Neopets Quest Log

The Neopets Quest Log is a feature introduced on October 24th, 2023. It provides Neopets users with an opportunity to earn Neopoints and items by completing simple tasks on the Neopets site. This guide will walk you through the various aspects of the Quest Log, including daily quests, prizes, and weekly streak bonuses.

Accessing the Quest Log

To access the Quest Log, look for the scroll and quill icon in the top right corner of any mobile-friendly Beta-layout page. Keep in mind that the appearance of the icon may vary depending on the site theme you are using.

Daily Quests

Every day, players receive five quests that must be completed before midnight NST (Neopian Standard Time) on the same day. A countdown timer on the “Daily Quests” tab helps you keep track of the time remaining. It’s essential to visit the Quest Log page before engaging in any other activities on the site to ensure quest completion.

Possible Quests

There are six types of daily quests, with players receiving the first three types daily and two randomly selected from the remaining three. The quest types include:

  1. Purchase an Item: Buy 1, 2, or 3 items from specific Neopian shops.
  2. Spin the Wheel: Spin one of the Wheels of Neopia, with specific instructions for each.
  3. Play a Game: Play a Flash or HTML5 game where you can “Send Score” at the end.
  4. Customise a Pet: Save a new customization for any of your pets in the Customization app.
  5. Feed a Pet: Feed any edible item to one of your pets.
  6. Groom a Pet: Use any grooming item on one of your pets.

Skipping Quests

If you decide not to complete a quest, you can skip it by pressing the red “Skip Quest” button. Confirming this action marks the quest as completed without receiving the reward, and you won’t qualify for the daily bonus prize or weekly streak bonus.

Daily Quest Prizes

Upon completing a quest, players receive either Neopoints or a random item. Prizes include Neopoint amounts and various items, such as paint brushes, plushies, and wearables.

Daily Bonus Prize

Completing all five quests before midnight NST rewards you with a bonus Neopoint prize of 20,000 NP.

Weekly Streak Prizes

For completing all five daily quests for seven consecutive days, players receive an extra special weekly prize. The weekly reward must be claimed by toggling to the Weekly Reward section and clicking on the item image. Failure to claim it after completing the seven-day streak resets progress.

Rerolling Weekly Streak Prize

Players dissatisfied with their weekly streak prize can attempt to reroll it by not completing all five daily quests. If no progress has been made towards the weekly prize, skipping or not completing any daily quest will result in a new weekly prize the following day. If progress has been made, skipping quests resets progress to zero, requiring two days to reroll the prize.


The Events tab is currently empty, indicating the potential for future plots or events like the Altador Cup.


The Tutorial tab serves as an introduction to the Quest Log and Neopets site for new users. It consists of sets of quests that can only be completed once per account.

Part 1: “Familiarize yourself with your account”

  1. Create a Neopet: Complete the Create-a-Pet process.
  2. Activate Your Account: Click the activation link received via email.
  3. Add 3 Neofriends: Add existing Neofriends by clicking the button on their user lookup.
  4. Send a Neomail: Send a Neomail with any content.
  5. Explore Pages in Settings: Click through all tabs of the Settings page.

Prize: Newbie Pack, including guaranteed items and random starter brushes and Petpets.

Part 2: “Familiarize yourself with your Neopets”

  1. Feed your Neopets: Feed any edible item to one of your pets.
  2. Assign a Petpet: Give any Petpet to one of your Neopets.
  3. Groom your Neopet: Use any grooming item on one of your pets.
  4. Play with your Neopet: Use any playable item with one of your pets.
  5. Dress up your Neopet: Save a new customization for one of your pets.

Prize: 25,000 NP.

Part 3: “Familiarize yourself with Neopia”

  1. Heart a page to Bookmark it!: Use the Bookmark feature on any mobile-friendly-Beta-layout page.
  2. Explore 5 Lands: Visit any five lands linked on the Explore page.
  3. Spin a Wheel: Spin any of the specified Wheels.
  4. Check out Guilds in the Community: Visit the Guilds hub.
  5. Send your Petpet on an adventure!: Send a Petpet out in Grave Danger.
  6. Get a scratchcard and try your luck!: Begin scratching a specified scratchcard.

Prize: 50,000 NP.

Part 4: “Learn Advanced Neopet Actions & Games”

  1. Paint your Neopet at the Rainbow Pool: Use any Neopet Paint Brush.
  2. Send your Neopet to a Training School: Enroll and pay for any course.
  3. Refer One Friend: Submit an invitation form with a valid email address.
  4. Battle in the Battledome: Participate in a 1-player battle.
  5. Submit 5 Game Scores from Games Room: Send scores in specified games.

Prize: Random NC item.

Part 5: “In-depth Gameplay and introduction to Community”

  1. Purchase an item from another user’s Shop: Buy any item from a user shop.
  2. Purchase a Stock: Buy any stock from the Stock Market.
  3. Put a Stamp in your Stamp Album: Add any album item to your stamp album.
  4. Obtain a Secret Avatar: Earn any secret avatar.
  5. Set up a Shop: Create a shop if you don’t have one.
  6. Enter an Art & Design or Writing Contest: Participate in a specified contest.

Prize: Random NC item (same options as Part 4).

Part 6: “Complete Advanced Challenges and Interact with the site”

  1. Use the Trading Post to trade an item: Create a lot on the Trading Post.
  2. Complete a Quest from the Brain Tree: Fulfill requirements for a Brain Tree quest.
  3. Help Edna find missing ingredients for her spells!: Complete a quest at the Witch’s Tower.
  4. Complete a treasure map!: Complete a Treasure Map or redeem a Map Set.
  5. Try your luck on the Alien Aisha Vending Machine!: Acquire and redeem a Nerkmid.
  6. Have 1 million NP in your Bank Account: Accumulate 1 million NP in your bank.

Prize: Shenanigifts Retired Mystery Capsule 2023.

This concludes the Tutorial tab quests.


The Neopets Quest Log provides an engaging and rewarding way for users to interact with the site daily. By completing quests, players can earn Neopoints, items, and weekly streak bonuses. The inclusion of a tutorial tab helps new users familiarize themselves with the Neopets world while earning valuable rewards. Stay tuned for potential future events and updates to the Quest Log!