Almost Abandoned Attic

The Almost Abandoned Attic is a mysterious and unique shop in Neopia that offers rare and discounted items. Located in the Haunted Woods, this attic is accessible to all Neopets users. However, it has specific opening times, making it a bit more challenging to explore. This guide will cover the basics of accessing the Almost Abandoned Attic, understanding how it works, and tips for maximizing your chances of finding valuable items.

Accessing the Almost Abandoned Attic

  1. Visit the Haunted Woods:
    • To access the Almost Abandoned Attic, you need to go to the Haunted Woods on the Neopets map.
  2. Check for Openings:
    • The Almost Abandoned Attic is not open all the time. It has specific opening hours, and you’ll need to check if it’s open before attempting to enter.
  3. Opening Hours:
    • The Almost Abandoned Attic typically opens randomly for a short period each day. The opening times can vary, so it’s essential to check regularly.
  4. Limited Access:
    • Due to its almost abandoned nature, not all Neopets users can access the attic when it opens. There might be a limit on the number of users who can enter during each opening.

How the Almost Abandoned Attic Works

  1. Random Restock:
    • The items in the Almost Abandoned Attic are restocked randomly, making each visit unique. You never know what rare or discounted items you might find.
  2. Limited Quantities:
    • The items in the attic are often available in limited quantities. If you come across a rare item, it’s advisable to purchase it quickly before it runs out of stock.
  3. Discounted Prices:
    • Many items in the Almost Abandoned Attic are sold at discounted prices compared to other shops in Neopia. This makes it an excellent place to find bargains.
  4. Varied Rarity:
    • The items range in rarity, and you might find anything from common items to highly sought-after rare items. Keep an eye out for valuable finds.

Tips for Using the Almost Abandoned Attic

  1. Frequent Checks:
    • Since the Almost Abandoned Attic opens randomly, make frequent checks to catch it during its opening hours. Consider setting reminders or checking during your regular Neopets sessions.
  2. Quick Decisions:
    • Due to the limited quantities of items, be prepared to make quick purchasing decisions when you find something valuable. It might not be available for long.
  3. Resell Opportunities:
    • Take advantage of discounted prices to purchase items for potential resale in your shop. You might find items that are in demand among other Neopets users.
  4. Consider Your Budget:
    • While the prices are often discounted, be mindful of your Neopoints budget. Only purchase items that align with your goals and needs.
  5. Share with Neofriends:
    • If you come across great deals but can’t afford them, consider informing your Neofriends. Sharing information about valuable finds is a friendly gesture within the Neopets community.


The Almost Abandoned Attic is a hidden gem in Neopia, offering a unique shopping experience with rare and discounted items. By understanding its opening hours, being vigilant, and making quick decisions, you can enhance your chances of discovering valuable items. Explore the Almost Abandoned Attic regularly and enjoy the thrill of finding hidden treasures in this mysterious shop.