Neopets Battledome Set Guide

Looks like the new Tyrannia Plot will include a war, which mean battling, how fun! Though for most us, we have no clue what to do in the battledome, nor do we know what set to build!

No worries though, we here at Neopoints.In are here to help you with finding the right BD pet, and a great set to go along with it.

Our BD Pet section is usually empty as pets sell fast, but you can usually find some godly bd pets on our Main Accounts in the Main Accounts section.

As far as weapons go, take a look at our Clearance Shop and you’ll find a vast variety of weapons to choose! Just Contact Us if you want to buy anything!

For those who have trouble what set to build, here’s a quick guideline;

Generally you should have:

2 Constants

Hidden Tower+ – Level: Faerie Slingshot (FSS), Ghostkersword (GSword), Sword of White Lies (SoWL), Super Attack Pea (SuAP), Wand of the Dark Faerie (WoDF), Seasonal Attack Pea (SAP), Monoceraptors Claw (MClaw), Skarls Sword, Attack Pea (AP), Grapes of Wrath (GoW), Illusens Staff (IStaff)
Hidden Tower – Level: Anagrams (Sword of Ari/Reif/Skardsen/Thare/Thigl), Kelpbeards Trident (KBT)
Mid-Level: 13-iconers or dual-duties like Rusty Pitchfork (RP) and Hanso Charisma Charm (HCC)
Low-Level: 9-10 icon constants, like Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer (RHBH) and School of Knowledge (SoK – 11 icons, but use 2 SoKs, as icons are too spread out and easily blocked)

1 Freezer

Hidden Tower+ – Level: Moehog Skull (MSkull) – 100% freeze + bomb-level damage/defense
Hidden Tower – Level: Magical Marbles of Mystery (MMoM), Freezing Potion (FP), H4000 Helmet (H4K) – 100% freeze
Mid-Level: Randomly Firing Freeze Ray – 50% freeze
Low-Level: Snowglobe Staff – less than 50% freeze, or none (I prefer none)

1 Healer

Hidden Tower+ – Level: Leaded Elemental Vial (LEV), Jade Scorchstone (JSS) – full heal / Rainbow Scorchstone (RSS) – 80 HP + overheal, Glittery Scorchstone – 100 HP + overheal
Hidden Tower – Level: Bag of Healing Dust (BoHD) – 50% heal
Mid-Level: species healers / Greater Healing School (GHS) – 50 HP, no overheal / Green or Blue Scorchstone (40 HP/30 HP respectively, overheal)
Low-Level: Lesser Healing Scroll (LHS) – 25 HP, no overheal / Red or Bronze Scorchstone (20 HP/15 HP respectively, overheal)

1 Blocker

Hidden Tower+ -Level: Thyoras Tear (TTear) – Block all icons
Hidden Tower -Level: Downsize! – Block 50% of all icons
Mid Level: Downsize!
Low-Level: Downsize!

1 Bomb

Hidden Tower -Level: Ghostkerbomb (GBomb)
Mid-Level: HP (forget this if your constants are 13+ icons), Rainbow Clockwork Grundo
Low-Level: 15 icon muffins (single use)

And for the last 2 slots, either: a 3rd constant, a multi-shield, a stealer, a 2nd shield. Generally you should have at least 1 good shield, but I’ve made it optional because a shield won’t do anything if your defense stat is pitiful. A 3rd constant is mandatory for 2P battling to overcome your opponent’s shields and to prevent predictability in your attack.

If your constants are GoW-level or above, trade the Bomb slot for another of what I mentioned above.

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