[ID] NCPack- Pumpkin Paper Lanterns

[ID] NCPack- NC Mall Mascot Flyer


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Product Description

Age: 15.5 years
Stamps in Stamp Album: 140
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Gallery Size: 70
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 10,000,000 NP

XxxxxxxxXxxxxx the Halloween Uni
Xxxxxxx the Rainbow Hissi
BN Darigan Lupe

Total Avatars: 255
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 10 | Game: 5
Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 5,968,800NP):

Darigan Yooyu – 3,500,000NP
Usuki Pirate Wench – 300,000NP
Mutant Quetzal – 250,000NP
Cocoa Juppie Mocha – 250,000NP
Darigan Quetzal – 175,000NP
Nurse Skeleton Bobblehead – 150,000NP
Fire Kazeriu – 150,000NP
Fire Tanizard – 150,000NP
Green Ukali – 125,000NP
Black Snuffly – 125,000NP
Black Splyke – 125,000NP
Red Pikis – 97,000NP
Algebra – 69,000NP
Gothic Korbat Wig – 64,000NP
Kastraliss Action Figure – 34,500NP
Dark Faerie Fragrance – 34,000NP
Hegelob – 27,700NP
Blackened Pineapple – 25,500NP
Snowglobe Staff – 25,000NP
Dark Faerie Wardrobe – 24,400NP
Ukali – 24,000NP
The Lava Ghoul – 22,800NP
Darigan Sock Puppet – 22,500NP
Gothic Bed – 20,000NP
Blackened Strawberries – 20,000NP
Bone Detail Sofa – 18,400NP
Amulet of the Dark Faerie – 17,700NP
Fire Breathing Meerca – 17,200NP
Blackened Potato – 16,000NP
Gallion – 15,800NP
Hydruplit – 14,000NP
Jhudora Throne – 12,900NP
Skull and Eye Toy – 12,500NP
Scarblades Pirate Hat – 11,700NP
Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card – 11,400NP
Holiday Milk and Cookies – 10,800NP

Total Neocash Items: 150
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 678 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

NC Mall Mascot Flyer
Attack of the Revenge Background
Phantom of the Background
Smugglers Cove Background
Bogshot Background
Gold Mine Background
Gold Mine Background
Quick-Change El Picklesaur
Quick-Change El Picklesaur
Weewoo Bath
Usuki Thought Bubble
Gloomy Winter Day Background
Picnic Thought Bubble
Terror Mountain Winter Background
Tax Beast Bopper
Floating Disco Kite
Haunted Graveyard Background
Easter Negg Thought Bubble
Kreludor Bunker Background
Coffin of Spooks
Valentines Day Mailbox
Sweetheart Background
Angry Mob Background
Mini Esophagor
Sweetheart Ball Gown
Spyder Web Gloves
Exploring Maraqua Background
Golden Genie Lamp
Ostentatious Masquerade Mask
Walk the Plank Background
Walk the Plank Background
Valentines Letter Thought Bubble
Summer Fireworks Background
Shenkuu River Background
Icy Cavern Background
Haunted Piano
Bonfire Night Background
Leafy Headdress
Giant Flower Background
The Big Dance Background


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