Neopets Stock Market

The Neopets Stock Market is a great way to invest neopoints! If your looking for a quick profit the Neopets Stock Market is not for you, but if it’s a long term investment I suggest you go ahead! I’ve invested 800,000 in KSON about two years ago, and now this stock is 28,000,000!

– Never sell at a loss. The stocks go up and down over the coarse of days, weeks, months, and even years. It is a patience game.
– Find a selling point. If you are short on neopoints, you may want to set your sell point low. Such as 30-45 nps a share. If you bought at 15nps a share, and sold at 30, you just doubles your profits. Currently, my sell point is 60+ nps a share
– Dont forget, the stock market is “free”. Your neopoints arent being spent, but invested. Think of it like the bank on steroids.
– Nigel the sports car riding chia will charge 20nps everytime you sell some stocks. If your profit is high enough, im sure you wont notice this.
– The stocks avie is awarded once 1mil nps have been invested (at once). So you either need to not sell your shares til you have invested 1mil, or buy a high stock for several days to get the avie quicker.
– There is no telling when a stock will stop going up. If you wait for the stock to reach a certain point before selling, you may miss the stocks “high point” and have to wait until it goes back up (again, could be days to months).

If you need some neopoints to invest, you can just buy neopoints!

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