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The Stealth Paint Brush adds a stealthy look to your Neopet!  Here are the currently available Stealthy Neopets!

stealthy blumaroo stealthy bori stealthy buzz stealthy chia stealthy cybunny stealthy draik stealthy gelert stealthy grarrl stealthy grundo stealthy ixi stealthy jetsam stealthy kacheek stealthy kau stealthy koi stealthy korbat stealthy krawk stealthy kyrii stealthy lenny stealthy lutari stealthy meerca stealthy moehog stealthy mynci stealthy nimmo stealthy peophin stealthy pteri stealthy scorchio stealthy shoyru stealthy techo stealthy uni

There is the Stealthy Blumaroo, Stealthy Draik, Stealthy Grarrl, Stealthy Ixi, Stealthy Krawk, Stealthy Scorchio, Stealthy Lenny, Stealthy Lutari, Steathly Moehog, and the Stealthy Techo!

The Stealth Paint Brush carries the biggest price tag out of all the Paint Brushes on Neopets, which is currently about 9,000,000 neopoints.

The only way of obtaining the Stealthy color is via Paint Brush, Morphing Potion, Lab Ray, or the Fountain Faerie Quest!

Stealthy Blumaroo Morphing PotionStealthy Kyrii Morphing PotionStealthy Techo Morphing Potion

To accompany your new Stealthy Neopet, Neopets just released a Stealth Petpet Paint Brush last year. There isn’t many petpets at the moment to be painted Stealthy, but you can be sure there will be more added!

Stealthy Petpet Paint BrushStealthy AngelpussStealthy CandychanStealthy ErisimStealthy FeepitStealthy GhostkerchiefStealthy MagtileStealthy Mazzewmeepit_stealthy-6310015noak_stealthy-3416871rock_stealthy-8821522schmoonie_stealthy-1937687slorg_stealthy-6989655symol_stealthy-5661682wherfy_stealthy-8896470


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