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by A on
Safe and legit

Was a little skeptical at first but they're legit! delivery took a few hours but so far no bans, will be back to purchase more!

by Rachel on
The real deal

Of course I was nervous and skeptical this was a scam but decided to take a chance. I purchased a paint brush and neopoints. I was given user and password info and specific directions to follow. As long as you follow the instructions you’ll get what you paid for, and fast!

by H on
Legit and Safe

Like most, I was very skeptical but after returning to the game after many years, I was set on having some items that would be unobtainable with limited time. I was delivered all of the items and have since made 3 orders, all of which were delivered smoothly, no bans. Will be back again, thanks.

by Jhon on

I have purchased many items pack from them an only had one issue but it was fix immediately an I look forward to future transactions with them !! Highly recommend

by J on

Very excellent service and gaurenteed products

by Sunnyface on
Scary but worth it!

I was super skeptical about my first transaction with this website, as anyone would be - but it went so smoothly! Follow their instructions and don't do anything dumb like saying you bought the items and you'll be okay. They're friendly and quick to respond and have great customer service.

by drpssr on

Great service, fast to respond. Very happy with purchase. Thank you 🙂

by on

I received my account but because I'm a moron I wasnt able to log in they helped me fix my mistake with my side account an now I have an amazing side account an I would gladly come back

by ShortlyHere on
So far so good

Quick and very easy to use. Hopefully I am able to use this service again and again in the future, Thank you!

by Shira on
Legit & very helpful!

I like everyone else that comes here for the first time was very skeptical.
I have to say that from using them three times now, they are legit and their customer service is wonderful. I just got back on after a long time and bought neopoints from them to help get back to where I was. The whole process was so simple. Right when I had a question and thought they had made a mistake, someone got right back to me to explain what I had missed. Thank you guys!

by Evie on
Legit & Friendly

If you're reading this it's probably because you're understandably skeptical. I was incredibly skeptical but I figured what the heck. I not only got what I paid for, but I recieved the items promptly, and the person I was emailing with was incredibly friendly and quick with replies. This place is legit and the customer support is A+. I got back into Neo after 10+ years but couldn't access my old account. It was so nice to be able to get a jumpstart on being back where I left off all those years ago! Thank you (:

by Nilo on
I was very skeptical!

I was very skeptical at first, but couldn't believe I got what I ordered! I definitely recommend them. It takes a while for someone to respond to the request, but the wait was definitely worth it! Thank you!

by Ash on
Fast great service

Great service. Happy with order.

by Neopets player since 2006 on
Honest review / thought this was a scam

Okay so I honestly was just trying my luck. I was totally ready to pay US$7.99 and lose that money. It seemed too good to be true —being able to so easily buy 2mil NP??

Anyway it is NOT a scam and right after paying, I received an automated email with the acc deets. In fact, I did get more NP than I paid for so that’s a plus 🙂

Thank you so much, I will be sure to come back again when I need more NP! ♥️😭

by Kayla on

Amazing! I've ordered a few times, basically instant delivery. There was one delivery where I didn't get what was promised, but I contacted customer service, and they were prompt with looking into the problem and fixing it! Customer service A++

by jinx on
More Than Worth It

i can personally attest to the quality and customer service of the neopoints team!!!! always consistent, great prices, and quick response time!

by Bot VJ on
Quite the wait, but worth it was fairly fast when it came to answering some questions I first sent them through mail! Once I placed my order, however, it took over 24 hours for me to get an update on my order. At first, I was a little scared I got scammed because this was my first purchase here. (Not that it was a lot of money to be scammed out of, but still.) Turns out there was simply a long weekend and they were out of office. Despite that, would still recommend! You get what you paid for in the end! ✨

by Julie on
Re: The Best Around

Any way to give more than 5 stars?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I *just* left a review, & would like to add that BOTH item packs from the order I'd placed at the time arrived *3 MINUTES* after I paid for it, & one of them had 3 of my *TOP PRIORITY* NC wishes I needed to complete my gallery!!! I'm SHOOKETH! Truth is stranger than fiction, guys!!! And, most importantly, THANK YOU NEOPOINTS.IN!!!!!!! :') WOOHOOO!!!!!

by Julie on
The Best Around

Best place to buy anything on Neopets! So far I've bought NC item packs, singular NC/NP items, pure NP, & pets (all of varying costs & rarity) & have always gotten exactly what I ordered. Responses are prompt, very easy & secure method of purchase & transfer, always a large variety of items, & fair, competitive prices. Thanks, guys!

by Kels on
Was worried if it was still running or if it would work

Was quicker than they even said it would be- only took a few hours. Very easy and quick!

by Bugsoup on
Very nice experience

I was first worried about using this site. I have had a very pleasant experience with both of my orders. They are very nice and fast. If you are doubting buying anything, this is your sign to do it!

by RZ on
Great service!

Staff was friendly, items delivered as ordered. Would definitely do business again.

by Emz on

super quick - had to make sure it was real and thankfully they came through with the order

by Ry on
Exceeded my expectations

AMAZING service! Fast, reliable, and there were a couple extra goodies on the account I bought that weren't even listed. I've purchased from this site 3 times now and all 3 times have gone smoothly. They promptly and kindly answered any questions/worries I had and this is 100% legit. Will be coming back for sure!

by Mindy on
Highly recommend

I've come back for a round 2 to say that this is the only source I trust for neopet things now. They are fast to respond and very friendly. I will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

by Mindy on
Highly recommend

I would use this service again. Fast response, and reliable.

by SC on
Speedy Reply, Best Service

I placed my order and finished my transfer within 1 day! Speedy reply and smooth payment. Definitely will comeback for other orders.

by McKenzie on

This was so perfect! I stopped playing for awhile so I was trying to earn the money to get started again on the game. This really helped! Super fast delivery and nice people! Thank you again!

by Sarah on
Exceeded expectations

Ordered some ID neopoints and an item. ID item came right after payment, and the item a few days later. Exceeded expectations! I’m very happy with my purchase

by archie on
Great site, trustworthy

thank you guys, delivered me 2 different orders no issues at all. 10/10 Very reliable service.

by Julie on

Prompt with replies, reliable, trustworthy, & helpful!!! Thanks again for my order 🙂

by Lu on
Really impressed - back for another purchase!

Purchased a pet, really impressed with the name and speed of delivery.

Thank you! 🙂

by Lushkies on
multiple purchases - great service

have purchased multiple times, payment is always easy, items are always delivered in a timely fashion. AAA+++

by Hayley on
Love it!

Definitely worth it! Fast delivery, everything I wanted and more! 100% will be purchasing again!

by jp on
thumbs up

i had bought one item at first. came through quickly. then couple days later bought a couple different items all the ID ones came right away the non-ID did take close to the 72 hr mentioned. all in all i am happy and would use again. i would def recomend going through paypal w the payments.

by Tamsin on
Fantastic site!

This site is very reliable so if you are debating about purchasing something, I say just go for it! After placing my order I received a quick response and had it delivered within 24 hours. I haven't had any issues so I'm really happy. Thank you!

by A on

This is the best site for Neopets services, period. I look nowhere else and trust no other source.

by KP on
One of the best sites around

I have bought a lot from this site, at first, like everybody who isn't used to this I felt super nervous but their products and customer service is super good and accomodating. If you were looking for a signal to buy here it is! I have been a customer since 2020 and it was already time to leave a review for this site (:

by michelle on
Amazing experience!

So awesome, I wanted to test and see if these guys are legit, and wow! They are so awesome they transferred an account to me/neopoints. It was so cool, I had no issues at all, they were very communicative via discord letting me know stuff so I wouldn't worry. 😀 Thank you team

by Neko on
Fast and smooth

I got a response quickly after placing an order and it was delivered to me the next morning I woke up. Great service and trustworthy!

by EK on
Fast and Reliable!

I've been a returning customer for 2+ years, so I can definitely vouch for them that they are fast, safe, and reliable. I've purchased NPs, items, and item packs and everything was golden, every time. I only had one very minor issue but was resolved very quickly!

by Kai on
Best Site Ever

Purchased the Donna stamp (for half price, but still got the maximum when trading) and a few morphing potions and paintbrushes. They are legit, thanks again!

by Mack on

100% legit! Honestly, I was pleasantly shocked at the ease of the order delivery at first, and after a few more orders I just had to let others know how great this site really is. Super secure and quick delivery each time! HIGHLY recommend! (:

by Nicole on
so far, so good!

PayPal offers buyer protection if anything goes wrong, so I decided to set my worries aside and grab the account I'd been eyeballing. I'm glad I did 😀 Delivery was fast and all necessary information was provided with the receipt. There were no issues in securing the purchase. I'll be back soon for Neopoint top ups and maybe try some UC pets.

by jen on
highly recommend

fast, reliable, and consistent service! :3

by Emily on
Didn't think this would really work!

I was very skeptical about purchasing from this site, I wasn't sure if it was a scam or not. But it really worked! Way better than I expected it to! I only had to wait a day for my neopoints. I definitely will be using this site again, probably after I finish typing this review.

by Freeze on

Like everyone i really had my doubts and i dont usually leave reviews. But will leave a review to say that this is legit and the service is perfect and timely. I will be coming back for more!

by ell on
thank u

was kinda scared this would be a scam so i tried out buying the cheapest item & it came through perfectly. thanks so much, i'll be buying more

by soda pop on
the only place I trust!!!

during both of my purchases from this site, I have had no issues whatsoever! while I was very skeptical before my first purchase, I soon came to this website for all of my neopets needs! this is my number one choice for neopets products and I'm definitely purchasing again soon 🙂

by leigh on
awesome service

Great service and really fast! will def buy from again

by amber on

i always have a fab experience ordering! i've ordered a fair few times and only once have i had to wait 24 hours+ and only purely because of the time zone difference. normally orders have taken about half that time.

by a on

Skeptical in the first place! But it was perfect!

by Jaimie on
Recurring Happy Customer

I'm not one to leave a review, but have been so happy with the discovery of this website! I absolutely love the variety of items this team has available! The service is fabulous, quick and easy! Anyone skeptical should know this team is the real deal and I will continue to purchase from them in the future 🙂

by Jeff on

This is the only service like this I trust, the sourcing and transparency and safety is top notch. Patient and honest I can't recommend them enough.

by Hillary Kinder on
New customer

I was skeptical but this is a legit way to get items as we all know the NP game room isn't what I used to be and it's hard to earn anything. I will be back for more purchases. Fast and professional!

by S on

Very fast and easy! I was skeptical but they came through and I got my product in less than 24 hours

by R on

This was an extremely easy and prompt service! Wasn’t sure at first but they replied very quickly and the whole transaction was within a day! So happy!!

by J. Rea on
Amazing Service

First time purchase and i must say im not disappointed! Got my NP exactly on time and the payment process was easy.

by M on
It’s legit!

I was skeptical at first, but they are truly legit and were super nice and easy to deal with! I will be placing more orders 🙂 Thanks!

by Thank You!! on

Above & beyond. Product was exactly as stated & "delivery" was straightforward, about 10 hrs after payment (well under the 24 they said it would be). great collection of items & variety. Would definitely recommend

by B.B on

I have bought at least two items from them and they’re completely legit! I will be buying from them when I have the chance to do so again.

by A.M. on

I've purchased from thisbsite numerous times over the past two or so years and service has always been absolutely amazing. Any time I've ever had questions or any problems the team here at responded quickly and were absolutely wonderful to work with. I definitely plan to continue purchasing from here in yhe future 🙂

by C. Sutt on
Fast service

I've bought from them at least 10 times now and I highly recommend them! I've bought nps, paint brushes, grab bags, and even my first and only UC from them. I was scared at first but they've never disappointed me.

by C on

This is a real and legit service. I am a returning player and I go waaaay back, like I am talking about when the Attack Fork and Grand Lightning Beam were the meta for 1 player battle dome when the Tyrannian invasion kicked off and the era of battleducks and honey potions which have unfortunately folded under the power creep. This place will NEVER ask for your password so do not every worry about being scammed, instant delivery products will be within your hands within 24 hours, other items may take 24-72 but all in all perfect service and I have not been frozen. Recommend 10/10

by A on
Great Service

The order was processed and never had an issue with my order! Will do again!

by Tina on
You guys are awesome@

Thank you! For responding so quickly when there was a problem and addressing it. I will probably be back in the near future. You gus/gals are very helpful.

by Ash on
Definitely reccomend

Was a bit nervous to try this to be honest but I bit the bullet and gave it a go. Went smoothly! Thank you.

by Brittany on
Fast and Easy!

Got everything as ordered the very next day. Thank you again!

by Louie Kuta on
Still Buying At Times!

I still buy pets/items from here! This site is still amazing, I had my main account for months and nothing bad has happened! I'm always going to buy from here but only when I have the money to! Thanks again for making such a great site! The service is super fast too! : D

One thing I wanted to know is if there can be a pack made for all Halloween/spooky items. There are some items I like but I don't have them either because the NC mall has retired the items. I can't wait for a full spooky items pack! : D

by Goldfish on
Always great service

I am a repeat customer, for over a year now. I've bought many many times and have never had any issues that weren't fixed promptly. Best in the game, thanks !

by Fred on

I have dealt with this site for many years A++ service quick responses always delivered no problems!

by bingus on
Absolutely recommended

I bought from here about a year or two ago, and what I ordered came in quick. I've never had any issues or problems, and I'd absolutely buy again.

by A on

Despite email errors the site made sure I got my order asap, it was even processed on the weekend. Can only recommend. 🙂

by Kassie on
Multiple Purchases

Great service, very fast and responsive. I have bought multiple items and never had an issue. Thank you!

by C on
Best Site Ever!!

I was skeptical at first, like most. But after being away from neo for half a decade and losing most of my items in long forgotten accounts, I needed a fresh start. This site helped me start over in a happy way. I'm making my second purchase tonight! Thank you!!

by David Iron on

Amazing quick and easy to use, especially once your account is set up, 11/10 customer service is great, it takes some time with non ID orders but worth it, in the end. I had an issue with a purchase and it was quickly resolved. Quality takes time.

by Tina on
Excellent customer service.

I was very nervous about purchasing from this site at first. And not being sure how things work. They took the time to answer my many questions. I now have my new main account and I'm very happy. Wouldn't hesitate in recommending this site

by Demo on
several purchases

Excelent customer service, super fast! Thank you from a repeat customer!

by R on

Never done this before and wasn't sure if these sites were legit. Within 24 hours I had what I paid for and everything was very easy. Will definitely use again

by Happy on
I just got my dream UC

I just got my dream pet, and I couldn't be happier. This particular pet has been out of stock for a very long time (or someone must have beat me to it). I never would have been able to get a WN one ever by trading.

(Also, due to the previous reversal scandal, trading UCs is much easier. As long as your account looks used, people don't question unseen pets as much. I bought a cheaper UC pet to trade for fun and have had no issues.)

by Happy Customer on
Buying UCs

This is the 3rd time I've bought a UC from this site. I don't really like the new check out process of doing a money transfer through paypal, but I got my items delivered promptly with no issues. I got access to the lab with the account the pet was on, which was really cool! If you are skeptical buy something small or send an enquiry email.

by Levi on
Shell account

Really good reliable site i got exactly what i paid for and then some ! Will probably buy again. Was a smooth transition and everything is easy and simple . Thanks

by Unknown bro on

so it was between this website and ********** and i can say im really surprised. Prices are so much cheaper and it was pretty prompt. Nothing took more than 24 hours from order placement to fulfillment. Very simple process as well. Every game has micro transactions why should neo be any different.

by AMJ on

These guys are so amazingly helpful! They work with you and get you whatever you've ordered in a timely manner! Would highly recommend!

by Rainy on
5/5 would buy again

I was really skeptical about this site when I came across it. But after three purchases I'm officially convinced. I've received a new account and a new chance at having the pets I've always wanted but never could afford. Thanks Np 🙂

by Bee on

Took a little bit (because Neopets had maintenance at the time) but order was delivered as promised 🙂

Will work with this company again.

by Marko on
Great service

I got my dream pet for a cheap price and it was delivered very quickly(within 24 hours).
This is the third time buying from this store and everything has gone well and smoothly.

by Marc on

Second time ordering from this shop. Great service as always and cheap prices.


by C on

I purchased a few pets after years of pining from afar and I am absolutely in love with the pets I got! Really fast and professional service with clear communication whenever I had questions or inquiries, genuinely couldn't be happier and will definitely be a return customer! ♥

by zoe on
No joke

I was skeptical at first but it's totally legit. You get exactly what you pay for! I've gone back and bought a few other things after the first time.

by Marko on
Great service

I've had worry's in the past about these websites and about getting scammed. But did not scam me. When I had questions regarding the buying possess they answered the same day. If you want to get neopets items get them here.

by N on

The items offered here really caught my eye, and I decided to make a small purchase first. I got what I paid for, really quickly by the way, and when an issue came up I reached out to support. They got back to me less than an hour later - on a Sunday! - offering a replacement. Really goes to show how much they value their customers. I'm glad to have made my purchase here and I will buy more in the future. =)

by nico on
got what i paid for

i get how these sites can make one feel unsure if it's a scam or not, i always been skeptical BUT, testing the waters and going for it, i got what i paid for and i'm happy for the results! so if anyone reading this feels unsure and wants a confirmation this site is legit, here you go! c:

by nico on

bought a uc pet and wow i now have one of my dreamies!! tysm!! never thought id own one!!

by William on
AMAZING service

Honestly the best customer service I've ever dealt with. Quick responses and clear answers to any questions I had. Definitely made me feel comfortable purchasing my first order. No regrets! Smooth process and to be frank, great prices! I've purchased multiple times now and am excited to buy again.

by Nic on

I've use this service multiple times now and I'm very happy with it!

by Nyron on
Great Service

I was given helpful info on how/when to proceed with items. I was obviously skeptical as most are at first, but service is 100% as advertised.

by Annonymous on

These products are exactly as advertised. The order was filled promptly and professionally. I have no criticism to offer, only praise!

by MB on
Always great!

I was super hesitant at first to use a website like this, very skeptical. I had went as far as using a disposable debit card during the beginning. Now I'm super hooked and trust them 100%! I've been purchasing from for a little over a month, and each purchase has had fast service! I trust this website so much now, and I'm always looking forward to making a new purchase. Great team and quite professional. It's a very easy, straightforward process to get your items. 10/10 recommend!!

by Blaine on
So happy!

I am incredibly happy with my experience! I lost access to my 15+ year old account that i was really attached to 🙁 Now that I have all of the fun responsibilities that come with being an adult, I wanted a way to catch back up to where my old account used to be. This was my first time using this type of service, but I read so many great reviews about this site and seeing that they have been in business for so long made me pull the trigger. Support were nice and very quick to respond. They made the whole process very easy! Many thanks to support and I am already looking at what to purchase next!

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