Buy Neopets Main Accounts
Buy Neopets Accounts
At, we have a wide selection of Neopets Main Accounts to meet all your needs. Whether you're a avatar collector, trophy accumulator, item hoarder, unconverted neopet fanatic, or etc., we have the right main account for you! View our vast stock of main accounts here today.
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The Clearance Shop is a subsection of our website where you will find rather rare neopets items at heavily reduced prices. In this shop, most of the items will range in prices from $1-2 per million. Discounts on bulk purchases can be made upon request. In addition, all these items are already in stock, so you will not have to wait upon us to buy these items (which means essentially instant delivery, yeah!). Check out our Clearance Shop today!

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In our Neopets Main Account section you can find a great selection of Main Accounts that will fit your price range and needs. From accounts that offer great starts with high avatar counts or expensive (UC and BD) pets to accounts that simply need you to start playing right away!

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