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Neopoints is the currency used on Neopets and it is every neopian’s dream to become the one with the most neopoints, but it’s no easy task! Playing games, restocking, reselling, etc. all take years to accumulate mass amount of neopoints, there simply must be an easier way to acquire neopoints!
That’s where we,, is here to help. We sell neopoints at some of the lowest rates on the market, and with us, you can virtually be a millionaire instantly with no work needed!

Neopets Items Packs

All items packs will be delivered on a complimentary account, or via the trading post if requested.
Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing anything below!

+ Extra 275 Item Collection of Purple Items!
Item Pack #1
Purple Rock/Faerie Harris/Purple Petpet Paint Brush/Purple Triffin/Drackonack Plushie/Cyodrake/Plumberry/Spotted Birthday Whistle/Purple Bloopy/Combomelon Plant/Trick-or-Treat Bag/Magical Purple Poogle Toy/Kickin Kikos/Deluxe Popstar in a Box/Purple Warf/Faerie Spyder/Purple Brain Tree Plushie/Purple Fungree/Padded Cybunny Sword/Purple Slorg/Nimmo Faerie Tales/Ummagine Stamp/Starting Spells/Purple Peophin Morphing Potion + Extra 275 Item Collection of Purple Items!
Price – $39.99
Item Pack #4
Baby Paint Brushx3/Rotting Riches Scratchcardx2/Maraquan Paint Brush/Royal Paint Brushx2/Island Draik Egg/Wraith Draik Morphing Potionx2/Maraquan Krawk Morphing Potion
Estimated Value: 30,000,000 NP
Price – $44.99

Item Pack #5
Maraquan Paint Brushx3/Royal Paint Brushx2/Zafara Double Agent Plushiex3/Pirate Draik Eggx3/Stealth Paint Brushx2
Estimated Value: 30,000,000 NP
Price – $44.99
Item Pack #9
Omelette Stampx5
Estimated Value: 75,000,000 NP
  Price – $49.99

Item Pack #12
Honey Potion/H4000 Helmet/JubJub Transmogrification Potion/Vile Scroll of Possession/Scorchio Transmogrification Potion/Ruki Transmogrification Potion/Kiko Transmogrification Potion/Dehydration Potion/Magic Potion/Blumaroo Transmogrification Potion/Mote Magic/Kougra Transmogrification Potion/Grundo Transmogrification Potion/Book of Vision/Book of Symbols/Buzz Transmogrification Potion/Ancient Book/Korbat Transmogrification Potion/Scaled Magic Book/Cackling Negg/Krawk Transmogrification Potion/Professional Curses/Greater Healing Scroll/Book of Bones/Book of Ice Magic/Scary Dark Potion/Warped Book/Trick-or-Treat Bag/Chained Book/Techo Transmogrification Potion/Starting Spells/Ixi Transmogrification Potion/Lupe Transmogrification Potion/Usul Transmogrification Potion/Meerca Transmogrification Potion/Locked Book/Aisha Transmogrification Potion/Potion of Purest Red/Chia Transmogrification Potion/Grarrl Transmogrification Potion/Cybunny Transmogrification Potion/Shoyru Transmogrification Potion/Draik Transmogrification Potion/Black Furwitch/Edna Plushie/Lenny Transmogrification Potion/Dusty Magic Broom/Kacheek Transmogrification Potion/Book of Sea Spells/Elephante Transmogrification Potion/Bound Magic Book/Furwitch/Downsize Power Plus/Black Rosesx2/Rod of Ummagine/Snowbunnyx2/Trick-or-Treat Bagx4/Neopian Philharmonic CD/Guardian of Ice Magic/Zomutt/
Estimated Value: 60,000,000 NP
Price – $54.99
Item Pack #13
Ghostkerbombx3/Sword of Lamenessx2
Estimated Value: 40,000,000 NP
Price – $54.99

Item Pack #15
Skeith Defender Chest Plate/Green Knight Sword/Green Knight Shield/Meridell Usuki/Usuki Rogue/Usuki Pirate Wench/Usuki Knight/Shadow Ixi Morphing Potion/Brown Ixi Morphing Potion/Red Ixi Morphing Potion/Cloud Ixi Morphing Potion/Brown Mortog/Cyodrake
Estimated Value: 90,000,000 NP
Price – $54.99

Item Pack #17
Ghostkerbomb/Ghostkershield/Skarls Hasty Mace/Ubikiberry Bag/Faerie Paint Brush/Krawkx3/Portable Kiln
Estimated Value: 55,000,000 NP
Price – $54.99

Item Pack #18
Island Acara Stamp/Tar Pit Stamp/Phear Easter Negg/Paper Mache Scorchio/Gulper/Blue JubJub Balloon/Ornamental Cannon/Pwerko/Tyrannian Kougra Stamp/Peachpa Easter Negg/Cloud Aisha Party Balloon/Zebba/Sharky/Meowclops/Robo Blumaroo/Broccoli and Mustard Sandwich/Paper Mache Aisha/Snomorg/Lemon Sherbert Easter Negg/Mystery Island Aishas Stamp/Strawberry Swirl Easter Negg/Omelette Stamp/Snorlkin/Pretty Pink Easter Negg/Blood Mushroom/Chyrsaberry Surprise Easter Negg/Thornberry/Pickulsaur/Bacheek Plushie/Dancing Daisy Easter Negg/Goulblee/Combomelon Easter Negg/Blue Usul Balloon/Crabby/Shiver Me Timbers Usuki/Grarrg Stamp/Sardplant Easter Negg/Gremble/Tyrannia Stamp/Disco Aisha Party Balloon/Lovely Lime Easter Negg/Spotted Easter Negg/Lord Kass (TCG)/Halloween Harris/Disco Aisha Gold Chain/Candy Vampire/Agate Dervish Plushie/Mutant Petpet Paint Brush/Silverware Set/White Aisha Collar/White Aisha Compact Mirror/Spooky Halloween Goodie Bag/Ornamental Cannon
Estimated Value: 80,000,000 NP
 Price – $74.99

Item Pack #21
Space Faerie Doll/Water Faerie Doll/Tooth Faerie Doll/Soup Faerie Doll
Estimated Value: 175,000,000 NP?
Price – $129.99

Item Pack #22
Yooyuball Player Sling/Smugglers Cove Pirate Plushie/Pirate Jelly/Mysterious Book/Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour/Mysterious Amulet/Ring of Weightlessness/Magical Marbles of Mystery/Kauvaras Marvellous Potion/Hubrids Puzzle Box/Lishas Homemade Armour/Zapatron 4000/Dazzling Ivory Sword/Neoquest Plushie/Zaptwig
Estimated Value: 200,000,000 NP
Price – $129.99

Item Pack #23
Bombaberry Bag/Ubikiberry Bag/Platinum Dubloon/Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll/Everlasting Apple/Scroll Potion/U-Bend of Great Justice/Snow Faerie Doll/Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll/Reject Faerie Queen Dollx2/Royal Wedding Ringx2/Baby Paint Brushx2/Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toyx8/Sunshine Shieldx6/Faerie Queen Dollx8/Air Faerie Crownx10/Slorg Flakesx24/Royal Paint Brushx36/
Estimated Value: 180,000,000 NP
Price – $139.99

Item Pack #24
Ghostkerfish/Gulper/Rock/Pwerko/Kadoatie/Huggy Bear/Combobot/C430 Autobot/Chezzoom/Cadro/Weewoo/Snomorg/Clompkin/Meowclops/Spoppy II/Zomutt/Fungree/Foobug/Gwortz/Rotoblur 4000/Cyodrake/Babith/Khonsu/Zebba/Drackobunny/Snorlkin/Zumagorn/Trumpadon/Meepit/Short Fuse/Ultra Mega Bot 2000/Spirkle/Feloreena/Pinklet/Rollatron/Babyca/Bogie/Teemyte/Vacumatic 9000/Dua/Frogarott/Flosset/Pickulsaur/Gathow/Goldy/Slorgclops/Flippy/Turdle/Moltenore/Bubbles/Bat Boy/Crabby/Gremble/Eustabee/Smiley/Candychan/Baraga/Mortog/Geb/Flizzardo/Khura/Scamander/Pooka/Snowbunny/Candy Vampire/Krawk/Sharky/Zebie/Gulpfir/Vullard/Snowickle/Goulblee/Furwitch+225 More Petpets! Almost a complete collection of non-painted petpets!
Estimated Value: 165,000,000 NP
Price – $149.99

Item Pack #25
Inverted Space Faerie Stamp/Space Faerie Stamp/Space Faerie Stamp/Space Faerie Stamp/Discovery of Fire Stamp/Spyder Stamp/Tar Pit Stamp/Omelette Stamp/Monocerous Stamp/Upside Down Island Acara Stamp/Need a Better Printer Stamp/One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp/Misaligned Printer Stamp/Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp/Neoquest Logo Stamp/Neoquest Logo Stamp/Ummagine Stamp/Tazzalor Stamp/Battle Uni Stamp/Gors The Might Stamp/Golden Coco Stamp/Wheel of Excitement Stamp/Yooyu Celebration Stamp/Yooyu Celebration Stamp/Yooyu Celebration Stamp/Yooyu Celebration Stamp/Chocolate Stamp/Wheel of Extravagence Stamp/Wheel of Extravagene Stamp
Estimated Value: 300,000,000 NP
Price – $239.99


10,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 10,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.



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20,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 20,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.



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50,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 50,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.



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75,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 75,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.



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100,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 100,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.



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