Faerie Bubbles

Welcome to Faerie Bubbles, a magical game set in the world of Neopia. In this guide, we’ll explore the basics of the game and provide you with tips and strategies to achieve high scores.

Basic Gameplay:

1. Game Objective:

  • Your goal is to clear the screen of bubbles by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. The game has multiple levels, each with its own challenges.

2. Bubble Shooter Mechanism:

  • You control a faerie at the bottom of the screen who shoots bubbles upward. Aim and shoot to create groups of matching bubbles, causing them to disappear.

3. Level Progression:

  • As you progress, new colors are introduced, and the game becomes more challenging. Special bubbles with unique properties may also appear.

4. Scoring:

  • Points are awarded based on the number of bubbles cleared in a single shot. Creating chain reactions and clearing large groups yields higher scores.

Tips for Success:

1. Aim Strategically:

  • Plan your shots carefully. Look for opportunities to create chain reactions by strategically placing your shots to clear multiple bubbles at once.

2. Use Walls to Your Advantage:

  • Utilize the walls to bounce your shots. This allows you to reach areas that are difficult to access directly.

3. Special Bubbles:

  • Be aware of special bubbles with unique properties. Some may clear entire rows, while others change the color of nearby bubbles. Use them wisely to your advantage.

4. Plan Ahead:

  • Anticipate the trajectory of your shots for the next few moves. Planning ahead is crucial, especially in later levels where the arrangement of bubbles becomes more complex.

Strategies for Max Scores:

1. Create Combos:

  • Aim for combos where a single shot triggers a chain reaction, leading to the removal of large groups of bubbles. Combos significantly boost your score.

2. Focus on High-Value Shots:

  • Prioritize shots that clear a substantial number of bubbles. While quick shots are useful, high-value shots contribute more to your overall score.

3. Master Special Bubbles:

  • Learn the properties of special bubbles and use them strategically. They can be game-changers, especially in challenging levels.

Faerie Bubbles Avatar:

1. Achieving the Avatar:

  • Clearing all 30 levels of Faerie Bubbles without losing a life will earn you the elusive Faerie Bubbles avatar. This is a challenging feat but achievable with practice.

2. Persistent Practice:

  • Faerie Bubbles requires practice to master. Don’t get discouraged by early challenges. With persistence, you’ll develop the skills needed for high scores and the coveted avatar.


Faerie Bubbles is a captivating game that combines strategy and precision. By following these tips and strategies, you’ll enhance your gameplay and work towards achieving high scores. Whether you’re aiming for the avatar or simply enjoying the magical world of Faerie Bubbles, may your shots be true, and may you clear the bubbles with finesse. Good luck!