[ID] IP#78 – Huge Hidden Tower Collection!


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Product Description

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 185,900,000NP):

Asparachucks – 12,000,000NP
Hubrids Puzzle Box – 9,000,000NP
Sword of Skardsen – 8,500,000NP
Pirate Captains Cutlass – 8,500,000NP
Glittery Faerie Dust – 8,500,000NP
Jhudoras Bewitched Ring – 8,000,000NP
Sword of Thigl – 8,000,000NP
Sword of Ari – 8,000,000NP
Sword of Reif – 8,000,000NP
Kelpbeards Trident – 7,500,000NP
Krawk – 7,000,000NP
Faerie Tabard – 6,500,000NP
Werelupe Claw Necklace – 6,000,000NP
Rainbow Clockwork Grundo – 6,000,000NP
Magical Marbles of Mystery – 6,000,000NP
Ultra Bubble Gun – 5,500,000NP
Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour – 5,500,000NP
U-Bend of Great Justice – 5,000,000NP
Boraxis Plushie – 5,000,000NP
Werewolf Usuki – 4,500,000NP
Glowing Battle Dung – 4,500,000NP
Battle Dung – 4,200,000NP
Starry Battle Dung – 4,200,000NP
Rancid Battle Dung – 4,200,000NP
Everlasting Crystal Apple – 3,500,000NP
Magical Rainbow Cybunny Plushie – 3,500,000NP
Mask of Coltzan – 3,000,000NP
Bracelet of Kings – 2,800,000NP
Ubikiberry Bag – 2,500,000NP
Jhudoras Crystal Ball – 2,500,000NP
Super Pea Chia Cape – 1,800,000NP
Ice Scorchstone – 1,750,000NP
Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy – 1,250,000NP
Island Draik Egg – 1,100,000NP
Everlasting Apple – 800,000NP
Pirate Draik Egg – 450,000NP
Pirate Draik Egg – 450,000NP
Rainbow Swirly Thing – 400,000NP