Neopets Faerie Bubbles

Step into the enchanting realm of Neopia as we embark on a whimsical journey through the magical world of Faerie Bubbles. Nestled within the vast landscape of Neopets, Faerie Bubbles emerges as a captivating and spellbinding game that beckons players with its charm and challenge. Join us as we explore the ethereal allure of Faerieland, where bubbly wonders await those daring enough to venture into this fantastical experience. With faeries, bubbles, and a dash of magic, this article aims to unravel the intricacies of Faerie Bubbles, from its inception to the strategies that will guide you through its mesmerizing gameplay. So, ready your wand and get ready to pop some bubbles, for an enchanting odyssey into the Faerie Bubbles awaits!

The Enchanting Gameplay:

Faerie Bubbles introduces players to a magical world where strategic bubble-popping skills are the keys to success. The game consists of 20 levels, each presenting a unique challenge with different bubble arrangements. To aid players on their quest, there are cheat codes that can be used strategically. These cheats include ‘Bubbles’ (turns all bubbles into one single color), ‘Slumberberry’ (makes your bubbles go back to the top of the screen after being pushed down), ‘Faerieland’ (gives you a rainbow bubble), and ‘Stardust’ (bestows upon you a nova bubble).

Mastering the Art of Bubble Popping:

Faerie Bubbles is not just about popping bubbles randomly; it requires a keen understanding of bubble combinations and strategic thinking. One essential aspect is the utilization of bubble combos. Shooting a bubble to a group of three or more bubbles of the same color, forming a group of four, triggers a combo with various effects depending on the bubble type. For example, the Water Combo causes all water bubbles on the level to disappear, while the Light Combo converts all the bubbles it is touching to one random color.

Navigating Through Levels:

Each level presents a unique challenge, and successful navigation requires both skill and strategy. Here’s a breakdown of some key strategies for specific levels:

Level 1: Optimal for play if the top bubbles are fire, water, or light. Restart if the level is filled with undesirable dark, earth, or air bubbles.

Level 2: Activate the light combo, touching the earth bubbles to change their color.

Level 3: Clear light combos first, then deal with the middle bubbles.

Level 4: Activate the fire combo to burn away earth bubbles, then clear water bubbles.

Level 5: Focus on getting rid of each set of bubbles, prioritizing earth bubbles before fire ones.

Level 6: Requires precise aiming. Get rid of each pair of colors, placing unwanted bubbles under others.

Level 7: Similar to Level 6, focus on precise aiming and eliminating pairs of bubbles.

Level 8: Tricky level with water, light, and dark bubbles. Use water combo, then light combo on the left, and finally the other dark combo.

Level 9: Relatively easy level if you aim accurately. Eliminate pairs efficiently.

Level 10: Activate fire combos strategically to avoid unwanted combos, then clear the level.

Level 11: Sequence: air, light, fire, water. Prioritize air and light bubbles for efficient clearing.

Levels 12 and 13: Similar levels with different bubbles. Sequentially get rid of each row for smooth progression.

Level 14: Use ‘Stardust’ at the beginning, aiming at the right side of the screen for easier clearing.

Level 15: Use ‘Bubbles’ at the beginning. Type ‘Faerieland’ afterward for potential nova/rainbow bubbles.

Level 16: Avoid using ‘Slumberberry.’ Clear middle and top bubbles systematically.

Level 17: Preserve ‘Slumberberry’ for Level 19. Clear earth and light bubbles for access to the remaining bubbles.

Level 18: Tricky level requiring precise aiming. Aim for the top bubbles to clear the level in one shot.

Level 19: Use ‘Slumberberry’ strategically. Aim carefully and shoot to clear the level with ample space.


Mastering Faerie Bubbles is a delightful challenge that rewards players with not just points but also the satisfaction of conquering a magical realm filled with bubbly wonders. Whether you’re aiming for the avatar or simply enjoying the enchanting gameplay, these strategies will serve as your guide through the mesmerizing world of Faerie Bubbles. So, don your wizard hat, wield your wand, and let the magical adventure begin! May your bubbles pop true, and your scores soar high in the enchanting skies of Neopia!