[ID] NCPack- Attack of the Revenge Background



Username Format: xxxxxxxx
Age: 8 years
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Shop Size: 40
Gallery Size: 30
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 1,100 | Total Items: 3,300

Cloud Xweetok
Christmas Uni
White Lenny
Total Avatars: 80
Notable Avatars:

Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 250,000NP):

Delicate Fyora Tea Cup – 250,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 50
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 265 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Attack of the Revenge Background
Sewing Room Background
Chocolate Cybunny Thought Bubble
Purple Satin Purse
Wheel of Excitement Thought Bubble
Purple Grundo Flag
Meridellian Spring Background
Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress
Easter Negg Thought Bubble
Altador Shores Background
Field of Clovers Background
Sweetheart Ball Gown
Valentines Letter Thought Bubble
Shenkuu Warrior Training Grounds Background
Money Tree Background
Hidden Tower Background
Faerieland Library Background
Spinning Neopian Globe
Haunted Piano
Games Master Background
Leafy Headdress
Hearts Thought Bubble
Hearts Thought Bubble
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Negg Background
The Big Dance Background


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