don't really like the new check out process of doing a money transfer through paypal, but I got my items delivered promptly with no issues. I got access to the lab with the account the pet was on, which was really cool! If you are skeptical buy something small or send an enquiry email.

by Levi on
Shell account

Really good reliable site i got exactly what i paid for and then some ! Will probably buy again. Was a smooth transition and everything is easy and simple . Thanks

by Unknown bro on

so it was between this website and ********** and i can say im really surprised. Prices are so much cheaper and it was pretty prompt. Nothing took more than 24 hours from order placement to fulfillment. Very simple process as well. Every game has micro transactions why should neo be any different.

by AMJ on

These guys are so amazingly helpful! They work with you and get you whatever you've ordered in a timely manner! Would highly recommend!

by Rainy on
5/5 would buy again

I was really skeptical about this site when I came across it. But after three purchases I'm officially convinced. I've received a new account and a new chance at having the pets I've always wanted but never could afford. Thanks Np πŸ™‚

by Bee on

Took a little bit (because Neopets had maintenance at the time) but order was delivered as promised πŸ™‚

Will work with this company again.

by Marko on
Great service

I got my dream pet for a cheap price and it was delivered very quickly(within 24 hours).
This is the third time buying from this store and everything has gone well and smoothly.

by Marc on

Second time ordering from this shop. Great service as always and cheap prices.


by C on

I purchased a few pets after years of pining from afar and I am absolutely in love with the pets I got! Really fast and professional service with clear communication whenever I had questions or inquiries, genuinely couldn't be happier and will definitely be a return customer! β™₯

by zoe on
No joke

I was skeptical at first but it's totally legit. You get exactly what you pay for! I've gone back and bought a few other things after the first time.

by Marko on
Great service

I've had worry's in the past about these websites and about getting scammed. But did not scam me. When I had questions regarding the buying possess they answered the same day. If you want to get neopets items get them here.

by N on

The items offered here really caught my eye, and I decided to make a small purchase first. I got what I paid for, really quickly by the way, and when an issue came up I reached out to support. They got back to me less than an hour later - on a Sunday! - offering a replacement. Really goes to show how much they value their customers. I'm glad to have made my purchase here and I will buy more in the future. =)

by nico on
got what i paid for

i get how these sites can make one feel unsure if it's a scam or not, i always been skeptical BUT, testing the waters and going for it, i got what i paid for and i'm happy for the results! so if anyone reading this feels unsure and wants a confirmation this site is legit, here you go! c:

by nico on

bought a uc pet and wow i now have one of my dreamies!! tysm!! never thought id own one!!

by William on
AMAZING service

Honestly the best customer service I've ever dealt with. Quick responses and clear answers to any questions I had. Definitely made me feel comfortable purchasing my first order. No regrets! Smooth process and to be frank, great prices! I've purchased multiple times now and am excited to buy again.

by Nic on

I've use this service multiple times now and I'm very happy with it!

by Nyron on
Great Service

I was given helpful info on how/when to proceed with items. I was obviously skeptical as most are at first, but service is 100% as advertised.

by Annonymous on

These products are exactly as advertised. The order was filled promptly and professionally. I have no criticism to offer, only praise!

by MB on
Always great!

I was super hesitant at first to use a website like this, very skeptical. I had went as far as using a disposable debit card during the beginning. Now I'm super hooked and trust them 100%! I've been purchasing from for a little over a month, and each purchase has had fast service! I trust this website so much now, and I'm always looking forward to making a new purchase. Great team and quite professional. It's a very easy, straightforward process to get your items. 10/10 recommend!!

by Blaine on
So happy!

I am incredibly happy with my experience! I lost access to my 15+ year old account that i was really attached to πŸ™ Now that I have all of the fun responsibilities that come with being an adult, I wanted a way to catch back up to where my old account used to be. This was my first time using this type of service, but I read so many great reviews about this site and seeing that they have been in business for so long made me pull the trigger. Support were nice and very quick to respond. They made the whole process very easy! Many thanks to support and I am already looking at what to purchase next!

by kt on
Outstanding service

I can't say enough good about this site. When I came back to neopets in search of nostalgia, I found my childhood account was purged due to inactivity, taking my pets with it. I tried to rebuild, but the new, converted lineart just wasn't the same. Trying to trade for UC's the same color as my old pets on the forums was a nightmare and I soon gave up in frustration. After taking a long hiatus, I decided life was too short to not be enjoying an online game, and came here.

The staff was very helpful and informative every step of the way, and I've just purchased my first UC. The shell account it came on even had some complimentary NP/items! I will definitely be returning, thank you for making it much easier for older Neopians to achieve their dreams πŸ™‚

by Kuri on
Safe and worth it

I was a bit scared to tried at first but a friend of mine recommanded and I do not regret it ! Felt instantly safe with the whole process and the staff was very nice !

by Isa on

Incredible service! Since we're all adults now and have much more money than we have time, the ability to reach our goals faster is awesome.

To be honest, I did NOT have doubts about purchasing - all the reviews and recommendations made me feel really safe.

I had a problem with the first delivery, and they promptly answered my email on a weekend to let me know they'd sort it out on monday - which they did perfectly.

Very happy and eager to buy again. Thanks!

by Anonymous on
Great prices and great owners

I've thought about buying from of these shops for a while but never really wanted to go through with it. All other shops looks like a knockoff SilkRoad and only accept shitcoin as payment. Other shops charge you like $20( usd) for a tier 1 uc, but Neopoints sells them for 6.99. I got my items and no weird things happened afterward.
I got my items, end of story.
10/10 would buy from again

by Sierra B on
Well Worth It!

Absolutely thrilled with this. Finally leaving out my NeoDreams! It's the best birthday present I could have asked for, and I will absolutely be coming back. I had my account created, order placed, transaction processed, and order delivered in under 8 hours. Thank you all again!

by R on
Really great

Got neopoints. Relatively quick service for all the manual labour the staff needs to commit to make sure transactions are secure and safe. Really digging the near extra 1 mill I got. Thanks!

by cranjis on
if you’re unsure, this is your sign!

i’ll admit I was EXTREMELY skeptical and was nervous to purchase. however, I am more than pleased. the whole process was extremely simple, straightforward and professional. I don’t like neopets beta at ALL and i’ve had the HARDEST time navigating the site and earning points- I needed a little help. i’m so glad I went this route and will purchase from here again very soon.

by Brooke on

Super friendly, very helpful, never had a problem with them! Always a quick and easy delivery. Thanks for the awesome service.

by Sharkbait on
Quality Service

Very friendly and communicative, trustworthy, gets your order to you in 24-48 hours, couldn't ask for better service really, and the purchases are exactly as described.

by Anon on
Awesome Experience

I recently made my first purchase of an item pack. Upon bringing a problem to the staff, they wrote me back within a couple of hours offering to replace the package with another of the same price. Considering I was a new customer and they really had no reason to believe me, this was very touching and I could tell they greatly value their customers. (There were no issues with the replacement account). I will definitely be returning πŸ™‚

by Ash on

Really friendly staff and true and safe promise, tysm

by Anon on

Bought due to curiosity and stayed for the great service! Staff is friendly and helpful and the transactions go on smoothly. Never had any problems πŸ™‚

by Anon for safety on
Great Experiences!

I am currently going through an extremely rough time and neopets is the only thing i can do, this site has made making my neodreams come true so easy! Staff is kind, answers questions and are patient! The process is fast and discreet and it makes neopets playable! Thank you for all you do here!

by Jennifer on
very trustworthy and safe

used for the first time today after months of deliberation, and my only regret is not purchasing sooner! wonderful staff and service, highly reccomended.

by Mickey on

I first bought a UC from here back in 2017 and have been using this site for everything ever since! Thank you!

by Dee on
100% Recommended

I'm a new customer, and the staff has been super helpful and friendly with my transactions! Everything went smoothly. Highly recommend this service for sure.

by Kinklosha on

Friendly service, fast transactions. What more can you wish for?

by S on
Right decision

I was worried at first but I made the right choice. Fast transaction and everything went smoothly. I will return and make more purchases. Thanks for being so professional. I remembered the site from when I used to play years ago. Thanks for making my neo return so smooth.

by Kat on

I was sad my very first account was deactivated. So I bought one with the 20+ years on it. Now I feel like I’m back in high school playing. Everything was smooth and perfect Lol thanks!

by Anon on
Returning Customer

Returning customer from 2011 I even found my old review, service is just as friendly and helpful as it was then! This will be my third time buying here and not the last. Had a small issue and it was cleared up same day. For anyone older, or with health issues where you simply can't be always online like your childhood, this is the site to be to bring back your nostalgia. Thanks again ( :

by Anonymous on
Fast transaction!

Second time I used this website! Very professional and very fast transaction. The person whom I spoke with helped me a great amount! Will definitely use again.

by Kiki on

Fast, professional, overall just fantastic. Worried at first it might be a scam, but my fears were quickly eased when i realised how professional and quick they are. So happy with it and going to make more purchases.

by LA on
I wanted to trust you and I was right

I bought some neopoints and received, in addition to those, a lot more! I recommend this service, I will buy again for sure.
The support was quick to respond and patient with me answering all my questions for about three days straight before purchasing. Just one word: thanks!

by John on

Replies were quick and well mannered and all items purchased were recieved. Very happy with the outcome and will purchase items again. Customer support was very helpful and prompt. Thanks 😊

by J on

Replies were prompt and I finally got my dream! Highly recommend this website for (old) people like me who played this in their childhood.

by jack on
Absolutely Brilliant

Third time using the service, one problem but it was resolved in a matter of minutes if that. Impressed is the least praise i can give.

by jack on
Quick and professional

Second time I've used the service and both times was dealt with quickly and was overjoyed at the end, would 100% use again and recommend.

by Mo on
First Purchase

I bought for curious but... I'm actually impressed lol
Trusted! And super fast o:

by A on

I've placed so many orders, so useful for restocking! Quick and very responsive.

by L on

I haven't been on Neopets for some years, and all my previous accounts were gone.
Starting from scratch seemed inevitable until I found Neopoints. in
I emailed about an account, was given one, and purchased it on the same day.
Quick and easy! I will definitely be buying again!

by Stephanie (Again) on
Returning Customer

Had a great experience my first time around so came right back for another purchase when I needed some supplementary neo-income to enjoy Neopia without having to put years of grinding into an account. My transaction was completed and processed within a couple of hours and the customer support here is unparalleled. Thank you again!

by Stephanie on
A very happy new neomillionaire!

I reached out to support about creating an account and received an immediate response. Was able to quickly log in and make my purchase and everything was delivered as promised. Made sure to follow their advice to prevent any account flagging and am very happy with the experience. Will definitely come back for future purchases!

by Tiffany on
Happy customer

I’m very pleased with this site, purchased 4 times and each time was fast and as expected 😁 I had contacted customer support about one thing and it was resolved quick and they went above and beyond what I had even asked about. Definitely use them if you are like me and can’t be on Neo all day and night but want to achieve some of your gaming goals then this is the site to use. Thank you again!

by Kitty on
Fast and great service

Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first, but looking at reviews I decided to trust this site. The service is fast and very reliable. Thank you so much!

by Melissa on
Great service!

Recently found the site, great service and friendly customer service. Had a little issue but resolved within 24 hrs.

by Fries on

Found this website that I can buy neopoints from & was very skeptical in the beginning as some other sites they create fake reviews but this is super 1000% legit real!! You can actually purchase the items in the listing for your account & it’s really easy procedure. Definitely purchasing again if I need to

by Shelby on

I’ve used this a bunch of times. Great team and fast!

by Rebecca Davies on
100% Trusted A++

I've been a returning customer for a while now. They always get you your item as promised. Fully trust these guys and will keep coming back.

by G on
Extremely helpful

I have purchased two times! And I only had one issue. Costumer service was amazing, will purcharse again from this site 100% recommended

by R. on
Great Service

Super quick delivery! I had a small issue but got a response to my email within half an hour. Good customer service and the account is perfect. I'll definitely be buying from here again πŸ™‚

by Yolanda on
Fast and reliable

The delivery of the neopoints is so fast and easy. Thanks

by Only human on
So far so good...

So like after working SOOO hard only to have my dreams ABSOLUTELY CRUSSHED by the devaluing of Draiks and Krawks and then it being IMPOSSOBLLE to break back into UC trading to get my dreamies I decided to give in and buy one of my dream UCs and I’m still paranoid since it is still fresh and it is not on my main account yet BUT I am very happy with my purchase even though in all honesty it was a drunk purchase LOL but I do plan on making more purchases in the future if I can get the UC on to my main account without a hitch!!!!!!!

by Happy customer on
Pleasantly surprised!

I never used websites to buy neopets-things before, so I was very skeptical it would work ...but it did! I'm so happy! I'm like the most nervous person when it comes to these things but I got my UC pet and it is exactly what I expected it to be. Process was smooth and they responded to my e-mails. Going to make more purchases in the future! πŸ˜€

by Anastacia on
Always good

Always quick, safe, and fair. Been buying from them for a loooooong time. Their team is also helpful even after purchase, like if you forget the birthday to an account you lost. Highly recommend.

by Alex on
5 stars

Quicker than I thought on delivery. Would recommend to anyone looking for items/neopets.

by hello on
awesome service

very fast, great reply time item as described, very easy! will return

by E on

Definitely recommend - I've always wanted a UC pet and now I have one for a very reasonable price! Instant delivery is great, it's all very quick and simple. First time buying and I did encounter a problem with my order - customer service was excellent though and we sorted it out super quickly. thanks again!

by swizz on
Really good, safe and quick service

I was really skeptical but this site is the business - really does what it says on the tin! The excitement of going through a grab bag account is enough to keep me coming back πŸ˜€

by Morningstar on
You made my childhood dream came true πŸ™‚

They are legit and I'm so happy that the item really came to me! Will come back again!

by KB on
Great Job

Got an UC neopet, instant delivery!! highly recommend - great service and quick response.

by Anon on
Will be coming back for more!

Excellent customer service, support was quick and very helpful in fixing a small issue for me. I waited a while to write this review just so I could share that everything I've bought from here is still safe. I definitely recommend this site to anyone and will keep buying from here.

by Chelsee on
UC pet buying advice

This site is an absolute life saver for those who've had to start over by having accounts hacked/ frozen, or cant access anymore. Everything's legit and customer service is excellent.
There's just one PSA id like to mention to anyone thinking of buying UC pets. Main point being and I cannot stress this enough.... STAY FAAAAR AWAY FROM THE POUND CHAT for a while. ESPECIALLY if you've purchased any high tier UCs. As many may already know, the PC unfortunately is full of many toxic, jealous, report happy people that will not hesitate to report any UC pets they see UFT that are unfamiliar or rare. Lower tiers are usually fine to trade for the most part, I've never had any problems so far with them.. But still be careful and take the few extra steps anyway.
Some faeries and above... Especially plushies and royals are extremely high radar. You will be fine if you just keep them to yourself and do not trade or advertise them. Like I said be extremely careful out there. Even if you keep a high tier pet on your account for over a year you're still not entirely safe from being reported/ frozen. So when buying high tier UC's your best bet is to just buy your dream/ permanent pet so you don't have to trade around for it. Reason I say this.. I got stupid and cocky trying to trade a purchased UC plushie and got one of my accounts frozen. Nobody's fault but my own and it was a lesson learned.... Thankfully this sites here to help us some of us rebuild and catch up. πŸ™‚

by Anon on
Second day delivery πŸ™‚

Really awesome! Quick and easy and efficient, I was able to get my paintbrush easily with the account login they provided me.

by Long Time Lurker on
Easy and Legit

I have been lurking on this Website for years after failing to break into UC trading. I finally decided to take the plunge after seeing a V/WN UC on the discounted UC account tab that I've been dying to have ever since I was a little girl. (Basically I got 2 V/WN UCs for way less than buying them separately.) not only looks like the most legit UC buying site, it also has the lowest/most fair prices on them.

by S on
Simply Amazing!

Thanks to this site, I’ve been able to complete both UC and Neopoint based dreams. I’ve been playing Neopets for at least 14 years, and I never thought I’d own a single UC, or be able to save for the paintbrushes I wanted! I have made at least 5 purchases from this site, and I intend to keep coming back! Amazing deals, great customer service. Could not recommend this place highly enough!

by Meaghan on

I was super nervous to purchase an acc. Everything worked and I'm very excited to start over my neolife since I lost my original acc as a kid πŸ™‚

thx guys

by Anonymous on
Worth Every Cent

Received the items and UC pet I ordered in a timely fashion with friendly customer service! Will definitely be coming back in the near future!

by Kaylee on
great service

Great price and I only had to wait a day for my purchase.
I am looking forward to my next one, that goes through.

by Chelsea on

Like most people I too thought this site was a scam. Along with the item I purchased I also got a bunch of other things, including an extra paintbrush! Super happy with the results and instant delivery!

by Anonymous on

Bought an item, and the shell it was on even came with a free low tier UC! Great service and will be buying from you guys again!

by BA on
Top Notch Service

I've bought many items packs over the past few months, and will continue too. This site has allowed me to obtain many Neo goals and any time I had a question or problem Micheal fixed it. Exemplary service. Would recommend this site to anyone!!

by Marcus Travis on
Greatful help

ive bought from over 5 times. everything went smoothly and perfect. always get the paint brushes i want or the neopoints asked for most times find other items of value. and if anything did happen there always nice and there to help

by ML on
You get what you pay plus more.

I've placed a few order thorough this site and have nothing but positive things to say. Some of item prices listed are a little our dated but it hard to keep up with all the changing prices with a large number of listings . I've mainly purchased grab bag accounts, but each one I've purchased has provided much more than what was listed. With one of the high tier grab bags, I received over 25m in items than what was listed.

by Bubba on

I purchased a UC pet and received the information 2 days later. The pet was delivered in an account that had 3 extra (converted) painted pets, all VWN. To say I was happy is an understatement.

by Veronica Johnson on
Best site

Not only did I receive the items I bought, I also got many other things of worth. I was happy that you emailed me to let me know and gave me all the details needed. Words can't express how happy I am and it didn't cost a fortune. Will buy again very soon.

by Anonymous on

I have bought countless UCs from this site, they have one of the customer service and prices compared to other selling sites. Especially recommend the UC Neopets Sale, I've never seen better deals before!

by Wesley on

Amazing customer service and great products. I had a problem and they responded and fixed the issue going above and beyond. I will always support this site and recommend everyone else too.

by A on

I bought a couple of things of this site, if anything you need to clarify Michael will walk you through to clear your doubts, like I did, excellent service. I'm still using the items till this day, definitely someone you can trust!

by Anonymous on

Have bought some things from in the past and I'm always happy with how quickly it arrives. Put in an order and it arrived the next day! Super fast service, great prices and always reliable. Thank you!

by Ale on
Will surely be coming back!!

SO very pleased with the service I got. Admittedly, I had never used one of these sites and was a little apprehensive, but the support team responded to me very quickly and facilitated a super fast transfer. Not to mention they helped my childhood UC Faerie Peophin dream come true πŸ™‚

by gamer on
returning customer

I buy here for years and have never been disappointed.I see something I want put it on the card and check out and wait and very soon you will get your item(s).
I will always buy problems.

by No Regrets on
Would buy again

I looked at a couple of other sites before i landed on this one. Their years of service and FAQ convinced me to give it a try. There was a hiccup to this as the item was purchased I received was missing. However their customer service was perfect and was able to help me get what I bought an hour later. All I can say is, now that I know this site works, I'll be coming here again.

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