Spooky Food Eating Contest – The Magic Melody Solution

The Magic Melody is the kick-off, to what appears to be a new Neopets Plot! It is just a simple puzzle that you’ll be given to solve.


Place the plants in the right order, and once you have done that right, you will hear the “magic melody”, and be awarded with a prize (The puzzle is randomized for everyone, so you can’t simply use the solution someone else used to solve the puzzle).

How to Solve the Puzzle

Basically, you have two things to work with. The lever on the left side, as well as the four plants, which you can move up and down.

Start off by pulling the lever, which will tell you how far away you are from completing the puzzle. You will be given with an arbitrary number.

Now try moving one of the plants, and pull the lever again. If it went up, then you moved the plant in the wrong direction. Keep repeating this step, until you reach 0. Then you will hear the melody (music), and your done!

Of course there are prizes to be won, but as usual it’s only the beginning so the prizes aren’t all that special.