MME26-S1: Faerie Forest Background Neopets

The MME26-S1: Faerie Forest Background is the latest MME item to hit the NC Mall on Neopets! Buy it now for 700 NC and watch it evolve into multiple different items!

MME26-S1 Background

Here’s how a enlarged version of the background looks! I’m excited to see it’s evolutions.

MME26-S1: Faerie Forest Background Neopets

Far and wide in Neopia are faeries of with different powers and passions, some good and some evil! Which path will you choose?


There are two IDs currently known for this MME! This means the first MME can evolve into one of two evolutions and go down that path.

ID 82338
ID 82356

Best way to check the ID before you buy is to leave them in your cart, right click with your mouse on the picture, view selection source or inspect element, you will see ID and a number. If you already bought them you can also check the ID by putting them in your SDB hover over remove and the ID will show up on your screens left hand bottom corner.

MME26 Spoilers

MME26-S2a: Psellias Cloud

MME26-S2a: Psellias Cloud

MME26-S2b: Eithnes Swirling Fire Aura

MME26-S2b: Eithnes Swirling Fire Aura

Mme26-S4a: Siyanas Golden Aura Makeup

Mme26-S4a: Siyanas Golden Aura Makeup

Mme26-S4b: Darkest Faeries Wand

Mme26-S4b: Darkest Faeries Wand


Mme26-S3b: Ariadnes Dress


Mme26-S3a: Faerie Petpets Frolicking

MME26 Player Feedback

The colours are so sad, the dirt patches on the floor, so crowded, the quality of those hazelnut bird houses… I’ll check if I can find some fg items that work with it… the Mushroom Houses Foreground comes to mind and they’re probably from the same artist (Not saying it’s ugly… just not my style/the Neo art I enjoy).

The tree is not hovering, it is on a cliff! There was no need for the front ‘dirt’ patch I feel. Acorns are pointless as larger pets would cover them? I do kinda like it.

Are those fireflies or is it like a pollen shower type thing? The muted/bland greens in it are not my favorite. Gonna have to see if I have any good FG/higher FGs that’ll match…

Also, I am not a fan of the Art style… Ngl, I am not expecting much from this one and I hope I’ll be proven wrong x)

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