The Neolodge is a convenient facility on Neopets that allows users to provide lodging for their pets. It offers various accommodations, each with different levels of comfort and pricing. This guide will walk you through the basics of the Neolodge and help you make the best choices for your Neopets.

Neolodge Basics

Accessing the Neolodge

To access the Neolodge, visit the Neolodge page on Neopets.

Accommodation Types

The Neolodge offers several types of accommodations, each with different amenities and prices:

  1. Cockroach Towers – Budget lodging with no frills.
  2. Astrovilla – A step up from Cockroach Towers, offering better services.
  3. Prestige Hotel – Luxury accommodations with top-notch services.

Booking Options

When booking a stay for your Neopet, you can choose the number of days (1, 3, 5, 7, or 14) and the type of room. The longer the stay, the more economical it is per day.

Neolodge Amenities


You can choose the type of food your Neopet will be served during their stay. The options include:

  • Canned – Cheap and basic.
  • Briyani – A mid-range option.
  • Deluxe – The most expensive, but your Neopet will be ecstatic!


Recreation is an optional add-on to your Neopet’s stay. The options are:

  • Swimming Pool – A relaxing swim.
  • Hot Springs – A luxurious soak.
  • Tennis Court – A game of tennis.


The cost of lodging depends on the type of room, the duration of stay, and any additional amenities. Make sure to check your Neopoints balance before booking.

Tips for Neolodge Success

  1. Consider Your Budget – Choose accommodations that fit your budget. Cockroach Towers is a good option for cost-effective stays.
  2. Length of Stay – Longer stays are more cost-effective per day. If you can plan in advance, book for 14 days.
  3. Food Choices – Deluxe food increases your Neopet’s happiness but comes at a higher cost. Consider your Neopet’s preferences and your budget.
  4. Recreation – Adding recreation can increase your Neopet’s happiness, but it also adds to the overall cost. Balance amenities with your budgetary constraints.
  5. Regular Check-ins – Periodically check your Neopet into the Neolodge to keep them happy and healthy.


The Neolodge offers a convenient way to ensure your Neopets are well taken care of when you’re away. By considering your budget and your Neopet’s needs, you can make the best choices for a comfortable stay.

Remember to check the Neolodge page for any updates or changes to the Neolodge system.