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[ID] NCPack – Bogshot Background


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Username Format: xxxxxxxxxx
Age: 14.5 years
Site Themes: 8
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Shop Size: 20
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 3,000,000 NP
Red Kougra ( HP: 200 | STR: 100 | MVE: 50 )
Silver Kougra
Desert Lupe
Halloween Kyrii ( LVL: 50 | HP: 150 | STR: 50 | DEF: 25 | MVE: 25 | INT: 100 )
Total Avatars: 210
Notable Avatars:
Trophies: Site Event: 10 | Game: 4
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 700,000NP):
Halloween Rock – 550,000NP
Greater Healing Scroll – 150,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 50
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 94 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:
Phantom of the Background
Bogshot Background
Usuki Thought Bubble
Subservient Sentient Stones
Snowager Background
Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit
Spyder Web Mask
Mystery Island Holiday Background
Giant Cake Background
Mystery Island Summer Background
Icy Cavern Background
Spooky String Lights
Shenkuu Performer Headdress
Hearts Thought Bubble
Heart Head Bonk


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