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by Eren on

I always check back every few days hoping they’ve updated with something new. Even if they haven’t I still find myself purchasing stuff!

Never had any issues at all and always got my stuff at the time they say!

by L on
Thank you so much!

Process was quick considering we are all in different timezones. Easy enough to understand although I do lack brain cells, haha. Thank you for helping.

by Eren on
Dang this is nice

I was nervous at first, like uhhh anyone would be lol. But yeah this is all legit. I’ve gotten so much stuff from them and now that I’m back into neopets, I can afford all the dreamies I couldn’t before!
I’m 32, full time job so I mean.. yeah. They were also super patient with me which I appreciate 🥺🥺

by Abi on
Pretty good

I bought an ID PB and it was getting kinda close to the 36 hour guarantee they had, so I was kinda worried if I actually got scammed and the reviews were self-written or by bots...but then I got the email with the login details just before then, with exactly what I bought plus an extra 100k np. I wasn't able to follow their instructions about changing email because it didn't show up in my inbox, but it still seems good so far and I still have access to the account. Either way, at least now I know this is legit, cheers.

by Michelle on
I trust it 🙂

I think they have the best prices, and this is rly the only seller I trust. I've made one order and am abt to make another 🙂

by Mak on

Been a customer for a while now, and I've never been disappointed. They're quick, easy, and safe! Best place to buy neopoints, petpets, brushes, accounts and more! Thank you for your consistently great service!

by candace on
So Happy!

Really fast delivery AND communication when any troubles arised!

Thanks for helping Neopets stay fun with new challenges and goals! I still invest in Neopets too with the premium and NC mall. It's all about balance!

Thanks again!

by Ron on
BEST place to buy!

I've been a repeat customer for some time now, and even when there were items missing from the account, their customer service was immaculate! They gave me a credit for what was missing and has always followed through quickly with the login info

by Naomi on
The best place to buy pets, accounts, items safely

I have been a repeat customer 3 times and all times was fast and great service. They deliver quickly and provide great instructions for the purchase. I love this site. Thanks again for the awesome service.

by Night on
Pleasantly satisfied

I've bought both a Paint Brush and even an item that wasn't listed as I was simply asking about the later, which left me a satisfied customer! Will definitely come back for future purchases, they're all about safety and ensuring your items are given to you in a safe and secure way!

by pinkalily21 on
I recommend

Was skeptical at first. But decided to give it a try after reading the reviews. Decided to buy something for 10 dollars. I figured that if it's a scam, losing 10 dollars wouldn't be too bad. Happy to say that those 10 dollars paid off though, because I received exactly what I asked for. The instructions on how to buy and what to do afterwards are extremely clear and easy to follow. If you're looking for something neopets related, I definitely recommend this place.

by rka on
surprisingly legit

had my doubts too especially as there wasn't any contact post-payment, but after sending them an email they re-assured me and i did get my pet as described! pretty chuffed, will definitely be back.

by RS on
Reliable and Convenient

Had a solid experience, and the communication was great. When purchasing an account, the instructions are thoroughly laid out for you. Shows how much of a priority is put into safely securing the account. Coming back to Neopets has never been easier! Will definitely be purchasing from this site again in the future.

by Sarah (NP user: wind_willows) on
Got my dream pet!!!

I have been wanting a Faerie Shoyru since I was 6 years old and now I'm lucky enough to have one !!! I'm a repeat customer!

by wren on

you get exactly what you pay for and sometimes a bit more!
i had messed up my first account log in, but i bought a second one and got in just fine:) (just make sure you put in the right email addressLOL)

by Thisistherealdeal on
Pleasantly surprised!

I half expected this not to be a real thing. The person running this answered on discord, gave me great instructions, and I got a ton of cool stuff.

by AMA on
100% Legit

I tried coming back to Neopets a couple of times after years away. I didn't remember the password to my old account and didn't have the cringey e-mail I signed up with it for. After TNT denied my request to regain access, I just didn't want to start all over again from the beginning. Played for awhile but was frustrated by the lack of progress I was making so I swallowed my pride.

I was hesitant at first because of all the things that COULD go wrong but to my surprise, they delivered. Trust me, the whole time I was sweating bullets and thinking that I was going to get ripped off. Now, I've got access to labray, MSP Poogle, UC baby animals without horrible names, and couldn't be happier.

Instructions in the e-mail were clear. Neopets can make it a pain so be very careful on that part.

Def going to be using again.

by Rice on

It was nerf wrecking ordering here for the first time! However they did an AMAZING job in fulfilling my order and did not disappoint! The process was quick and efficient. Will definitely order more in the near future, Thank you.

by Caitlin on

AMAZING!!! I was blown away with what I received! Definitely ordering again!

by Crow on

super easy to do and i was happy with the result

by freyaxp on

Was very hesitant, but have been so VERY happy with the process and results!!

by P on
Top rate!

A great way to skip all of the annoying parts of neo. Instructions are clear and helpful, and although login went a bit sideways for my order (neopets's fault, not theirs) they were extremely kind and helpful and managed to get things straightened out right away. I appreciate the attention to detail and now know where to buy my neo stuff from here on out. Thanks!

by Lindsey on
Paintbrushes arrived safe and sound

Quick and efficient! I got the instructions for my paintbrushes within a couple of hours of paying and it was easy enough to get them to my main. Will definitely buy from again, I’m so excited. Thanks so much!

by BL on
Surprisingly not a scam

So my friend found this site through an ad, and we thought no way is this legit. We thought we'd try it anyways, if we lose $12 then we lose it, lesson learned. Waiting for the email we kept thinking,oh they're not gonna reply, we got scammed like we thought but, i was really surprised to get a reply with the login info. Changed the email and password, and that was it, i got the stuff i ordered, and me and my friend split it between our accounts. Def gonna use this service again in the future!

by Chelsea on
Amazing, better than I ever hoped.

I will most definitely be back for more purchases. I sent my request in the middle of the night, received my instructions in the morning, and had my account by the end of the work day. Thank you so much! As a long time player who just got back into the game, this really boosted my satisfaction with it as an adult.

by M on

Very quick delivery and everything went through smoothly. highly reccomend

by Alice on

After years of trying to own a lab map, I finally do and I'm living my Neopets dream, it's a really easy process and super rewarding! 100 percent legit.

by K on
Even better than I hoped

One of if not THE best way to obtain your Neopets dreams! The service is fast, reliable, and friendly. They walk you through everything to ensure you can get your purchase safely. I'm super impressed and look forward to being a long time customer.

by Anon on
Consistently Helpful!

Always super quick and reliable! Able to get my account up and running quickly and if there are any issues they are always quick to respond with a backup. Always be sure to read the instructions carefully! Thanks for all your help!

by Anon on
So grateful!

Support was with me every step of the way, this is truly the best site to grab your goods from! No other! I am so happy that everything went well. Thank you, very much! For everything! My wishes have been granted. (‘:

by J on

As you can imagine I was extremely nervous putting an order through for items on here in fear of being scammed!
I bought one of the smaller $7.99 grab bags and I was not disappointed! There was so much more on the accounts than what was mentioned, make sure to check card decks, SDB and maps! I’ve now purchased 2 of the medium accounts and I’m super excited to see what is on the newest once I receive the login info!

by Barbara on
Exactly as Ordered

I bought 3 accounts while looking around for a new main and got a good variety with some interesting things on the accounts. As long as you follow the instructions, everything is super easy!

by isa on

great service! they answered all of my questions and i had no problems with my purchase. i received my items in 2 days. will definitely buy again 🙂

by Paige on
Simply Amazing

This worked amazingly. The process was informative and very easy to follow. Product was more than I even asked for! I will definitely be using them again!

by TTT on
Great service!

I was hesitant to make a purchase, but I couldn't access my old account and I didn't want to make a brand new one. So I decided to just make the decision to buy an account. It went very smoothly! Transaction was quick and I promptly received everything I needed. Communication via Discord was very fast and friendly! Will come back if I ever need anything else.

by Hox on
Highly recommend

I've used this multiple times and cannot stress how good this is! Super easy to follow and support team is absolutely amazing with solving issues!

Very skeptical of this site as first, but I love it and will continue to use it!

by mimi on

guys i was SOOOO sceptical i went on reddit and everything to see if this is legit (honestly didn't find much) so i just bought the cheapest thing to test it out. ITS LEGIT OMG thank you so much T_T i can finally fulfil my childhood dreams and buy some things i couldn't afford on neopets when i was a little kid :3

by River on
Started Small

I started with purchasing an "UC Gamble" account. By its nature it is random, but I ended up with a decently named UC that should be enough to trade for my converted dreamie. Took about half an hour after purchase to be contacted with Paypal information, and then getting the actual account info took a while but I got it by the end of the work day. All in all, pleasant and smooth experience, will most likely purchase again. 🙂

by Aqua on

Very prompt delivery. I was a little hesitant, but now I'm coming back for another order lol. Awesome!

by ItsMe on
Awesome- I was skeptical, I admit!

Great service. First time user, was a little worried I’d end up scammed or something to be totally honest! Easy to use service and very helpful staff. Thrilled with what I purchased and intending to come back and buy more soon. You’ve hooked me!

by Kirby on
Fast Delivery and Clear Instructions

Will be buying again in the future, great experience.

by L on
Fast and Easy

I'd never used any sites like this before so I was a bit nervous, but have ordered from here twice now and have had zero issues. I've gotten what I've ordered within 24 hours both times, it was a surprisingly easy process.

by VK on
Fr works

Got my np. Super fast and their steps are laid out perfectly so I understood what to do. Thanks yall

by Anon on
Was actually legit

Honestly, was expecting to be scammed. But it was a few bucks so whatever. Everything was legit, they answered my questions and they were very fast in responding and delivering! Might have to come back for bigger items…;)

by D on
Easy and reliable

This was the first time I made a purchase of this kind. The seller was quick and very responsive. I had questions after the fact that they were happy to answer. The instructions were easy to follow and delivery went flawlessly. Can't recommend enough!

by Dakota on

Everything was delivered on time just as stated in the description. Perfect!!

by Christine on

Everything was delivered as promised. I will definitely be buying again.

by Tee on

Dreams do come true. First time buying and super simple process. Highly recommend. As an older player, I'm so happy to be able to come back and really enjoy the game to the fullest now!

by Dorian on
Always dependable

I personally go for the item packs and if you take care to read the descriptions to balance the available nps in the account against the item selection, it's always a fun surprise opening up your package. The recently updated login system is a bit cumbersome but easily managed and not a big hurdle. Neopoints High Tier Grab Bags were always the best gamble but sadly haven't seen any of those offered recently.

by Liz on
Back, back, BACK again!

I will always come to when I need some extra cash. Since flash died, I feel like it is impossible to grow your account. This is my 6th or 7th purchase and I can always count on the folks here.

by Jordan on

Bought two expensive items, delivered promptly and seller helped correct a small issue that came up very quickly. Will buy again!

by Ume on
really epic

Love going through the account grab bags and have purchased more expensive singular items before here too, the staff is always helpful too, thank you

by Chad on
Quick, easy, and honest

I’ve bought a few different packages from this site before placing this review, and I have never been disappointed by the service, or response team. I’ve been broke since flash games have ended. But I can afford food for my neopets again now, and then some! lol

by Krystal on
Love love love

Really skeptical to begin with but had extra money in my paypal to blow
Decided on mid tier grab bags and its exceeded my expectations immensely

Quick, easy to follow instructions and well worth it

by Rae on
Its fantastic!

I bought something here and was initially a little nervous, but everything was great! I finally got an item that I could’ve never obtained through trading and delivery was on time as promised. They were super helpful as well!

by Pups on
wow wow wow

I was honestly skeptical, I googled the site name numerous times to see if anyone was flagging it as a scam, and read a mountain of reviews. Eventually I chose the cheapest thing on the menu because I figured, if I'm going to get scammed I'd rather lose 4$ as opposed to 50$

Holy moly though!
The service was great, the instructions where easy to follow and the account I received has so much stuff on it that my main doesn't!

I was super surprised to see just how much extra I was receiving with my purchase.

100% legitimate, I'm a happy customer and I can't wait to shop here again!

by Rara on
Great Service

I was a little nervous at first but everything went great with my purchase. When I had a small issue with something, the staff immediately offered assistance and fixed it right up with no problems, which pleasantly surprised me and eased my trust. I'll be using this service again for sure!

by Kitsune on
Great service

As the others - I’ve never bought before, so I was nervous and sceptical and had no idea how it worked. The customer service sends very clear instructions and it was easy to follow. I got some great pets out of it - will be using them again!

by Peach on
Happy Customer

Awesome service with great and simple instructions to follow after purchase. Very satisfied with my new UC.

by TableTops on

Was very worried that I would do the set up wrong but everything worked out fine.
These people are legit !

by Stef on
Great service

Quick and easy! Bought 1 item to try the service out and will definitely use again!

by barbara on

Very satisfied so far, will definitely purchase more

by a on

I was a little worried at first but was pleasantly surprised! after I got over the jitters of not doing something correctly, everything worked out great. even got some unexpected bonuses to help me restart my account. will buy again!

by Marley on

Simple instructions and decent response time. Will buy again in the future.

by R on

I've made two purchases and so far so good. I was pleasantly surprised by the high tier grab bag because the account was definitely worth more than I initially thought it would be and it was pretty fun combing through it for all the goodies. Definitely will be buying more in the future.

by Jen on
Good service

I'll admit I was skeptical, and afraid this would turn out to be a scam, but it is not. Delivery hasn't been anything like as fast as what I gather is usual, but circumstances beyond their control. They've been very patient with me, which I appreciate.

by candycane on
Smoothest Buy

First time buying a neopet item ever since I first played in the 2000s. The process was secure, bought a paintbrush, was nervous as heck, now I got an uncommon paintbrushed neopet for the first time in my life. Thank you so much

by M on
It works

I was sketch about this so I purchased a cheaper option and it legit! I got my order shortly after and was given what I paid for.

by Anonymous on
Longtime buyer

Longtime customer, always happy with how it's handled and what I get, thank you.

by HM on
will be back!

Thank you so much!!

by Monkey103 on
Incredible Service

Outstanding service and very easy to deal with, had my order in no time.
Highly recommend.

by A on
Safe and legit

Was a little skeptical at first but they're legit! delivery took a few hours but so far no bans, will be back to purchase more!

by Rachel on
The real deal

Of course I was nervous and skeptical this was a scam but decided to take a chance. I purchased a paint brush and neopoints. I was given user and password info and specific directions to follow. As long as you follow the instructions you’ll get what you paid for, and fast!

by H on
Legit and Safe

Like most, I was very skeptical but after returning to the game after many years, I was set on having some items that would be unobtainable with limited time. I was delivered all of the items and have since made 3 orders, all of which were delivered smoothly, no bans. Will be back again, thanks.

by Jhon on

I have purchased many items pack from them an only had one issue but it was fix immediately an I look forward to future transactions with them !! Highly recommend

by J on

Very excellent service and gaurenteed products

by Sunnyface on
Scary but worth it!

I was super skeptical about my first transaction with this website, as anyone would be - but it went so smoothly! Follow their instructions and don't do anything dumb like saying you bought the items and you'll be okay. They're friendly and quick to respond and have great customer service.

by drpssr on

Great service, fast to respond. Very happy with purchase. Thank you 🙂

by on

I received my account but because I'm a moron I wasnt able to log in they helped me fix my mistake with my side account an now I have an amazing side account an I would gladly come back

by ShortlyHere on
So far so good

Quick and very easy to use. Hopefully I am able to use this service again and again in the future, Thank you!

by Shira on
Legit & very helpful!

I like everyone else that comes here for the first time was very skeptical.
I have to say that from using them three times now, they are legit and their customer service is wonderful. I just got back on after a long time and bought neopoints from them to help get back to where I was. The whole process was so simple. Right when I had a question and thought they had made a mistake, someone got right back to me to explain what I had missed. Thank you guys!

by Evie on
Legit & Friendly

If you're reading this it's probably because you're understandably skeptical. I was incredibly skeptical but I figured what the heck. I not only got what I paid for, but I recieved the items promptly, and the person I was emailing with was incredibly friendly and quick with replies. This place is legit and the customer support is A+. I got back into Neo after 10+ years but couldn't access my old account. It was so nice to be able to get a jumpstart on being back where I left off all those years ago! Thank you (:

by Nilo on
I was very skeptical!

I was very skeptical at first, but couldn't believe I got what I ordered! I definitely recommend them. It takes a while for someone to respond to the request, but the wait was definitely worth it! Thank you!

by Ash on
Fast great service

Great service. Happy with order.

by Neopets player since 2006 on
Honest review / thought this was a scam

Okay so I honestly was just trying my luck. I was totally ready to pay US$7.99 and lose that money. It seemed too good to be true —being able to so easily buy 2mil NP??

Anyway it is NOT a scam and right after paying, I received an automated email with the acc deets. In fact, I did get more NP than I paid for so that’s a plus 🙂

Thank you so much, I will be sure to come back again when I need more NP! ♥️😭

by Kayla on

Amazing! I've ordered a few times, basically instant delivery. There was one delivery where I didn't get what was promised, but I contacted customer service, and they were prompt with looking into the problem and fixing it! Customer service A++

by jinx on
More Than Worth It

i can personally attest to the quality and customer service of the neopoints team!!!! always consistent, great prices, and quick response time!

by Bot VJ on
Quite the wait, but worth it was fairly fast when it came to answering some questions I first sent them through mail! Once I placed my order, however, it took over 24 hours for me to get an update on my order. At first, I was a little scared I got scammed because this was my first purchase here. (Not that it was a lot of money to be scammed out of, but still.) Turns out there was simply a long weekend and they were out of office. Despite that, would still recommend! You get what you paid for in the end! ✨

by Julie on
Re: The Best Around

Any way to give more than 5 stars?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I *just* left a review, & would like to add that BOTH item packs from the order I'd placed at the time arrived *3 MINUTES* after I paid for it, & one of them had 3 of my *TOP PRIORITY* NC wishes I needed to complete my gallery!!! I'm SHOOKETH! Truth is stranger than fiction, guys!!! And, most importantly, THANK YOU NEOPOINTS.IN!!!!!!! :') WOOHOOO!!!!!

by Julie on
The Best Around

Best place to buy anything on Neopets! So far I've bought NC item packs, singular NC/NP items, pure NP, & pets (all of varying costs & rarity) & have always gotten exactly what I ordered. Responses are prompt, very easy & secure method of purchase & transfer, always a large variety of items, & fair, competitive prices. Thanks, guys!

by Kels on
Was worried if it was still running or if it would work

Was quicker than they even said it would be- only took a few hours. Very easy and quick!

by Bugsoup on
Very nice experience

I was first worried about using this site. I have had a very pleasant experience with both of my orders. They are very nice and fast. If you are doubting buying anything, this is your sign to do it!

by RZ on
Great service!

Staff was friendly, items delivered as ordered. Would definitely do business again.

by Emz on

super quick - had to make sure it was real and thankfully they came through with the order

by Ry on
Exceeded my expectations

AMAZING service! Fast, reliable, and there were a couple extra goodies on the account I bought that weren't even listed. I've purchased from this site 3 times now and all 3 times have gone smoothly. They promptly and kindly answered any questions/worries I had and this is 100% legit. Will be coming back for sure!

by Mindy on
Highly recommend

I've come back for a round 2 to say that this is the only source I trust for neopet things now. They are fast to respond and very friendly. I will definitely be making more purchases in the future.

by Mindy on
Highly recommend

I would use this service again. Fast response, and reliable.

by SC on
Speedy Reply, Best Service

I placed my order and finished my transfer within 1 day! Speedy reply and smooth payment. Definitely will comeback for other orders.

by McKenzie on

This was so perfect! I stopped playing for awhile so I was trying to earn the money to get started again on the game. This really helped! Super fast delivery and nice people! Thank you again!

by Sarah on
Exceeded expectations

Ordered some ID neopoints and an item. ID item came right after payment, and the item a few days later. Exceeded expectations! I’m very happy with my purchase

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