Pink Paint Brush
Pink Paint Brush

[ID] Pink Paint Brush


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Product Description

Take this mystical paint brush to the Rainbow Pool and turn your pet into a rather splendid shade of pink.

Below is a list of Neopets that are paint-able with the Pink Paint Brush:

pink acara pink aisha pink blumaroo pink bori pink bruce pink buzz pink chia pink chomby pink cybunny pink draik pink elephante pink eyrie pink flotsam pink gelert pink gnorbu pink grarrl pink grundo pink hissi pink ixi pink jetsam pink jubjub pink kacheek pink kau pink kiko pink koi pink korbat pink kougra pink krawk pink kyrii pink lenny pink lupe pink lutari pink meerca pink moehog pink mynci pink nimmo pink ogrin pink peophin pink poogle pink pteri pink quiggle pink ruki pink scorchio pink shoyru pink skeith pink techo pink tonu pink tuskaninny pink uni pink usul pink wocky pink xweetok pink yurble pink zafara


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