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[ID] IP – BD Items!


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EST Worth: 60185000 NP

Arcane Bow – 12,000,000NP
Fake Arcane Bow – 12,000,000NP
Kelpbeards Trident – 7,500,000NP
Ghostkerbomb – 6,000,000NP
Magical Marbles of Mystery – 6,000,000NP
Ghostkershield – 5,500,000NP
Bow of Destiny – 1,200,000NP
Maraquan Aisha Bow – 800,000NP
Wooden Krawk Bow – 800,000NP
Blue Acara Bow – 800,000NP
Golden Bori Bow – 700,000NP
Hand Carved Blumaroo Bow – 650,000NP
Platinum Tech Bow – 600,000NP
Ornate Jetsam Bow – 550,000NP
Green Techo Bow – 450,000NP
Traditional Welsh Usuki – 350,000NP
Honey Potion – 350,000NP
Silver Draik Bow – 350,000NP
Tech Bow – 250,000NP
Dual Expert Bow – 250,000NP
Goodie Two Shoes Usuki – 250,000NP
Ladybird Usuki – 250,000NP
Draik Archer Hat – 250,000NP
Abominable Snowball Comb – 250,000NP
Frost Bow – 200,000NP
One Thousand Dubloon Coin – 200,000NP
Snowager Usuki – 200,000NP
Soup Faerie Usuki – 200,000NP
King Altador Usuki Doll – 200,000NP
Draik Archer Trousers – 200,000NP
Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver – 200,000NP
Funky Flares Usuki – 150,000NP
Greater Healing Scroll – 150,000NP
Fire Abominable Snowball – 150,000NP
Rock n Roll Usuki – 125,000NP
Five Hundred Dubloon Coin – 110,000NP