[ID] IP- Cute Faerie Items!


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Product Description

Age: 11 years
Shop Size: 120
Gallery Size: 60
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 2,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 500 | Total Items: 2,100

Christmas Peophin
Green Bruce
Christmas Elephante
Yellow Wocky
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account:

A Grey Faerie Doll – 3,500,000NP
Prancing Pink Uni Toy – 3,500,000NP
Spite Doll – 1,500,000NP
Fiery Princess Usuki Poster – 1,500,000NP
Illusen Valentine Plushie – 1,500,000NP
Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll – 1,200,000NP
Kacheek Watering Can – 800,000NP
Illusen Piano Music Box – 650,000NP
Air Faerie Usuki Doll – 600,000NP
Springtime Fyora Paper Doll Set – 500,000NP
Kacheek Pool Toy – 500,000NP
Siyana Doll – 500,000NP
Psellia Doll – 450,000NP
Cloud Wocky Squeaky Toy – 450,000NP
Springtime Tea Set – 400,000NP
Camouflage Poogle Waterslide – 400,000NP
10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag – 350,000NP
Earth Faerie Snowglobe – 350,000NP
Fyora Sidewalk Chalk Bucket – 350,000NP
Usukicon Y9 Gift Bag – 350,000NP
10th Birthday Usuki Birthday Lunch Bag – 350,000NP
Fyora Wind Up Doll – 300,000NP
Fyora Wind Up Doll – 300,000NP
Fyora Wind Up Doll – 300,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Puzzle – 300,000NP
Earth Faerie Usuki Doll – 300,000NP
Illusen Snowglobe – 250,000NP
Limited Edition Usuki Lip Gloss – 250,000NP
Jhuidah Usuki Doll – 250,000NP
Illusen Plushie – 250,000NP
Summer Fun Illusen Plushie – 250,000NP
Winter JubJub Snowglobe – 250,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Calendar – 250,000NP
Jhudora Plushie – 250,000NP
Collectors Edition Usuki Doll – 250,000NP
Bushel of Illusen Apples – 250,000NP
Usukicon Y9 Collectable Plushie – 200,000NP
Fyora Snowcone – 200,000NP
Soup Faerie Plushie – 200,000NP
Usukicon Y11 Messenger Bag – 200,000NP
Soup Faerie Usuki – 200,000NP
Air Faerie Snowglobe – 150,000NP
Nabile Plushie – 150,000NP
Royal Uni Kite – 150,000NP
Popstar in a Box – 150,000NP
Battle Faerie Snowglobe – 150,000NP
Faerie Queen Snowglobe – 150,000NP
Light Faerie Snowglobe – 150,000NP
Spring Usul Plushie – 125,000NP
Faerie Queen Negg – 125,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 50
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 70 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Sewing Room Background
Weewoo Bath
Purple Grundo Flag
Hannah and the Ice Caves Collectors Coat
Tycoon Vault Background
Sweetheart Ball Gown
Ostentatious Masquerade Mask
Coltzans Shrine Background
Hidden Tower Background
Prissy Miss Usuki Collector Dress
Faerieland Library Background
Haunted Piano
Shenkuu Performer Headdress
Trading Post Background
Carousel Background
Butterfly Shower