Battledome Improvement Suggestions 2024

Major Fixes:

  1. Reduced Lag:
    • Optimize the Lag-be-gone spray to load faster, catering to shorter attention spans.
  2. Glitch Rectification:
    • Address and fix random glitches for a smoother Battledome experience.
  3. Challenger HP Adjustment:
    • Introduce a “Classic” mode with increasing challenger HPs.
    • Consider a separate score for the “Classic” mode to maintain fairness in monthly scores.
  4. Difficulty Levels:
    • Simplify the system to Basic and Advanced levels for accessibility.
    • Allow repeated wins against Basic level challengers for daily prizes.
    • Advanced level for stronger pets to chase high scores.
  5. Score Integration:
    • Display both old and new scores on user profiles.
    • Honor old scores while showcasing active participation in the new dome.
  6. 1P Events:
    • Introduce 1P events for a more engaging solo experience.
  7. Prize Reflectiveness:
    • Align prizes with difficulty levels to ensure fairness.
    • Consider consumable items (neggs, books, gourmet, codestones) to avoid flooding the economy.
  8. Quick Reload Feature:
    • Implement a “Play Again” option for a rapid reload into the next battle.
  9. Streamlined Battle Start:
    • Reduce clicks to start a battle.
    • Simplify the process: Select pet, choose 1P or 2P, select challenge/level, and automatically enter the battle.
  10. Surrender Option:
    • Add a surrender button for quick acknowledgment of defeat.
    • Make it count as a loss to maintain integrity.
  11. Balanced Faerie Abilities:
    • Enhance faerie abilities for better balance.
    • Restrict challengers from spamming full blocking abilities.
  12. Species Attacks:
    • Allow morphing and transforming for strategic advantages.
  13. Return of DON and More Challengers:
    • Reintroduce Defenders of Neopia (DON) challengers and ensure their functionality.
  14. Kitchen Quest for Active Pets:
    • Extend Kitchen Quests to active pets, catering to premium users.
  15. Weapon Loading Enhancement:
    • Consider weapons loading up or down rather than the current motion.
  16. Healing Features:
    • Introduce healing faerie challengers or species-specific healers.
  17. Potion Fixes:
    • Rectify issues with Glowing Cauldron, Prickly Potion, Bent Fork, and Voidberry potions.
  18. Battledome Closet Improvements:
    • Allow customization of weapon order and a more user-friendly interface.
  19. Fix Sid! Glitch:
    • Address any glitches related to Sid! in the Battledome.
  20. 2P Challenges Glitches:
    • Resolve glitches related to 2P challenges, preventing players from engaging in battles.

Minor Fixes:

  1. HP Inconsistencies:
    • Address challengers entering with varying HPs contrary to indications.
  2. Damage Inconsistencies:
    • Fix challengers dealing excessive damage.
  3. Freezing and Stealing Issues:
    • Ensure freezing and stealing mechanics are working as intended.
  4. Defenders of Neopia Link:
    • Re-establish the link between Defenders of Neopia and the Battledome.
  5. BD Veteran Trophy:
    • Reactivate the BD veteran trophy for users to earn.
  6. Bug Reduction:
    • Strive for a less buggy Battledome experience and prioritize bug fixes over new features.