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Product Description

Age: 8.5 years

Xxxxxx the Silver Grarrl
Snow Chia
Baby Uni

Total Avatars: 120
Notable Avatars:

Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 929,700NP):

Randomly Firing Freeze Ray – 250,000NP
Hansos Thief Jacket – 250,000NP
The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp – 125,000NP
Flower Petal Foreground – 65,000NP
Colourful Festival Negg Skirt – 53,000NP
Tired Eyes – 44,800NP
Oversized Maractite Rune Sword – 35,000NP
Colourful Cherry Blossom Necklace – 29,900NP
Noxs Mansion Background – 23,000NP
Impressive Plushie Collection – 18,500NP
Hydruplit – 14,000NP
Christmas Puppyblew – 11,500NP
Seasonal Chain Mail Helmet – 10,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 150
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 193 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

The Three Collectors Cloak
Figure Skating Cuff Bracelet
Ilere Collectors Wings
Little Babaa Shepherdess Crop
Valentine Delivery Wings
Cloud Staff
Gothic Inspired Makeup
Elegant Feather Dress
Downhill Snowball Background
Faerie Cloud Racer Collectors Background
MME8-S4: Pretty Flower Facepaint
Snow Queen Dress
Valentine Delivery Dress
Valentine Delivery Bag
Gothic Red and Black Dress
Sweetheart Gram Dressing Room
MME9-S4b: Tentacle Wig
MME9-S3: Tentacles Attack Background
Soft Magical Hair Usuki Plushie
Rainbow Field of Daisies Background
Sporty Tennis Dress
Darkest Faerie Dress
Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga
Play Time String Lights
Sassy Red Wig
Snowboarder Hat
Modern Sculpture Holiday Hat
Snowboarder Sweater
Woodland Archer Dress
Terror Mountain Altador Cup Jersey
Night Music
Short Blue Wig
Girly Mechanical Wings
Shenkuu Apprentice Tunic
Chariot Chase Chariot
Sparkling Negg Wig
Tyrannian Bonfire
Glowing Book of Spells
Steam Engineered Heart
Brilliant Carnival Headdress
Brilliant Carnival Headdress
Romantic Music Box
Valentine Newsboy Hat
Cyodrake Lunar Festival Cloak
Sweet Dreams Crib
Fancy Blue Trousers
Flying Paper Shower
Scurvy Pirate Jacket
Stone Faerie Wings
Orange Warlock Wig
Green Warlock Wig
Shining Princess Wig
Advent Calendar Background
Mynci Defender Wind Chime
Giant Candy Cane Foreground
Bobbling Ornament Headband
MME8-S5: Flower Bodysuit
MME8-S1:Shining Icy Dreamscape Background
MME8-S2:Shimmering Icicle Garland
MME8-S3: Pretty Swaying Flowers
Snowflake Glasses
Winter Breeze Shower
Huggable Happiness Faerie Plushie
Golden Harp Wings
Valentine Caplet
Valentine Delivery Hat
Baby Valentine Blankie
Charming Rose Skirt
Mynci Defender Flag Trinket
Silk Wig with Flowers
Woven Silk Wings
Layered Blue Faerie Skirt
Hypnotic Swirling Hearts
Heart Balloon Arch
Intricate Heart Sculpture
Bringer of Night Collectors Staff
Top Chop Coin Shower
Teeter Tottering Hasees
Poppy Foreground
Wingoball Heart Tree
Snowager Arm Cuff
Petpet Cannonball Skull Shower
MiniMME5-S2: Rainbow Tutu
MiniMME5-S1: Rainbow Ribbon Wand
Mallard Carnival Foreground
Brilliant Red Wig with a Clover Headband
Emerald Green Dress with Shrug
Lily Pad Flower Dress
Magnifying Eye Glasses
Viras Collectors Horns
Little Babaa Shepherdess Dress
Little Babaa Shepherdess Wig with Bonnet
Little Babaa Shepherdess Babaa Foreground
Little Babaa Shepherdess Background
Little Babaa Shepherdess Shoes
Jelly Bean Dress
Museum Habitat Background
Terror Mountain Team Cuffs
Super Sleuth Hat and Wig
Fancy Wrought Iron Lamp
Flower Star Wand
MME9-S1: Nearly Inescapable Tank
MME9-S2: Tentacle Takeover
Purple Flower Embroidiery Dress
Side Ponytail Purple Wig
Wonderclaw Pod Background
Fantastical Plushie Land Background
Oversized Patchwork Handbag
Cupcake Crown
Big Candle Pillars
Bigsby Shadingtons Hat
Igneots Flaming Gloves
Assorted Fruits Shower
Tissue Paper Gem Dress
Wood and Gems Wig
Satin Ribbon Wood Staff
Neovian Sitting Room Background
Gothic Costume Kacheek Plushie
Menacing Skull Staff
Haunted House Hat
Baby Rattle of Cuteness
Baby Rattle of Cuteness
Tiara Updo Wig
Stately Reception Background
Resplendent Wings
Games Master Cape
No Girls Allowed Sign
Gaming Helmet
Hannah and the Ice Caves Background
Handy Neocola Serving Machine
Abigails Custom Drawn Dreamy Hanso Diary
Extra Special Gaming Blankie
Gamers Costume Staff
AAAs Room Background
Handmade Galactic Costume Wig
No AAA Allowed Sign
Artwork Display Garland
Stars and Glitter Face Paint
Open Book of Tales
Abigails Room Background
Merry Balloon Gift Foreground
Blinking Holiday Nose Light
Spinning Neopian Globe Staff
Snowman Nesting Dolls
Baby Winter Sweater
Box of Chocolates Hat
Hooded Faellie Baby Blanket
Lace Flower Dress
Baby Oversized Toy
Dark Faerie Magic Staff
Peppermint Earmuffs
Holiday Mohawk
Ice Cream Cone Pillars
Sparkler Contacts
Holiday Bell Hat and Wig