Neocash Trading

Neocash (NC) trading is an exciting aspect of Neopets that involves exchanging virtual items purchased with real money. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the world of Neocash trading.

Understanding Neocash (NC) Value

  • GBCs (Gift Box Capsules): These are crucial in NC trading and are typically valued at 200 NC each. They also provide Gift Boxes necessary for sending NC items.
  • NC Value: Items are often valued in terms of GBCs (e.g., 2~3). Understanding this valuation is essential for fair trades.

Getting Started as a Newbie

  • Building Inventory: Invest in the NC Mall by buying cookies, dye potions, and GBCs to build a trade-worthy inventory.
  • 1 Cookie = 1 Dye Potion = 1 GBC: This is a general rule in NC trading, making it easier to assess values.
  • Create a Trade List: Use tools like Dress to Impress (DTI) or JellyNeo (JN) to create a list of items you have for trading.

Making Offers

  • Advertise on Boards: When seeking specific items, create a board or post on someone’s offer board. The Neopets community is generally helpful to newcomers.
  • Mailing Offers: You can also contact users through tools like DTI, but be cautious and verify identities to prevent scams.

Trading Etiquette

  • Offering and Accepting: Follow a step-by-step process: offer, acceptance, sending items, and confirmation. Always double-check usernames to avoid mistakes.
  • Communication is Key: If issues arise, communicate politely through Neomail. Patience and understanding are crucial in resolving problems.

Understanding Valuations

  • 1~2 Valued Items: Many items are valued at 1~2, indicating their availability in the NC Mall or through NC games. Some are buyable directly in the mall or through games.

Additional Tips

  • No Obligation: Remember that no one is obligated to trade with you. It’s a mutual process.
  • Community Friendliness: The Neocash trading community is known for being friendly and generous. Engage with them on the boards or through Reddit.
  • Dealing with Issues: In case of problems, remain calm, neomail the user, and give it some time. Most issues get resolved amicably.

Buying NC

  • Be Cautious: Buying NC, especially cards, can have glitches. Use reputable sellers and follow proper channels. GameTimeZone is recommended.
  • Free Gift Boxes: NC cards come with free Gift Boxes, making them valuable for trading.

Keeping Track

  • Transaction History: Keep an eye on your Neocash transactions through the Neopets website to manage your spending.

Special Events

  • Neocash Card Events: Occasionally, Neopets hosts special events related to Neocash Cards, offering bonuses or exclusive items.

User Guides and Resources

Before delving into NC trading, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with user guides and resources available. Some valuable tips and links include:

  • NC Redemption Issues: Check the guide for troubleshooting NC redemption issues. This ensures a smooth experience when acquiring NC items.
  • JellyNeo’s Item Database: Understand NC items’ origins and availability, whether from mystery capsules, site events, or the NC Mall. Use this database to enhance your knowledge.
  • Customization Tools: Utilize customization tools like JellyNeo Wardrobe or Dress to Impress to visualize how items look on your pet. Explore customization guides such as /~Neocash and /~Trendei for expert advice.

Initiating Trades: The Basics

Once you’ve identified the items you want and prepared what you’ll offer in return, initiate trades by creating a board or seeking existing ones:

  • NC Mall Chat (NCC): Check the front page of the NC Mall Chat for ongoing trades. If you can’t find what you seek, create your own board.
  • Board Format: Use a clear board title like “Seeking: (Item Name) and More! Offering: (Item Name), GBCs, TL!” to attract relevant offers.
  • First Post: Repost or include all the items you desire. If you’re new, politely ask users to post offers on the board instead of neomailing.

Negotiation and Etiquette

Master the art of negotiating and maintain proper etiquette throughout the trading process:

  • Direct Neomail Link: Provide a direct link to your neomail for easy access due to captchas, making communication smoother.
  • Bumping Boards: As the NC Mall board moves swiftly, be ready to bump your board every 5-10 minutes to stay visible.
  • Acceptance Protocol: Generally, don’t accept NC items until you’ve sent all requested items. This ensures fairness and avoids potential conflicts.
  • Public Confirmation: After sending an item, publicly confirm by copying and pasting the delivery message on the board. This shows transparency in the trade.

Three-Way Trades and Reporting

Exercise caution in three-way trades, especially if you’re a beginner. These trades involve potential confusion and require trust among all parties. If issues arise:

  • Patience is Key: Wait at least 48 hours before reporting a user for non-compliance in a trade. Technical issues and emergencies can happen.
  • Reporting Protocol: When reporting, include details, links, or screenshots outlining the trade. Avoid making public accusations, as this may lead to consequences.

Quick Tips Recap

Here’s a quick summary of key tips to remember:

  • Research: Know about items using DTI, JellyNeo, and value guides.
  • Try Before Trading: Use DTI to try on items and ensure they fit your pet.
  • Gift Boxes: Confirm you have enough gift boxes for each item you send.
  • GBC Availability: GBCs are typically available in the last 1-2 weeks of the month.
  • Board Etiquette: Specify “posts only, please!” to encourage public offers on your board.
  • Specify Items Clearly: Use the full name of the item to avoid confusion.
  • Fair Offers: Value items fairly and avoid undervaluing your items.
  • Communication: Ask where the user wants the item sent before sending it.
  • Courtesy is Key: Be courteous and fair in all negotiations.
  • Acceptance Protocol: Only accept NC items after sending all requested items.

FAQ: Neocash Trading Guide

Section 1: Getting Started

1. What is Neocash (NC) trading? Neocash trading involves the exchange of virtual items acquired through the Neocash Mall or various events. It’s a way for Neopets users to obtain specific customization items for their pets.

2. How do I begin NC trading? Start by creating wishlists on JellyNeo for items you seek and offer. Explore users’ lists to find potential trades. Understanding the basics of NC values and using tools like Dress To Impress (DTI) and JellyNeo is crucial.

3. What are GBCs? GBCs, or Gift Box Mystery Capsules, are a form of NC currency worth 150-200 NC each. They are often used in trading as a valuable item and can be purchased in the NC Mall.

4. How can I determine the value of NC items? Use resources like JellyNeo, Dress To Impress, and value guides for understanding the worth of NC items. There are also browser extensions that add item values to Neopets and external sites.

Section 2: Initiating Trades

5. How do I find potential trades? Check the NC Mall Chat (NCC) for ongoing trades or create your own board. Clearly state what you’re seeking and offering in your board title.

6. Should I use neomail or board posts for trading? For newcomers, encouraging users to post offers on your board is recommended. It helps in keeping the trade process transparent.

7. What is the etiquette for creating trade boards? Specify “posts only, please!” at the end of your board to encourage public offers. Ensure clarity in your first post, listing items and conditions for trade.

Section 3: Negotiation and Etiquette

8. How do I negotiate offers? Be fair and courteous in negotiations. Value items appropriately and ask the user where they want the traded item sent.

9. When should I accept an NC item in a trade? Generally, don’t accept any NC item until you have sent all requested items to the user. This avoids potential conflicts and ensures fairness.

10. How should I handle three-way trades? Exercise caution with three-way trades, especially if you’re a beginner. These trades can be confusing and may lead to complications.

Section 4: Troubleshooting and Reporting

11. What should I do if a user doesn’t send their part of the trade? Wait at least 48 hours before reporting. Include details and links when reporting, but avoid making public accusations.

12. How can I troubleshoot NC redemption issues? Check guides and resources for troubleshooting NC redemption issues. This ensures a smooth experience when acquiring NC items.

Section 5: Quick Tips

13. What are some quick tips for successful NC trading? Research items, try them on using DTI, ensure you have enough gift boxes, and be courteous. Specify trade details clearly on your board and avoid undervaluing items.

Section 6: Additional Resources

14. Are there guides and resources for NC trading etiquette? Explore additional guides for more tips and information on NC trading etiquette. They can provide valuable insights into best practices.


Neocash trading adds depth to the Neopets experience. Following these guidelines will help you navigate the trading scene, build a valuable inventory, and engage with the friendly Neopets community.