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Product Description

Sword of Reif – 8,800,000NP
Orange Jelly Usul – 1,200,000NP
Gold Usul Chocolate Lollipop – 700,000NP
The Strawberry Usul – 600,000NP
Usuki Faerieland Play Set – 500,000NP
Gardener Girl Usuki – 500,000NP
The Usuls Witching Halloween – 500,000NP
Yellow Usul Baby Carrots – 400,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Gift Bag – 400,000NP
Garden Gal Usuki Keyring – 400,000NP
Usuki Collection Garland – 400,000NP
Strawberry Usul Cake – 350,000NP
10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag – 350,000NP
Kari Usuki – 350,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Puzzle – 300,000NP
Usul Plastic Wind Up Toy – 300,000NP
Usukicon Y12 Hand Sanitizer – 300,000NP
Usuki Mints – 300,000NP
Usuki Musketeer – 250,000NP
Roo Island Team Jersey – 250,000NP
Strawberry Usul Fizzy Drink – 250,000NP
Striped Usul Tales – 250,000NP
Limited Edition Usuki Lip Gloss – 250,000NP
Gummy Gold Usul – 250,000NP
Gold Usul Nail Polish – 250,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Lunch Box – 250,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Calendar – 250,000NP
Usul Valentine Gift Bag – 250,000NP
Usul Valentine Gift Bag – 250,000NP
Usukicon Y12 Personal Deodorant – 250,000NP
Cloud Usul Balloon – 200,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Messenger Bag – 200,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Hair Brush – 200,000NP
Usuki Lollypop – 200,000NP
Pretty Pink Usuki – 150,000NP
Usukicon Y10 Gummies – 150,000NP
Princess Usuki Keyring – 150,000NP
Spring Usul Plushie – 125,000NP