Account Grab Bags!

Our stock has grown rather large over the years, and we figured we may as well liquidate off some of our assets in a much more fun way. So what are account grab bags you ask?

Grab bag accounts, are accounts sold in the as-is state as they were received by us. We have divided the accounts up into different categories, and listed them below (view the listing descriptions, for a more in-depth view of each category). For each category, we guarantee one aspect on the account (E.g. that the account will have 150-200 Avatars, or that the account will have a low-end UC neopet, and etc).

But remember, you’re not only buying the account for that one aspect! You could potentially find millions in neopoints, item hoards, battledome neopets, retired avatars, large galleries and etc! For those who love the thrill of searching through accounts, these are perfect! Just remember that at the end of the day, this is a gamble!

After you have purchased your new account, visit here for a list of links to search for on your new account!