VWN Unconverted Plushie Quiggle

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Product Description

Unconverted Plushie Quiggle would make a great addition to any neopets account!
This UC Plushie Quiggle will be VWN (Very Well Named). What this means is that the first letter of the UC neopet’s name will be capitalized, the name will be pronounceable, and it will be under seven letters guaranteed (so of Xxxxxx-like format).

Depending on the availability of this particular neopet, we may have both genders, so if your looking for example a male gendered neopet with a masculine name, you can let us know and we will try to accommodate you best.

Delivery for our Unconverted Neopets is either on a complimentary account, or you can choose to have it be transferred to one of your accounts. As always we recommend you send the pet first to a side account first, than to your main, and that you wait a minimal amount of time before doing any trading.

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