Coconut Shy Neopets

Welcome to the Coconut Shy, a classic Neopian game that combines skill and luck. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about playing and potentially winning big at the Coconut Shy.

Basic Gameplay:

1. Location:

  • The Coconut Shy is located in the Deserted Fairground. Visit the fairground, and you’ll easily spot the stall with coconuts stacked in a pyramid.

2. Game Objective:

  • Your goal is to knock down the pyramid of coconuts by throwing balls at them. You can purchase these balls from the vendor at the stall.

3. Throwing the Balls:

  • Click on the coconut you want to aim for and then choose the angle and strength of your throw. It’s a game of precision and timing.

4. Prizes:

  • If you successfully knock down a coconut, you’ll receive a prize. The prizes can range from Neopoints to exclusive items.

Tips for Success:

1. Aiming:

  • Take your time to aim. Aim for the lower coconuts first, as they are generally easier to knock down. Once you have a feel for your aim, go for the higher ones for better rewards.

2. Strength Matters:

  • Adjust the strength of your throw based on the distance to the coconuts. Practice different strengths to find the right balance for accurate throws.

3. Observation:

  • Pay attention to how the coconuts fall. Sometimes, the way they drop can give you clues on how to adjust your aim for subsequent throws.

Coconut Shy Strategies:

1. Consistency:

  • Keep practicing to improve your consistency. The more accurate your throws, the higher your chances of winning better prizes.

2. Budgeting:

  • Balls have different prices. Consider your budget and choose the right balance between the number of balls you purchase and their cost.

3. Timing:

  • Be patient and wait for the right moment to throw. Sometimes, a slight delay can make all the difference in hitting your target.

Exclusive Prizes:

1. Coconut Shy Avatar:

  • Knock down a coconut for a chance to win the elusive Coconut Shy avatar. This is a prestigious avatar that many Neopians aspire to obtain.

2. Rare Items:

  • Some exclusive items can only be won at the Coconut Shy. Keep playing for a chance to grab these rare and valuable items.


The Coconut Shy is a game of skill and precision, offering Neopians the chance to win exciting prizes and even a coveted avatar. Practice your aim, adjust your throwing strategy, and enjoy the thrill of trying to knock down those coconuts. Whether you’re in it for the Neopoints or the exclusive items, the Coconut Shy is a fun and rewarding game that keeps players coming back for more. Best of luck!