Destruct-O-Match III

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the vibrant world of Destruct-O-Match III (DOM III)? Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for the elusive avatar or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you in mastering the classic mode of this addictive Neopets game.

Understanding the Basics:

DOM III revolves around grouping two or more boulders of the same color. The game concludes when no further groupings are possible. Special boulders unleash powerups, enhancing your gameplay. Let’s delve into the powerups before exploring advanced strategies.

Powerups Decoded:

  1. Fill: Introduces a new row of boulders, reflecting colors left after its use.
  2. Timer: Clear it before time runs out to prevent indestructible boulders.
  3. Multiplier: Triples points for grouped boulders, especially valuable in later levels.
  4. Explode: Eliminates adjacent boulders, offering one point per use.
  5. Overkill: Eradicate leftover boulders strategically, considering color groupings.
  6. Morph: Constantly changes colors, demanding strategic patience.
  7. Wildcard: Adapts to surrounding colors, maximizing point potential.
  8. Undo: Rectifies mistakes, but ineffective after using another powerup.
  9. Shuffle: Reshuffles boulders; use strategically, especially in later levels.

Navigating the Levels:

Understanding the point requirements for each level is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the early levels, showcasing needed points and added colors:

Level Progression:

  1. Level 1: 100 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange
  2. Level 2: 120 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange
  3. Level 3: 140 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow
  4. Level 4: 160 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow
  5. Level 5: 180 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black
  6. Level 6: 200 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black
  7. Level 7: 220 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red
  8. Level 8: 240 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red
  9. Level 9: 260 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red, Brown
  10. Level 10: 280 points – Green, Grey, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red, Brown, Steel-Grey

Note: Points increase by 20 per level.

Bonus Points Bonanza:

Reaping bonus points at the end of each level is a game-changer. Strategize to maximize your bonus by leaving the optimal number of boulders.

  • 0 Boulders remaining: 100 bonus points
  • 1 Boulder remaining: 90 bonus points
  • 2 Boulders remaining: 80 bonus points
  • 3 Boulders remaining: 70 bonus points
  • 4 Boulders remaining: 60 bonus points
  • 5 Boulders remaining: 50 bonus points
  • 6 Boulders remaining: 40 bonus points
  • 7 Boulders remaining: 30 bonus points
  • 8 Boulders remaining: 20 bonus points
  • 9 Boulders remaining: 10 bonus points
  • 10+ Boulders remaining: 0 bonus points

DOM Strategies Unveiled:

1. Grouping Mastery:

  • Points Distribution: Understand the point rewards for different group sizes.
    • 2 boulders: 2 pts
    • 3 boulders: 3 pts
    • 4 boulders: 4 pts
    • 16+ boulders: Points double, e.g., 25 boulders yield 50 points.

2. Strategic Approach:

  • Top to Bottom: Work methodically from top to bottom to avoid adverse impacts on the boulders above.
  • Bonus Points Focus: Clear as many boulders as possible in early levels to secure bonus points.

3. Powerup Wisdom:

  • Fill Powerup: Save for the end in early levels; consider exceptions when a color is entirely depleted.
  • Multiplier Powerup: Exploit it by grouping as many same-colored boulders as possible.
  • Explode Powerup: Reserve for eliminating leftover boulders to boost bonus points.
  • Overkill Powerup: Use strategically, eliminating same-colored groupings before deployment.

4. Advanced Strategies:

  • Shuffle Powerup: Save for the end, ensuring at least one possible grouping exists.
  • Multiplier Powerup in Later Levels: A key tool for achieving avatar-worthy scores; aim for 300 points per level.
  • Patience with Morph Powerup: Wait for favorable colors to maximize grouping potential.

Avatar Aspirations:

To secure the DOM avatar, persistence and practice are essential. Aim for approximately 300 points per level, utilizing powerups strategically and focusing on bonus points. Don’t be disheartened if success doesn’t come immediately; continuous effort will yield the desired results.


Destruct-O-Match III is a delightful blend of strategy, color-matching, and a dash of luck. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you’re well-equipped to navigate the boulder-filled terrain and emerge victorious. Best of luck, and may your Neopian journey be filled with dazzling combos and high scores!