Mystery Island Training School

Welcome to the Mystery Island Training School, a place where your Neopets can hone their battle skills and become formidable warriors. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Training School, from its location to the intricacies of training your Neopets.


The Mystery Island Training School is situated on the mystical Mystery Island. To access it, visit the Training School link on the main Neopets navigation bar.


The Training School is where your Neopets can undergo rigorous training to increase their stats, preparing them for battles in the Battledome. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects:

1. Courses:

  • The Training School offers various courses that focus on different stats: Strength, Defence, Hit Points, and Movement.
  • Courses have different difficulty levels and costs, with more challenging courses providing greater stat boosts.
  • The availability of courses is random, so check back frequently for new opportunities.

2. Training Points (Codestones):

  • Courses are paid for using Codestones, which can be obtained through various means like random events, battling opponents, or purchasing them from other users.

3. Pet Level:

  • Neopets must reach a certain level before they can take advanced courses. Level up by participating in battles or using other leveling methods.

Training Your Neopet:

Training your Neopet involves selecting a course and paying the required Codestones. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Check Course Availability:
    • Visit the Training School and see which courses are currently being offered.
  2. Choose a Course:
    • Consider your Neopet’s current stats and your budget.
    • Select a course that aligns with your Neopet’s training needs.
  3. Pay with Codestones:
    • Confirm the course selection and pay the specified Codestones.
  4. Wait for Completion:
    • Courses take a certain amount of time to complete, usually ranging from a few hours to a day.
    • Return to the Training School when the course is finished.
  5. Receive Stat Boosts:
    • Your Neopet’s stats will increase based on the completed course.

Tips for Efficient Training:

  1. Budget Wisely:
    • Manage your Neopoints and choose courses that provide the most significant stat increases for the cost.
  2. Battle Regularly:
    • Engage in battles to earn Codestones and level up your Neopets.
  3. Plan Strategically:
    • Have a long-term training plan for each Neopet to ensure balanced stat growth.
  4. Check Frequently:
    • Courses change regularly, so check the Training School frequently for new opportunities.

By following this guide, you’ll master the art of training your Neopets at the Mystery Island Training School. Prepare your pets for epic battles and watch them become champions in the Battledome!

Q1: How often do the courses change in the Mystery Island Training School?

  • A1: The courses in the Training School change randomly, so it’s advisable to check back frequently to catch new opportunities.

Q2: What are the different types of courses available, and how do they affect my Neopet’s stats?

  • A2: Courses focus on different stats, including Strength, Defence, Hit Points, and Movement. More challenging courses yield greater stat boosts.

Q3: How can I obtain Codestones to pay for the training courses?

  • A3: Codestones can be obtained through various means, including random events, battling opponents in the Battledome, or purchasing them from other users.

Q4: Is there a specific level requirement for taking advanced courses?

  • A4: Yes, Neopets must reach a certain level before they can enroll in advanced courses. Level up through battles or other leveling methods.

Q5: Can I train multiple Neopets simultaneously?

  • A5: Yes, you can train multiple Neopets simultaneously. However, each Neopet must be enrolled in a separate course.

Q6: How long does it take for a training course to complete?

  • A6: The duration of courses varies, ranging from a few hours to a day. Return to the Training School when the course is finished to collect the stat boosts.

Q7: Are there specific courses that provide the best value for my Neopoints?

  • A7: It’s advisable to choose courses that align with your Neopet’s needs and offer significant stat increases for the cost.

Q8: Can I change my Neopet’s course if I change my mind?

  • A8: Once you’ve selected a course and paid with Codestones, you cannot change it. Be sure to choose the right course for your Neopet’s training goals.

Q9: Are there any benefits to leveling up my Neopet outside of training courses?

  • A9: Yes, leveling up your Neopet through battles or other methods is essential for accessing advanced courses and improving overall battle performance.

Q10: What happens if I miss a day of training?

  • A10: Missing a day of training doesn’t have negative consequences. You can resume training when convenient for you.

Q11: Can I trade or sell Codestones to other users?

  • A11: Yes, Codestones can be traded or sold to other users through the Trading Post or Auctions.

Q12: Are there any secret benefits or bonuses for training Neopets in the Mystery Island Training School?

  • A12: No known secret benefits or bonuses exist. Training courses provide straightforward stat boosts based on the chosen course.

Q13: Can I train my Neopet to a maximum level, or is there a cap?

  • A13: There is no specific level cap for Neopets, allowing you to continue training and improving their stats.

Q14: Are there any special events or promotions related to the Mystery Island Training School?

  • A14: Special events or promotions related to the Training School are not common. Training is a consistent feature with regularly changing courses.

Q15: Can I use items or potions to boost my Neopet’s stats instead of training courses?

  • A15: Yes, some items or potions can provide temporary boosts to your Neopet’s stats. However, consistent training offers more permanent improvements.

Q16: How does the Mystery Island Training School contribute to my Neopet’s performance in the Battledome?

  • A16: Improved stats from training directly enhance your Neopet’s performance in the Battledome, making them more formidable opponents.

Q17: Is there a limit to how many Neopets I can have enrolled in training courses at the same time?

  • A17: You can have multiple Neopets enrolled in training courses simultaneously, with each Neopet undergoing separate training sessions.