Sloth Appreciation Day Avatar

Happy Sloth Appreciation Day!

Your pet might enjoy playing with the new Sloth themed toys that you can buy from the Toy Shop –(exact names are not yet known)

Sloth has even invaded the School Supplies Shop and even more Sloth goodness can be purchased including (exact names are not yet known)

A couple new Sloth foods are being made fresh at Grundos Cafe, have you been able to get (exact names are not yet known)?

Wish Neofriends a happy Sloth Day by sending them the latest Sloth NeoGreeting.

Give your shop, user lookup or pet page a Sloth makeover by adding the two latest Fun Images to your design.

To get yourself the I *heart* Sloth avatar today, go to the Space Station Mind Control Laboratory and take the Dr. Sloth loyalty test. The correct answers are: C, D, B, C, A. Once you have the I *heart* Sloth avatar, make it your active avatar and visit the Hall of Heroes and keep refreshing until you get the I ♥ Happiness avatar.