Neopets Premade Shop Layouts

On Neopets, many people decorate their userlookup, pet lookups, petpages, and shop/gallery with layouts coded in html/css. These layouts tell people about you and your pets. By simply decorating them, you will blend in with others on Neopets and make yourself seem more legit and trustworthy. This is great if you want to buy neopoints!

General Rules:
1. Do not remove the credit if you are using someone else’s layout, this will get you iced.
2. Do not post pictures of yourself or do anything against TNT’s rules. (Bad language, fake age shields, etc.)
3. Do not link your side accounts to your main (vice-versa). 
4. Do not hide any information with HTML/CSS. It looks supicious and is against the rules.

(My Account>Control Panel>Modify Account Information)

The main part of your account, this is what people see when they click on your name or search you. Many people have layouts, so it would be wise to get one just to blend in.

-Always write a little bit about yourself. Whether it be real or fake, this little bit of information can help you look legit.
-You can add pictures of dream pets, avatars, goals, whatever works for you.
-If you are using an Auto Buyer or Score Sender, it might also be good to you write that you like restocking and playing games.

Pet Lookups:
(My Account>Control Panel>Neopet Description)

Many people forget about these but they really do make your account look legit and trustworthy. Everytime, someone searches or clicks on your pet, they will see your pet lookup. When you add a description or story about your pet, it shows others that you care about your pet.

-Add a description for the pet such as a story, traits, hobbies, etc.
-If the pet is illegit, put that you found it in the pound.
-If you bought a legit pet, you might want to put that you adopted it from someone or traded for it.
(It would look very suspicous if someone noticed the pet on another’s person account a week ago, and you said you just painted it yesterday)
-If you plan to sell the pet soon, put “UFA: Applications Closed” somewhere.

(My Account>Control Panel>Edit Pet Page)

Not many people will view these unless you tell them what you have on your petages. However, if you do decide to make one or two, it will
make your account look very good.

-Easy Ideas: Wishlist, Lab Ray Log, Screenies, Drawings (for artists)
-Hard Ideas: Directory, Graphics, Guides
-You can also make a button that links to your petpage and post it on your userlookup.

(Shops>Your Shop>Create/Edit Your Shop)

Yes, it does look nice if you decorate your shop, but it’s not too important. However, having a gallery with a nice layout and a nice theme,
makes you look legit and trustworthy. 

-Do not go overboard with your shop, it’s not too important.
-If you choose to do a gallery, look at layouts first and base your theme on a layout you like. That way, you don’t have to go look for a layout.
-Pick an affordable but not too cheap theme.
-Put up a wishlist if you would like.

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