[ID] NCPack- TastyBG & 19GBs!


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Product Description

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Total Neocash Items: 50
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 189 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Tasty Bakery Background
Garden Tea Shoes
Abstract Art
Lost Desert Treasure Room
Flowery Ribbon Wand
Snow Shower
Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress
The Gift of a Single Rose
Snowager Background
Under the Tree Background
Quaint Little Doll House
Garden Tea Dress
Garden Tea Parasol
Garden Tea Gloves
Mini Esophagor
Garden Tea Background
Gothic Garden Background
Elegant Feather Dress
Cherry Blossom Face Paint
Valentines Heart Garland
Ombre Glitter Dress
Snowflake Contacts
Featured Game Ticket
Black and White Wingtip Shoes
Floating Tooth Faerie Doll
Faerieland Library Background
Sparkling Faerie Wand
Father Times Watch
New Years Celebration Background
Sweetheart Flower Bouquet
Flower Petal Shirt
Classic Wooden Rolling Pin
Chocolate Top Hat
Fancy Ruffled Neovian Skirt
Crunching Foot Step Music Track
Snowboarder Hat
Knotted String Lights
Sparkling Rainbow
Negg Head Bonk
Garden Tea Hat
Garden Tea Flowering Planter
Rugged Shirt and Vest
Yooyuball Strategy Background
Autumn Leaf Face Paint
Day of the Dead Skull Purse
Negg Hunting Background
Spring Ribbon Hair Bow
Traditional Plaid Kilt
Fancy Patchwork Mask
Bigsby Shadingtons Hat
Black Flowering Vines Foreground
Magical Watering Can
Dark Faerie Shadow
Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings
Cheery Snowflake Mittens
Nutcracker Sentinels
Holiday Mohawk
Sparkler Contacts
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Shining Purple Gift Box with Silver Bow
Green Candy Striped Gift Box
Spring Gift Box

Age: 10.5 years
Stamps in Stamp Album: 280
Site Themes: 8
Available Faeries Ruin Plot Points to Spend: 9,000 points
Gallery Size: 70
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 1,800 | Total Items: 2,100


Split Lenny
Mutant Korbat
Christmas Meerca
Purple Xweetok

Total Avatars: 140
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 20 | Game: 2
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 8,186,998NP):

Surprise! Its Striped Ixi – 4,000,000NP
Mootix – 1,000,000NP
Kacheeks Going Island – 500,000NP
Snowy Hollydog – 350,000NP
Robot Kacheek Wind Up Toy – 250,000NP
Carved Walking Stick – 250,000NP
Neovia Shop Silhouette Background – 250,000NP
Space Station Silhouette Background – 200,000NP
Starberry – 150,000NP
Purple Aisha Punching Bag – 150,000NP
Double Hot Dog – 125,000NP
Veespa – 125,000NP
Cloud Meerca Popcorn – 125,000NP
Springtime Mynci Plushie – 99,999NP
Haunted Spectacles – 99,999NP
Neopies Carpet Background – 80,500NP
Spooky Forest Path Background – 40,500NP
Spring Courtyard Background – 34,000NP
Stinky Haze – 30,000NP
Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace – 29,900NP
Meowclops Mask – 25,300NP
Pirate Cutlass – 21,000NP
Easter Bowler Hat – 17,000NP
Mists of Shenkuu – 16,000NP
Colourful Negg Hat – 15,800NP
Pile of Jelly Beans – 14,700NP
Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey – 13,500NP
Shoppe of Neggs Background – 12,500NP
Lovely Shenkuu Fan – 12,200NP
Ice Garland – 11,500NP
Fancy Frock Coat – 11,400NP
Holiday Home Background – 11,000NP
Spring Negg Wig – 10,700NP
Colourful Spring Petpet Garland – 9,250NP
Seasonal Wings – 9,000NP
Altador Cup II Team Background – Kiko Lake – 8,000NP
Ugly Christmas Sweater – 8,000NP
Berry Splattered Apron – 7,750NP
Hollowed Negg Tree Background – 7,500NP
Neopets 10th Birthday Celebration Cake – 7,450NP
Snowflake Skirt – 6,950NP
Dapper Yellow Shirt and Green Jacket – 6,900NP
Snowflake Shirt – 6,350NP
Spring Path Background – 6,050NP
Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow – 5,500NP
Elegant Gear Top Hat – 5,400NP
Simple Snowflake Cape – 5,400NP
Negg Windchime – 5,000NP