[ID] IP- 10,000,000 NP & 9m Items!


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Product Description

Age: 14 years
Neodeck Cards: 180
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 10,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 8,000 | Total Items: 8,000

Baby Kacheek
Total Avatars: 25
Notable Avatars:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 9,775,000NP):

White Aisha Collar – 2,500,000NP
Green Matu Bead – 1,500,000NP
Kacheek Transmogrification Potion – 600,000NP
Jetsam Transmogrification Potion – 600,000NP
Magical Purple Poogle Toy – 500,000NP
Usuki Faerieland Play Set – 500,000NP
Delfin Noodles – 500,000NP
Magical Yellow Poogle Toy – 450,000NP
Shield of Scorching – 400,000NP
Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush – 350,000NP
Mega Pipper Sandwich – 250,000NP
Elephante Transmogrification Potion – 250,000NP
Thistleberry – 250,000NP
Iced Techo Cupcake – 250,000NP
Quiggle Transmogrification Potion – 200,000NP
Bacon Belly Buster – 150,000NP
Broken Earth Faerie Snowglobe – 150,000NP
Korosu Crestscar – 125,000NP
Blue Blumaroo Slippers – 125,000NP
Disco Petpet Paint Brush – 125,000NP