[ID] M - 180AVA

[ID] M – 180AVA

$44.99 $34.99

Product Description

Username Format: xxxxxxxx
Age: 21 Years
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Shop Size: 60
Gallery Size: 30
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 1,500 | Total Items: 2,200
Xxxxxxxxx the Green Gnorbu
Xxxxxxxxxxxx the Christmas Uni
xxxxxxx the Red Cybunny
xxxxxxxxxxxx the Faerie Tuskaninny
Total Avatars: 180
Notable Avatars:
Notable Trophies:
Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 31,300,000NP):
Scary Dark Potion – 4,000,000NP
The Monocerous – 2,500,000NP
Cloud Aisha Music Box – 2,500,000NP
The Monoceraptor – 2,000,000NP
Electro-Boy (H) – 1,750,000NP
Mote Magic – 1,500,000NP
Starting Spells – 1,500,000NP
The Incredible Grarrl (H) – 1,500,000NP
Book of Bones – 1,500,000NP
Scaled Magic Book – 1,500,000NP
Potion of Purest Red – 1,500,000NP
Kauvara – 1,200,000NP
Ancient Book – 1,000,000NP
Book of Splinters – 800,000NP
Book of Symbols – 750,000NP
TeaLeef – 600,000NP
Mechachiazilla – 450,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 5 – 450,000NP
Garrox5 The Grundo Trooper – 450,000NP
My Zafara and Me – 450,000NP
The Pant Devil – 350,000NP
Nimmo Joe Book – 350,000NP
Bird Watching – 350,000NP
Spooky Halloween Goodie Bag – 350,000NP
Goodbye Mel – 250,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 4 – 250,000NP
Thornberry – 250,000NP
Maraquan Moehog Music Box – 225,000NP
White Aisha Compact Mirror – 200,000NP
Jump Into the Future – 150,000NP
Itchi – 150,000NP
White Aisha Ears – 150,000NP
Green Thumb Guide – 125,000NP
Spotted Petpet Paint Brush – 125,000NP
Lutari Uni Stamp – 125,000NP


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