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Total Neocash Items: 50
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 186 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Roxton Colchester III Key Quest Token
Healing Springs Foreground
Haunted Mansion Background
Eliv Thade Key Quest Token
Charming Snowglobe Background
Gingerbread Dream House Background
Sparkling Ice Caves Background
Winter Snow Drift
Jordies Adventure Hat
Glittery Wind Up Key
Magical Faerieland Painting
Golden Ball Gown
Panicked Tyrannian Citizen
Pipe and Gear Crown
Negg Head Bonk
Gaming Shorts
Gaming Shirt
Golden Sun Glasses
Games Shower
Altador Courier Bag
Golden Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Medallion
Festive Mini Holiday Tree
Festive Berry Pie
Winter Flower Hair Pin
Winter Breeze Face Paint
Holiday Ornament Wreath
Winter Poinsettia Staff
Festive Ear Muffs
Candy Cane String Lights
Holiday Bell Garland
Holiday Helper Hat
Candy Cane Wings
Zesty Cinnamon Roll
Cosy Ski Jumper
Candy Pop Staff
Colourful Ornament Shower
Y12 Celebration Glasses
Colourful Confetti Wig
Holiday Helper Shoes
Ice Cream Shower
Springy Blumaroo Toy Trinket
Slorg Bopper
Faerie Bubble Tiara
Chia Clown Eye Patch
Sophies Stew String Lights
Net Bag with Volleyballs
Bumble Beam Earrings
Kass Basher Flag
Goparokko Staff
Games Master Challenge NC Challenge Medal 2009 – Bronze
Holiday Goodie Bag
Icy Blue Wax Lips
JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-Pack
Advent Calendar JubJub Power Bounce Token 1-pack
Sweet Dreams Goodie Bag
Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack
NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag
Bigsby Shadingtons Hat
Holly Tree Goodie Bag
Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings
Peppermint Goodie Bag
Holiday Secret Meepit Stach Plan 1-Pack
Holiday Mohawk
Festive Poinsettia and Holly Mask
Crazy Snowboarder Hat
Holiday Hat Wind Chimes
Evergreen Holiday Scarf
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Basic Gift Box
Shining Purple Gift Box with Silver Bow
Red and Gold Shining Gift Box
Red and Gold Shining Gift Box
Green Candy Striped Gift Box

Age: 15.5 years
Site Themes: 11
Available Faeries Ruin Plot Points to Spend: 91,000 points
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 4,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 1,100 | Total Items: 1,600

Total Avatars: 110
Notable Avatars:

Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 19,911,399NP):

Meowclops – 6,000,000NP
Bound Magic Book – 2,500,000NP
Book of Ice Magic – 1,500,000NP
Ylanas Blaster – 800,000NP
Governor Mansion Stamp – 600,000NP
10th Birthday Book of Usuki Celebrations – 500,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 5 – 450,000NP
NeoFashion – 400,000NP
Kickin Kikos – 350,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 3 – 350,000NP
Illusens Potted Orchid – 350,000NP
All About Dark Faeries – 300,000NP
All About Fire Faeries – 300,000NP
Lovely Lennys – 250,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 1 – 250,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 2 – 250,000NP
Caring For Your Neopet 4 – 250,000NP
Dripping Toy Slime Gun – 250,000NP
Mynci Halloween Action Figure – 250,000NP
10th Birthday Isca Cake Slice – 250,000NP
Golden Cobrall Belt – 250,000NP
Imperial Exam Guards Helm – 250,000NP
Golden Dubloon Necklace – 250,000NP
Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights – 200,000NP
Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver – 200,000NP
Jewelled Geb Necklace – 200,000NP
Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves – 200,000NP
Greater Healing Scroll – 150,000NP
Jetsams – 150,000NP
Flotsams – 150,000NP
Jump Into the Future – 150,000NP
Jump Into the Future – 150,000NP
Sophies Magic Hat – 150,000NP
Purple Hasee Balloon Toy – 150,000NP
Green Thumb Guide – 125,000NP
Green Thumb Guide – 125,000NP
Spring Usul Plushie – 125,000NP
All About Earth Faeries – 99,999NP
Sparkling Green Head Amulet and Wig – 98,000NP
Wheelers Coconut Bike – 87,000NP
Purple Paint Blob Plushie – 65,500NP
Super Ice Cream Machine Background – 41,000NP
Crisis Courier Craze Background – 37,500NP
Dripping Cream Pie Hat – 37,300NP
Spring Courtyard Background – 34,000NP
Abominable Snowman Hat – 33,000NP
Snow Roller Success Jumper – 32,000NP
Colourful Rock Mobile – 31,700NP
Stinky Haze – 30,000NP
Wind-up Turmac – 18,000NP
Tangram Puzzle Piece Kite – 16,500NP
Deluxe Hot Dog Hat – 14,800NP
Shiny Caution Tape Garland – 13,000NP
Caged Skeleton – 11,500NP
Ice Garland – 11,500NP
Fancy Frock Coat – 11,400NP
Holiday Home Background – 11,000NP
Seasonal Wings – 9,000NP
Ugly Christmas Sweater – 8,000NP
Snowflake Skirt – 6,950NP
Snowflake Shirt – 6,350NP
Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow – 5,500NP
Negg Hat – 5,500NP
Simple Snowflake Cape – 5,400NP
All About Neggs Background – 5,000NP