Lunar Temple Neopets

Embark on a celestial journey to the Lunar Temple, a mystical place where the phases of Kreludor’s moon can unlock valuable rewards. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the secrets of the Lunar Temple, guiding you through the phases, calculations, and the path to lunar enlightenment.


The Lunar Temple is a unique feature on Neopets that revolves around the phases of Kreludor’s moon. By observing and predicting the moon’s phases, Neopians can participate in the Lunar Temple and potentially receive exclusive prizes and Neopoints.

Accessing the Lunar Temple

To visit the Lunar Temple, follow this link: Lunar Temple.

Please note that links on Neopets might change, so verify the accuracy through the official Neopets website.

Lunar Phases

Understanding the lunar phases is crucial for success in the Lunar Temple. The moon goes through several phases, each associated with a specific symbol. The phases are:

  1. Waxing Crescent:
    • Symbol: (
    • Represents the beginning of the moon’s cycle.
  2. First Quarter:
    • Symbol: ]
    • Marks the first half of the moon’s journey towards fullness.
  3. Waxing Gibbous:
    • Symbol: )
    • Indicates the moon is more than half full but not yet full.
  4. Full Moon:
    • Symbol: |
    • The moon is at its fullest and brightest.
  5. Waning Gibbous:
    • Symbol: )
    • The moon is past fullness and is decreasing.
  6. Last Quarter:
    • Symbol: [
    • Marks the beginning of the moon’s journey towards darkness.
  7. Waning Crescent:
    • Symbol: |
    • Represents the final phase before a new moon.

Calculating the Phase

To participate in the Lunar Temple, you must correctly calculate the moon’s current phase. The Neopian calendar helps in making accurate predictions. Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Check the Calendar:
  2. Count the Days:
    • Each lunar phase lasts for three days.
    • Determine how many days have passed since the last new moon or full moon.
  3. Refer to the Phases:
    • Use the symbols for each phase to identify the current moon phase.

Participating in the Lunar Temple

Once you have calculated the moon’s phase, visit the Lunar Temple and choose the corresponding symbol. If your calculation is correct, you will receive Neopoints and possibly exclusive items.

Lunar Temple Tips

  1. Consistent Visits:
    • Visit the Lunar Temple daily to maximize your chances of success.
  2. Neopian Calendar Reference:
    • Regularly check the Neopian Calendar for accurate phase calculations.
  3. Community Assistance:
    • Engage with the Neopets community to discuss lunar phases and seek advice.
  4. Exclusive Prizes:
    • The Lunar Temple offers unique prizes, so stay dedicated to your celestial observations.
  5. Luck and Patience:
    • Success in the Lunar Temple involves an element of luck, so be patient and persistent.

Final Lunar Musings

The Lunar Temple adds an element of cosmic intrigue to the Neopian experience. By mastering the art of lunar phase calculations, you can unlock the secrets of the temple and reap celestial rewards. May your Neopian nights be filled with lunar wisdom and prosperous temple visits!