Neopets Pound

Explore the Neopets Pound, a bustling hub where users can adopt, abandon, and discover the vast array of Neopets waiting for a new home. This comprehensive guide will take you on a journey through the Pound’s features, untaken Neopet names, strategies for finding special pets, and more.

Introduction to the Neopets Pound

The Neopets Pound serves as a central location for users to adopt and abandon Neopets. Whether you’re seeking a new companion or looking to rehome a Neopet, the Pound offers a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Navigating the Pound


  • Visit the Pound by clicking on the “Pound” link in the Explore menu.
  • Browse through the available Neopets up for adoption.
  • Choose a Neopet to adopt and follow the adoption process.


  • If you need to abandon a Neopet, visit the “Abandon a Neopet” page.
  • Select the Neopet you wish to abandon and confirm the process.

Pound Stuck Pets

  • Pound stuck pets are Neopets that are not visible in the regular Pound listings.
  • Users use various methods to find these hidden gems, such as searching specific names or browsing the Pound chat boards.

Untaken Neopet Names

  • Discovering untaken Neopet names can be a thrilling pursuit.
  • Use websites or tools that compile lists of available names for inspiration.


  • The “Pound_Release” feature allows users to release Neopets back into the wild.
  • Choose this option if you want your Neopet to be available for adoption by other users.

Strategies for Finding Special Pets

Pound Surfing

  • Navigate through different pages of the Pound to find Neopets that catch your eye.
  • Be patient and persistent, as the available pets change frequently.

Pound Chat Boards

  • Participate in the Pound chat boards to connect with other users sharing information about Pound stuck pets.
  • Share your discoveries and inquire about specific Neopets you may be seeking.

Pet Trading

  • Engage in pet trading to acquire Neopets with specific colors, stats, or names.
  • Be cautious and ensure fair trades by using the Neopian Pound Neoboard or private messages.

Customization Potential

  • Consider adopting Neopets with customization potential, as customization has become a popular aspect of Neopets.

Community Tips and Etiquette

Courtesy in Adoption

  • Be courteous and respectful when adopting Neopets.
  • Avoid adopting Neopets purely for trading purposes, especially if you have no intention of keeping them.

Reporting Issues

  • If you encounter issues in the Pound or witness suspicious activity, report it to Neopets support.


The Neopets Pound is a dynamic and ever-evolving space where users can discover new companions and contribute to the Neopian community. Whether you’re adopting, abandoning, or searching for hidden gems, the Pound offers a unique experience for every Neopets enthusiast. Embrace the journey and make a difference in the lives of Neopets waiting for their forever homes.