[ID] NCPack- Darling Autumn Dress

[ID] NCPack- Attack of the Revenge Background


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Product Description

Age: 15 years
Site Themes: 9
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Available Faeries Ruin Plot Points to Spend: 6,000 points
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 750,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 3,000 | Total Items: 8,500
Green Bori ( HP: 650 | STR: 250 | MVE: 100 | INT: 100 )
Baby Kougra
Faerie Peophin
Total Avatars: 150
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 15 | Game: 10
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 5,725,000NP):

Sharklight – 600,000NP
Lampfish – 350,000NP
Gelupepper – 350,000NP
Chezzoom – 350,000NP
Tigersquash Mega – 300,000NP
Cornupepper – 250,000NP
Xweetok Transmogrification Potion – 250,000NP
Tales From The Lost Desert – 250,000NP
Dripping Toy Slime Gun – 250,000NP
Evil Garden Gnome Background – 250,000NP
Golden Cobrall Belt – 250,000NP
Imperial Exam Guards Helm – 250,000NP
Golden Dubloon Necklace – 250,000NP
ErgyFruit – 200,000NP
Bag of Peanuts – 200,000NP
Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights – 200,000NP
Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver – 200,000NP
Jewelled Geb Necklace – 200,000NP
Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves – 200,000NP
Blue Usul Balloon – 150,000NP
Moehog Masterpieces – 150,000NP
Purple Hasee Balloon Toy – 150,000NP
Yellow Healthshroom – 125,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 150
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 573 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Attack of the Revenge Background
Phantom of the Background
Thespian Background
Kreludan Scenery Background
Bogshot Background
Underwater Fishing Background
Techo Mountain Model
I Splat Sloth Thought Bubble
Omnivorous Geraptiku Fly Trap
Weewoo Clock
Wind Up Potgatkerchi
Achyfi Thought Bubble
Inconspicuous Gumball Machine
Haunted Mansion Background
Professional Mining Helmet
Professional Mining Helmet
Lab Ray Thought Bubble
Lab Ray Thought Bubble
Barber Shop Pole
Barber Shop Pole
Sloth Clone Helmet
Sloth Clone Helmet
Wheel of Excitement Thought Bubble
Holographic Dr. Sloth
Hubrid Nox Collectors Cape
Floating Disco Kite
Floating Disco Kite
Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress
Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress
Freaky Factory Background
Autumn Leaves Background
Heart String Lights
Heart String Lights
Tulip Background
Gothic Garden Background
Exploring Maraqua Background
Golden Genie Lamp
Golden Genie Lamp
Ostentatious Masquerade Mask
Lutari Island Jungle Background
Valentines Letter Thought Bubble
Valentines Letter Thought Bubble
Golden Sun Glasses
Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress
Icy Cavern Background
Spinning Neopian Globe
Spinning Neopian Globe
Haunted Piano
Bonfire Night Background
Giant Jelly Background
Leafy Headdress
New Years Celebration Background
Twisted Roses Background
Hearts Thought Bubble
Hearts Thought Bubble
Hearts Thought Bubble
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Broken Heart Thought Bubble
Rustic Outdoor Theatre Background
Vampire Costume Face Paint
Shining Purple Gift Box with Silver Bow


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