Neopets Pound Chat Guide


#Cthe number of characters in the pets name, can contain numbers and symbols (e.g. 3c is 3 character, 4c is 4 characters, etc.)

#Lthe number of letters in the pets name (e.g. 3l is 3 letters, 4l is 4 letters, etc.)

BASICSpets that are not painted (yellow, blue, green or red). also includes grundos in brown, purple or white.

BDpets that have been trained in the battledome. these do range. (see the tier system for more info.)

BNbadly named pets: more than 1 number, 1-2 underscores, unpronouncable (origin.)

DNdecently named pets: compound named, 1-2 underscores, 1 number, relatively pronouncable (origin.)

DREAMIESdream pets, pets someone really really wants.

HSDpets with combined health, strength, and defence stats (origin.)

I/Lpets that look like the name is spelt correctly, but the l’s are actually upprcase i’s.

MSpets with names that are misspellings of real words or names but are still recognisable.

NAMESWAPwhen someone lists their pet uft and wants only vwn offers.

PAHabbreviation for the pet auction house boards, find the full rules here.

RNpets with real names, spelt correctly, usually capitalised. can be foreign.

ROULETTEpet roulette boards can sometimes pop up on the pc, find the full rules here.

RWpets whose names are real words, spelt correctly, usually capitalised. can be foreign.

SBDpets with starter/semi battledome stats (origin.)

SHUFFLEa fun way to trade uc pets at a faster pace (origin.)

TIERSa tier system which has been created to “rank” uc pets in terms of rarity, popularity, etc. (origin.)

UCpets that use pre-conversion artwork. there are a limited number of uc pets out there, and their artwork is very popular, which makes them desirable for pet trading. (origin.)

UFT/UFApets that are up for trade (uft) or up for adoption (ufa). the owner will sometimes have a petpage explaining what they’re looking for, or you can usually nm them (unless they’ve specified otherwise).

VBNvery badly named pets: multiple numbers, multiple underscores, extremely long, visually unappealing (origin.)

VWNvery well named pets: roughly 8 or so letters, capitalised, visually appealing & pronounceable (origin.)

WNwell named pets: 8 or more letters, visually appealing & pronounceable (origin.)

WTabbreviation for the wondertrade boards, find the full rules here.

Y#the year the pet was born in. generally aged pets are considered higher in value than young pets. we’re currently in y25. (view the calendar to check today’s date.)

ZYDPabbreviation for zap your dream pet, a group of people who help people get their dream pets by zapping them. find out more here.


All the definitions below are from the official wondertrade petpage. Wondertrade is a pet trading game on the PC where you list a pet that you want to trade and accept the first pet that is offered to you by transfer.

PAINTEDa painted pet (not including the rejectable species/colors list). the pet is not required to have the matching pb clothes.

UNLAabbreviation for until no longer active, generally meaning that the user will keep their listing as their active pet so you can easily see once it’s gone.

WNa pet name that has 10 letters or fewer, no numbers or underscores, first letter capitalised only, pronounceable, not a compound.

pet auction house

All the definitions below are from the official PAH petpage. Abbreviation for Pet Auction House, it’s a pet-trading game where pets will be traded for pets.

5MIN RULEthe rule stands for using your listed pet to bid on the last 5 minutes if they didn’t receive a valid bid.

BIDDINGbidding on one of the pets that are up for auction.

FREE PASSin this version, you’re allowed a free pass on all offers for the pets you list, find the full rules here.

FRENZYalso known as chaos, in this version you can bid with listed pets, bid on other people’s bids, etc. and everyone has a free pass. find the full rules here.

H&Hin this version, each lister must put two pets up for auction. if they both receive bids, they must choose a bid for at least one of their auctioned pets. find the full rules here.

HOSTusually one, sometimes more. they coordinate listing, keep track of time, and may occasionally keep track of bids to make sure people are following the stated rules.

LISTthe pets that are up for action and going into the pots. if you list a pet, you become a lister.

NO PASSa “no pass pah” is the normal standard version, find the full rules here.

POTthe list of pets that are up for auction. these are usually also listed on a pot page. each pah board will have a unique pot page.

SPICY H&Hthis version is similar to a h&h pah, but listers are not allowed to pass if only one of their pets receives a bid. find the full rules here.

TWO PASSin this version, each lister is allowed up to two passes on their pets but must trade at the third. find the full rules here.

WNa pet name that has 10 letters or fewer, no numbers or underscores, first letter capitalised only, pronounceable, not a compound.

pet trading values


The real fact is that there is no definite value for different pets. It really depends on who you ask and where. Speak to someone who’s heavily into BD and they’ll tell you BD pets are under-valued by the PC. Go to the AC and you’ll find people especially eager for avatar pets of any kind. Then there are obsessions, infatuations, issues with inflation, etc. (like the current obsession with fem names), all of which can drastically change the value of pet species, colours and names.

I will attempt to provide an overview below of the various different valuation / ranking systems that exist on the PC… wish me luck.

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There are so many debates about how to value the names of pets. On each guide, you’ll find a different way of defining WN (well named), VWN (very well named), BN (badly named) etc. There are some constants though, such as RN (real name), RW (real word) and MS (misspelling). I’ve tried to select the most commonly used definitions for the others in my terminology page.

It’s worth noting that the current obsessions are: feminine names, real words, real names, 4l

wt rejectable species

According to the Wondertrade page, the following pets are low-cost species / colour combinations.

▼ basic colours

all species in the four basic colours: blue, green, red and yellow

▼ basic grundos

grundos in the four colours above but also in brown, purple and white

▼ cheap colours

most species painted the following colors: christmas, glowing, sketch, snow and speckled (exceptions: CHOMBY, CYBUNNY, DRAIK, HISSI, JETSAM, KIKO, KRAWK, LUTARI, AND RUKI)

▼ cheap combos a – p

  • BROWN lenny, moehog, techo
  • CAMOUFLAGE kyrii, meerca, mynci, techo, tuskaninny, wocky
  • CHECKERED koi, techo
  • CLOUD pteri
  • DESERT gnorbu, ogrin, tuskaninny
  • FIRE flotsam, grarrl, ogrin
  • GHOST buzz, gnorbu, ogrin
  • GOLD elephante
  • ORANGE koi, kougra, tuskaninny
  • PIRATE aisha, eyrie, meerca, ogrin, pteri, techo
  • PURPLE jubjub

▼ cheap combos q – z

  • RAINBOW grarrl, ogrin, quiggle, tuskaninny
  • SPLIT grarrl, lenny, mynci
  • SPOTTED eyrie, grarrl, scorchio
  • STARRY flotsam, grarrl, koi, pteri, techo, tuskaninny, xweetok
  • STRAWBERRY meerca, mynci, wocky
  • STRIPED scorchio
  • TYRANNIAN ogrin
  • WHITE grarrl
  • ZOMBIE blumaroo, flotsam

uc / bd tiers

The Unconverted Trading Guide is the number one guide for the generally recognised tier system for UC / BD trades. There are 10 tiers in total, and each contain the following categories of pets (colour coded): popular • rare • common • battledome

Although this tier system is build for UC trading, it’s actually a fairly good guideline for what combos and colours are more popular than others, even for trading converted pets. However this isn’t always true, so please be cautious when using this as a guide for converted trading.

The tiers below were last updated on 16th March. Please visit the official guide for the most up to date version.

tiers one – three

▼ tier one

  • darigan mynci
  • darigan shoyru
  • desert poogle
  • halloween lupe
  • maraquan scorchio
  • mutant buzz
  • mutant jetsam
  • mutant lupe
  • mutant meerca
  • mutant scorchio
  • mutant usul
  • sponge grundo
  • tyrannian nimmo
  • tyrannian quiggle
  • 600 – 1000 HSD

▼ tier two

  • baby eyrie
  • baby kougra
  • coconut jubjub
  • darigan grundo
  • darigan jetsam
  • darigan lenny
  • darigan meerca
  • darigan moehog
  • darigan tonu
  • darigan uni
  • desert kau
  • faerie kau
  • grey koi
  • halloween wocky
  • halloween zafara
  • maraquan chomby
  • maraquan grarrl
  • robot blumaroo
  • coconut gnorbu
  • robot jetsam
  • sponge moehog
  • tyrannian kau
  • tyrannian lenny
  • tyrannian mynci
  • tyrannian techo
  • 800 – 1200 HSD

▼ tier three

  • baby skeith
  • darigan acara
  • darigan buzz
  • darigan grarrl
  • darigan lupe
  • darigan skeith
  • darigan usul
  • darigan zafara
  • darigan aisha
  • faerie kougra
  • faerie kyrii
  • faerie meerca
  • faerie moehog
  • grey grundo
  • grey jetsam
  • grey kau
  • grey lupe
  • grey meerca
  • grey techo
  • marshmallow grundo
  • mutant hissi
  • mutant skeith
  • robot kacheek
  • sponge kiko
  • sponge koi
  • tyrannian blumaroo
  • tyrannian peophin
  • tyrannian skeith
  • 1000 – 1500 HSD

tiers four – six

▼ tier four

  • darigan blumaroo
  • darigan bori
  • darigan cybunny
  • darigan eyrie
  • darigan hissi
  • darigan jubjub
  • darigan kau
  • darigan kougra
  • darigan peophin
  • darigan pteri
  • darigan scorchio
  • darigan techo
  • faerie blumaroo
  • grey chomby
  • grey flotsam
  • grey grarrl
  • grey jubjub
  • grey moehog
  • grey mynci
  • grey poogle
  • grey shoyru
  • grey uni
  • halloween moehog
  • robot pteri
  • tyrannian bori
  • isukiboy usul
  • 1400 – 2000 HSD

▼ tier five

  • darigan bruce
  • darigan kyrii
  • darigan yurble
  • faerie aisha
  • faerie ixi
  • faerie lenny
  • faerie pteri
  • faerie shoyru
  • faerie peophin
  • faerie ruki
  • grey cybunny
  • grey eyrie
  • grey gelert
  • grey kacheek
  • grey kougra
  • grey kyrii
  • grey peophin
  • grey pteri
  • grey scorchio
  • grey tonu
  • grey skeith
  • grey wocky
  • grey yurble
  • grey zafara
  • ice bruce
  • maraquan gelert
  • maraquan hissi
  • maraquan kau
  • maraquan skeith
  • plushie bruce
  • plushie buzz
  • plushie flotsam
  • sponge blumaroo
  • sponge lupe
  • usukigirl usul
  • 1900 – 2600 HSD

▼ tier six

  • darigan aisha
  • darigan gelert
  • darigan ixi
  • darigan korbat
  • faerie wocky
  • faerie xweetok
  • faerie yurble
  • grey acara
  • grey aisha
  • grey ixi
  • grey korbat
  • msp poogle
  • plushie chomby
  • plushie grundo
  • plushie kiko
  • robot ixi
  • sponge peophin
  • 2500 – 3100 HSD

tiers seven – ten

▼ tier seven

  • darigan kacheek
  • faerie tonu
  • fire tuskaninny
  • grey usul
  • plushie jetsam
  • plushie kacheek
  • plushie mynci
  • plushie shoyru
  • plushie zafara
  • quigukiboy quiggle
  • quigukigirl quiggle
  • royalgirl mynci
  • sponge aisha
  • tyrannian draik
  • tyrannian krawk
  • 3000 – 4000 HSD

▼ tier eight

  • darigan krawk
  • faerie grarrl
  • grey krawk
  • maraquan krawk
  • plushie acara
  • plushie cybunny
  • plushie eyrie
  • plushie kau
  • plushie koi
  • plushie kougra
  • plushie meerca
  • plushie poogle
  • plushie pteri
  • plushie scorchio
  • plushie sketih
  • plushie techo
  • plushie tonu
  • plushie tuskaninny
  • royalboy kougra
  • royalgirl kougra
  • royalboy mynci
  • 3900 – 4600 HSD

▼ tier nine

  • darigan draik
  • faerie draik
  • faerie techo
  • plushie acara
  • plushie blumaroo
  • plushie bori
  • plushie chia
  • plushie draik
  • plushie elephante
  • plushie gelert
  • plushie grarrl
  • plushie hissi
  • plushie ixi
  • plushie jubjub
  • plushie korbat
  • plushie krawk
  • plushie lenny
  • plushie lupe
  • plushie quiggle
  • plushie uni
  • plushie wocky
  • plushie yurble
  • royalboy acara
  • royalgirl aisha
  • royalboy cybunny
  • royalboy draik
  • royalgirl draik
  • royalboy korbat
  • royalgirl korbat
  • royalgirl lupe
  • royalboy shoyru
  • royalgirl shoyru
  • 4500 – 5000 HSD

▼ tier ten

  • darigan wocky
  • plushie gnorbu
  • plushie kyrii
  • plushie moehog
  • plushie nimmo
  • plushie peophin
  • plushie usul
  • royalgirl grarrl
  • royalboy kau
  • royalgirl kau
  • royalboy kryii
  • royalgirl kryii
  • 5000+ HSD

c games


There are a number of fun games that can be found on the PC. I love lurking, and sometimes participating, but it’s often a little confusing which games have which rules, and I’m always needing to re-check the petpages. So here I’ve brought together some quick summaries of all the games and their various basic rules in one place.

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All the information found in this section is taken from the wondertrade guidelines petpage.

The general premise of a wondertrade board is that you list a pet that you want to trade and accept the first pet that is offered to you by transfer. The most commonly seen variation of this game is the WN Painted variation, where listers can list any pet, but senders must send a WN painted pet as an offer.


  • WN: Listers can list any pet, but only WN pets can be offered. In this case WN is defined as: the name has 10 letters or fewer, no numbers or underscores; the first letter and only the first letter is capitalized; the name is pronounceable; and the name is not a compound.
  • Painted: Listers can list any pet, but only painted pets can be offered. Listers are also allowed to reject certain species/color combinations as listed in the WT rejectable species. A pet does not need to have the matching paint brush clothes to be a valid offer.
  • WN Painted: A combination of the two variations above. This is by far the most popular Wondertrade.
  • No Chat: Only comments with pet listings and information directly related to the game are permitted on the board.
  • Species-specific: A board that is restricted to the listing and/or sending of a specific species, such as Draiks or Krawks.


  1. Use the format above to list your pet on the board (or something similar, as long as it contains the same elements and you can tell clearly what they are).

    Helpful hints:
    • It’s usually easiest to list your pet UNLA (until no longer active). This makes it easier for senders to see if the pet is still available. If you’re unable to do so, you can list until a specific time oruntil gone. If you list “until gone”, you will need to post when you’ve accedpted a transfer for the pet.
    • If you are listing, please make sure you are able to be online and accept the transfer promptly. It’s recommended that you post and list from the account that the pet is currently on, to make it easier to see the transfer offer.
    • Unlist your pet if you are stepping away, to avoid accidentally trade-locking your sender.
    • It helps if you mention whether your pet is young, unclothed, and/or an i/L misspell (meaning the Ls are actually uppercase i’s).
    • Lutaris can’t be sent for, so if you list a Lutari, you’ll have to initiate the transfer to the first person who offers a WN painted pet. Usually people do this by posting on the board and then the lister goes with the first person who posted, but you can also ask for NMs.
  2. Someone will send a transfer for the listed pet. The lister promptly accepts the first qualifying transfer. In classic Wondertrade, that means they must accept the first transfer. In variations, the lister is allowed to reject sent pets that don’t qualify (for example, in a Draik Wondertrade, they would be allowed to reject an offer of a pet that isn’t a Draik).

    Helpful hints:
    • Please send pets in good faith and keep in mind how you’d feel if you were the one receiving that pet. This is particularly true for WN, Painted, or WN Painted Wondertrades.
    • If you send a Lutari, the lister will not be able to move it again until tomorrow. You may want to ask first or see if the lister specified that Lutaris are okay.
    • A pet does not have to have the matching paint brush clothes to be a valid offer. That said, this topic is continuously debated and some people may be disappointed by receiving an unclothed pet. As with Lutaris, you may want to see if the lister specified a preference for clothed pets.
    • Make sure to check the available until information in the listing, to avoid trade-locking yourself.
  3. Sent pets must be at least 168 hours old, so that the lister may pound the pet if they wish.
  4. Do not initiate trades for pets that haven’t been listed. This is especially true in cases when a lister may own multiples of the same species/color pet — double-check the name before trying to initiate a transfer.
  5. After the trade is completed, the lister may keep their new pet, relist it, or pound it.
  6. In Wondertrade variations where rejections are allowed, the lister may want to post a brief explanation of why they rejected, or the sender may ask for an explanation. Please be kind and discreet.

pet auction house

All the information found in this section is taken from the pet auction house guidelines petpage.

PAH is an abbreviation for Pet Auction House. It’s a pet-trading game where pets will be traded for pets. No items, neopoints or neocash will be involved in the auctions. Since we’re talking about an auction house, the game will have lists and bids.


  • No Pass PAH: This is the normal standard PAH rules. You may not pass if you list as long as you receive eligible bids.
  • Free Pass PAH: In this version you may list your pets and at the end of bidding, if you do not like any of your bids, you may pass.
  • H&H (half and half) PAH: List two pets to be put up for auction. If they both receive bids, you must choose a bid for at least ONE of your auctioned pets. You may then pass for the other pet. If only one receives a bid, you may pass on both.
  • Spicy H&H PAH: A Half and Half round with a spicy rule means that you are not allowed to pass if only one of both of your pets receives a bid. Still, you will need to trade that pet. You may only pass on ONE pet if both receive bids.
  • Frenzy PAH: Here you may bid with your listed pets, and bids on other people’s bids. It’s also known as Chaos PAH. In this version, everyone has a free pass.
  • Two Pass PAH: In this version, if you pet gets one or two bids, you may pass. If your pet has three or more bids, you need to trade. Please note that by saying “one bid” we’re considering all pets offered by the same person (eg if someone is offering 5 pets on your listed pet, it counts as one bid).
  • BASICS/3L/4L/RW/RN/MS PAH: These are self explanatory and highly specialized. They will vary from board to board, so read the rules on the first posts carefully. Some may require only RW/RN can be listed or bid, others may offer passes or not.

IMPORTANT: Hosts may make exclusions or changes to their game boards, so you should always read the first posts of a PAH board CAREFULLY before participating so you understand the rules. The variations listed above are just generalizations of the different kinds of PAH boards that are common at this time.


The rounds, considering the listing and bidding time + hosting the pot page and tracking the final acceptances, can last 1:30, 2 or even 2:30 hours. If you’re not able to stay and devote your full attention to the game for the allotted time, please don’t post your pet to the auction house or bid on an auctioned pet!

  1. List the pet or pets you would like to be put on the Pet Auction House. The number of pets per person that is allowed per round will depend on the variation of the round and on the host. Make sure to check the board title and the host’s message and own rules.
  2. The host will say when the auction house will open and for how long bidding will be allowed. Usually this time is 30 minutes listing, 30 minutes bidding. Those will be on different boards – a listing board, and then, a bidding board.
  3. All listed pets on the allowed timestamp will be added on a pot. The pot will be on a petpage, make sure to check the pot link – it’ll be a different page for each host.
  4. Other users will bid their pets on yours. All bids placed on your pet must be tracked by you.
  5. At the end of the auction you must select a bid placed on your pet (depending on the variation). If your pet receives only one bid, that is the offer you have to accept!

Do not join the game if you’re not ready to trade your pet. There is no guarantee that you’ll have an equal offer on the pet you listed, nor a pet you like.


These guidelines are for a classic PAH. Please note that the rules for listing and bidding may change and vary according to the round. Make sure to check which variation the host has chosen.

What can be listed:

  • VWN pronounceable pets (10L or less, capped)
  • RWS
  • RNs
  • Compounds (XxxxXxxxx or Xxxxxxxxxxxx format)
  • Misspells
  • Unpronounceable 2/3/4L
  • 2/3C
  • Anynamed BDs

Invalid bids:

  • BN/VBN
  • Basics
  • Compounds
  • Uncapped
  • 2/3C

Note: If one of these is the only bid on your pet, you may have a pass, but feel free to accept one of those if you want to!


Use the formats below (or something similar) to list or bid your pets.

Listing format:

Bidding format:

pet roulette

All the information found in this section is taken from the pet roulette petpage.

The premise of pet roulette is to quick-trade your WN pets. These boards tend to move very quickly and you need to pay close attention, so don’t get involved if you’re not ready to keep up.


  1. Pick one or more of your VWN pets (Xxxxxxxxxx name format, pronounceable 10L or less) and list them on the roulette board to be added to the pot.
  2. People will offer their pets on yours as fast as they can.
  3. You get ONE PASS. This means you must take your first valid offer OR use your ONE PASS and take your second valid offer. The bids must be by separate users. The third offer and all other bids received after are ruled invalid.
  4. If you leave, please list your pets so we can remove them from the pot.


These guidelines are for a classic roulette. Please note that the rules for listing and bidding may change and vary according to the host. Make sure to check any additional rules provided by the host.

The following pets can be listed in a roulette but cannot be offered:

  • Compound names (Up to 13L)
  • 4L or less
  • Uncapped names (10L or less and pronounceable)
  • Pets under 168 hours

Note: If you offer any of these on a Roulette pet, it will not count as that person’s pass if they reject.

You may offer multiple pets on a pet in the pot, but this counts as ONE offer. If you’re rejected on that pet you may not offer again on it.


Use the formats below (or something similar) to list or bid your pets.

Listing format:

Bidding format: