Hasee Bounce

Hasee Bounce is a fast-paced and addictive game on Neopets where you control two adorable Hasees, Woogy and Jimmi, as they bounce on a see-saw to catch doughnutfruit. The game is simple in concept but challenging to master. This guide will provide tips and strategies to help you achieve the maximum score in Hasee Bounce.

Game Basics:


The primary goal is to catch as many doughnutfruits as possible without letting them fall off the screen. The game ends when you miss three doughnutfruits.


  • Left Arrow Key: Move Woogy left
  • Right Arrow Key: Move Jimmi right
  • Spacebar: Make both Hasees jump simultaneously

Strategies for Maximum Score:

1. Master the Bounce:

  • Learn the rhythm of the see-saw bounce. Timing is crucial to catch the doughnutfruits effectively.

2. Prioritize Power-Ups:

  • Some doughnutfruits have power-ups. Prioritize catching these as they provide benefits like slowing down the game or making your Hasees temporarily invincible.

3. Create Combos:

  • Try to catch doughnutfruits in quick succession. Combos increase your score multiplier, boosting your overall points.

4. Focus on Frenzies:

  • Frenzies occur when both Hasees catch doughnutfruits simultaneously. During frenzies, the point values are significantly increased. Aim to trigger as many frenzies as possible.

5. Use Spacebar Wisely:

  • Reserve the spacebar for critical moments. If you’re about to miss a doughnutfruit, a well-timed jump might save it.

6. Understand Doughnut Types:

  • Different doughnut types behave uniquely. Some move faster, while others have irregular patterns. Be prepared for various challenges.

7. Stay Centered:

  • Keep your Hasees near the center of the see-saw. This allows for quick movements in both directions, improving your chances of catching doughnutfruits.

Tips for Practice:

1. Start Slow:

  • Begin by focusing on accuracy rather than speed. Gradually increase your pace as you become more comfortable with the game mechanics.

2. Study Patterns:

  • Pay attention to the movement patterns of different doughnutfruits. Knowing what to expect helps you react faster.

3. Use Power-Ups Strategically:

  • Activate power-ups at optimal times. For example, slowing down the game when it becomes too fast can help you regain control.

4. Learn from Mistakes:

  • Analyze your gameplay after each round. Identify patterns of mistakes and work on improving those specific aspects.


The scoring in Hasee Bounce is based on the type of doughnutfruit caught, combos, and frenzies. Frenzies offer the highest point multipliers, so aim to trigger them consistently for a high score.


Hasee Bounce is a challenging yet enjoyable game that rewards practice and precision. By mastering the bounce, understanding doughnut behaviors, and strategically using power-ups, you can aim for the elusive maximum score. Have fun bouncing with Woogy and Jimmi!