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[ID] M- 275 Avatars & 33mCode Items!


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Product Description

Username Format: xxxxxxxx
Age: 11.5 years
Stamps in Stamp Album: 100
Site Themes: 9
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Available Faeries Ruin Plot Points to Spend: 53,000 points
Gallery Size: 60
Total Neocash Items: 200
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 2,500,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 2,300 | Total Items: 4,500
Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 33,450,000NP):

The Many Colours Of A Disco Chomby – 4,000,000NP
The Long History of Isca – 3,500,000NP
Rainbow Kacheek Cookie – 3,500,000NP
Bat Boy – 2,500,000NP
Tales of Soft Foot The Plushie JubJub – 1,200,000NP
Ylanas Blaster – 800,000NP
Orange Kougras – 600,000NP
Tyrannia Travels – 600,000NP
Sunshine in Neopia – 600,000NP
Amazing Altador – 600,000NP
Golden Tulips – 600,000NP
Gold Brightvale Job Coupon – 550,000NP
Terror Mountain Tales – 500,000NP
Mighty Flying Snowball – 500,000NP
Gremble – 450,000NP
Winter in Mystery Island – 450,000NP
The Purple Scorchio – 400,000NP
Yellow Kougra Tea – 400,000NP
Green Brightvale Job Coupon – 350,000NP
A Tale of Stripes – 350,000NP
Gold Gelert Yoyo – 350,000NP
Yellow Xweetok Fizzy Drink – 350,000NP
The Faerie Ixi – 350,000NP
Purple Scorchio Tea – 350,000NP
Strawberry Usul Cake – 350,000NP
Illusens Potted Orchid – 350,000NP
Deluxe Fyora Goodie Basket – 350,000NP
Blue Elephante Sundae – 300,000NP
Dr. Sloth Flower Bouquet – 300,000NP
Pink Bruce Yoyo – 250,000NP
Silver Gelert Fizzy – 250,000NP
Orange Kougra Fruit Juice – 250,000NP
Camouflage Poogle Fizzy Drink – 250,000NP
The Pink Quiggle – 250,000NP
Pink Korbat Kite – 250,000NP
The View From Virtupets – 250,000NP
Krawk Island Myths – 250,000NP
The Un-Lost Desert – 250,000NP
Strong Shake – 250,000NP
Gummy Speckled Scorchio – 250,000NP
Gummy Speckled Scorchio – 250,000NP
Gold Usul Nail Polish – 250,000NP
I Love You With All Of My Heart Card – 250,000NP
Dripping Toy Slime Gun – 250,000NP
Key Garland – 250,000NP
Underground Explorations – 250,000NP
Green Kacheek Tea – 250,000NP
Halloween Kacheek Candy Dish – 250,000NP
Icy Snowflake – 250,000NP
Robot Kacheek Cookie – 250,000NP
Archaeology – Discovering the World – 200,000NP
Romantic Shenkuu – 200,000NP
Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver – 200,000NP
Red Meerca Negg – 200,000NP
Zomutt – 150,000NP
Moffit – 150,000NP
Vicious Evil Coconut – 150,000NP
Heart Shaped Negg – 150,000NP
Blumaroos of Meridell – 150,000NP
Haunted Woods Inhabitants – 150,000NP
Purple Shoyru Plushie – 150,000NP
Favourite Faerieland Secrets – 150,000NP
Boiled Striped Xweetok Negg – 150,000NP
Golden Faerie Kacheek Toy – 150,000NP
Heart Shaped Negg – 150,000NP
Robot Mynci Cookie – 125,000NP
The Snowbunny Burrows Into Spring! – 125,000NP

Mutant Xweetok ( HP: 275 | STR: 100 | MVE: 50 )
Red Korbat
Red Xweetok
Total Avatars: 275
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 15 | Game: 5
Notable Trophies: