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Neopoints is the currency used on Neopets and it is every neopian’s dream to become the one with the most neopoints, but it’s no easy task! Playing games, restocking, reselling, etc. all take years to accumulate mass amount of neopoints, there simply must be an easier way to acquire neopoints!
That’s where we,, is here to help. We sell neopoints at some of the lowest rates on the market, and with us, you can virtually be a millionaire instantly with no work needed!

Neopets Items Packs

The items packs are listed below. All items packs will be delivered on a complimentary account.
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing anything below!
And no, none of these are free (despite the price being $0.00).

Item Pack #1
Pirate Captains Hat/Sleep Ray/Glowing Cauldron/U-Bend of Great Justice
Estimated Value: 35,000,000 NP
Price – $35

Item Pack #2
H4000 Helmet/Ghostkerbomb/Thieves Dirk/Giant Spyder Web/Green Knight Shield
Estimated Value: 35,000,000 NP
Price – $35

Item Pack #3
Hissi Transmogrification Potionx3/Peophin Transmogrification Potionx2/Gelert Transmogrification Potion/Kacheek Transmogrification Potion/Lenny Transmogrification Potionx2/Eyrie Transmogrification Potion/Uni Transmogrification Potion/Cybunny Transmogrification Potionx3/Krawk Transmogrification Potion/Draik Transmogrification Potion/Chomby Transmogrification Potion/Jetsam Transmogrification Potionx3/Lupe Transmogrification Potionx2/Koi Transmogrification Potionx2/Ixi Transmogrification Potionx2
Estimated Value: 35,000,000 NP
Price – $40

Item Pack #4
Pirate Captains Hat/Bracelet of Kings/Slumberry Potionx2/Shield of Faerieland
Estimated Value: 35,000,000 NP
Price – $40

Item Pack #5
Sword of Lameness/Magical Marbles of Mystery/Everlasting Crystal Apple/Sword of Tawre
Estimated Value: 35,000,000 NP
Price – $45

Item Pack #6
Sword of Lameness/Kelpbeards Trident/Faerie Tabard/Ghostkershield/Hubrids Puzzle Box
Estimated Value: 46,000,000 NP
Price – $60

Item Pack #7
I Love Sloth Stein/I Love Sloth Poster/I Love Sloth Rug/I Love Sloth Cushion/I Love Sloth Bean Bag/Pirate Captains Cutlass/Glistening Sloth Statue/Scowling Sloth Coin/Snow Dr. Sloth Sculpture/Flying Robo Sloth/Dr Sloth Stone Statue/Sword of Lameness/Sword of Ari/Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour/Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy
Estimated Value: 65,000,000 NP
Price – $65

Item Pack #9
Rotting Riches Scratchcard/Faerie Snowickle/Faerie Zomutt/Faerie Polarchuck/Faerie Feepit/Faerie Uniocto/Faerie Wheelie/Faerie Eizzil/Faerie Alabriss/Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy/Spirkle/Rollatron/Green Meowclops/Red Meowclops/Christmas Meowclops/Christmas Meowclops/Meowclops/Darigan Yooyu/Darigan Yooyu/Christmas Feloreena/Mootix/Mootix/Mootix/Skuffler/Meowclops/Snowickle/Pofew/Blobikins/Feloreena/Snowickle
Estimated Value: 70,000,000 NP
Price – $70

Item Pack #10
(Not including TCGs in cost/price so they are essentially free)
Scary Korbat Tales/Sword of Lameness/Faerie Paint Brush/Stone Golem Neoquest Plushie/Hubrids Puzzle Box/Hubrids Puzzle Box/Slumberberry Potion/Kau Defender of Neopia Plushie/Meuka (TCG)/General Kass (TCG)/Werelupe Sage (TCG)/Lucky Coin Stamp/Ghostkershield/Blugthak (TCG)/Blumaroo Court Jester (TCG)/Hadrak (TCG)/Irregulation Chainmail/Blumaroo Court Jester Stamp/Mipsy Stamp/Garoo Elite (TCG)/Island Paint Brush (TCG)/Kastraliss (TCG)Swift Maractite Darts/Shield of Revenge/Angry Tax Beast (TCG)/Malkus Vile (TCG)/Altador Colosseum Stamp/Faerieland Tree House/Darigan Yooyu/Yooyu Celebration Stampx2/
Estimated Value: 80,000,000 NP
Price – $80

Item Pack #11
Maverick Baseball Cap/Triple Turbo Dryer/Portable Kiln/Hubrids Puzzle Box/Sword of Skardsen/Shield of Pion Troect/Pirate Captains Hat/Pirate Captains Cutlass/Heavy Blue Tunic/Heavy Blue Tunic/Faerie Tabard
Estimated Value: 83,000,000 NP
Price – $95
Item Pack #12
Portable Kilnx2/Portable Cloud/Meukas Snot Trail/Battle Dung/Glowing Cauldron/Amulet of Thilg/Clawed Shield/Ghostkershield/Glowing Battle Dung/Starry Battle Dung/Rancid Battle Dungx2/Pirate Captains Hat/Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic/Maractite Battle Duck/Ring of the Lost/Faerie Tabard/Hobans Hat/Sword of Thigl/Sword of Ari/Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour/Ring of the Sway
Estimated Value: 120,000,000 NP
Price – $140

Item Pack #13
Angry Techo Fist/Make Some Noise Noisemaker/Wheel Shield/Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy/Faerie Queen Doll/Slumberberry Potion/Pirate Captains Cutlass/Goo Blaster/U-Bend of Great Justice/Face Mace/Sword of Skardsen/Ghostkerbomb/Pirate Captains Hat/Ring of the Lost/Ghostkershield/Sword of Lameness/Sword of Reif/Clawed Shield/Wand of Reality/Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard
Estimated Value: 125,000,000 NP
Price – $140

Item Pack #14
Sad Spell/Mystic Jelly Bean Necklace/Jhudoras Bewitched Ring/Jhudoras Battle Claw/Twin Faerie Blades
Estimated Value: 147,000,000 NP
Price – $125

Item Pack #15
Ghostkersword/Leaded Elemental Vial/Face Mace/H4000 Helmet/Ghostkershield/Ghostkerbomb
Estimated Value: 128,000,000 NP
Price – $135

Item Pack #16
Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp/Wheel of Excitement Stamp/Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap/Yooyuball Keepers Chest Guard/Turmac/Mortog/Darigan Yooyu/Pirate Notebook/Sword of Apocalypse/Ylanas Blaster/Battle Uni Stamp/Gors The Mighty Stamp/Zurroball Stamp/Altador Colosseum Stamp/Altador Colosseum Stamp/Altador Colosseum Stamp/Altador Colosseum Stamp/Altador Colosseum Stamp/Yooyu Celebration Stamp/Altador Cup V Commemorative Stamp/Sword of Skardsen/Ghostkerbomb/Freezing Potion/Ring of the Lost/Kelpbeards Trident/Sword of Lameness/Face Mace/Golden Shell/NeoQuest Hero Stamp/Sword of Lameness
Estimated Value: 140,000,000 NP
Price – $135


Item Pack #17
Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy/Everlasting Apple/U-Bend of Great Justice/Rainbow Swirly Thing/Pear of Disintegration/Portable Kiln/Fire and Ice Blade/Jhudoras Crystal Ball/Faerie Fog/Hubrids Noxious Blade/Hubrids Puzzle Box/Sunshine Shield/Mask of Coltzan/Jhodoras Bewitched Ring/Plushie Kau Morphing Potion/Regulation Meridell Crossbow/Bracelet of Kings/Slorg of Flakes/Ghostkershield/Ice Scorchstone/Spyder Potion/Pirate Captains Hat/Rainbow Clockwork Grundo/Mysterious Amulet/Glittery Faerie Dust/Sword of Lameness/Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield/Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy
Estimated Value: 160,000,000 NP
Price – $160
Item Pack #18
Faerie Paint Brushx2/Rainbow Swirly Thing/Krawk Transmogrification Potion/Mystery Island Paint Brush/Blue Draik Egg/Red Draik Egg/Yellow Draik Egg/Green Draik Egg/Pink Paint Brush/Undead Jackpot of Doom Scratchcard/Maraquan Paint Brush/Draik Transmogrification Potion/Ghostkerbomb/Paint Brush Coin/Island Skeitch Morphing Potion/Pirate Captains Hat/Darigan Draik Egg/Plushie Techo Morphing Potion/Plushie Poogle Morphing Potion/Magical Marbles of Mystery/Bag of Healing Dust/Faerie Tuskaninny Morphing Potion/Ice Draik Egg/Lost Desert Draik Egg/Pirate Draik Egg/Zombie Draik Egg/Island Draik Egg/Plushie Pteri Morphing Potion/Sword of Lamenessx2/Acara Transmogrification Potion/Sword of Ari/Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield/Water Kyrii Morphing Potion/Wraith Paint Brush/Transparent Elephante Morphing Potion/Wraith Gelert Morphing Potion/Desert Flotsam Morphing Potion/Desert Buzz Morphing Potion/Eventide Poogle Morphing Potion
Estimated Value: 175,000,000 NP
Price – $220

Item Pack #19
Faerie Petpet Paint Brush/Freezing Potion/Everlasting Crystal Apple/Green Draik Egg/Plushie Paint Brush/Sword of Skardsenx3/Slumberry Potion/Draik Transmogrification/Clawed Shield/Ghostkerbomb/Ghostkershieldx2/Exploding Acorns/Pirate Captains Cutlass/Leaded Elemental Vial/Crisp Blue Tunicx2/Royal Wedding Ring/Faerie Tabard/Bag of Healing Dustx2/Pirate Draik Egg/Sword of Lameness
Estimated Value: 185,000,000 NP
Price – $200
Item Pack #20
Faerie Paint Brush/Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy/Everlasting Apple/Rainbow Swirly Thing/Portable Kiln/Fire and Ice Bladex2/Faerie Fog/Hubrids Puzzle Box/Sunshine Shield/Faerie Queen Dollx5/Baby Paint Brushx2/Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll/Mask of Coltzan/Battle Dungx2/Lord Darigan Plushie/Sword of Skardsen/Shield of Pion Troect/Darigan Paint Brush/Bracelet of Kings/Slumberberry Potion/Slorg Flakes/Ghostkerbomb/Ghostkershield/Ice Scorchstone/Royal Paint Brush/Bow of Destinyx2/Wand of Reality/Kass Skeiths Spear/Glowing Battle Dung/Starry Battle Dung/Rancid Battle Dung/Pocket Cooking Pot/Frozen Commander Shield/Maractite Warriors Shield/Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll/Magical Marbles of Mystery/Reject Faerie Queen Doll/Maractite Paint Brush/Sword of Lameness/Sword of Thare/Shield of Faerieland/Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy
Estimated Value: 180,000,000 NP
Price – $200

Item Pack #22
Faerie Slingshot/Jade Scorchstone/Sword of Skardsen/H4000 Helmet/Ghostkerbomb/Fyora the Faerie Queen (TCG)/Space Poster/Everlasting Apple
Estimated Value: 200,000,000 NP
Price – $200

Item Pack #23
Illusens Staff/Elegant Princess Amira Cape
Estimated Value: 190,000,000 NP
Price – $200

Item Pack #24
(Great r100 Collection!)
Little Timmy/Garden Bench/Grog Light/Bomberry Grog/Hogshead/Blueberry and Oyster Ice Cream/Chocolate Joy Fun Pop/Krakuberry Cove/Slithering Squid Surprise/Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger/Capn Threelegs Cutlass Crusade/Our Famous Krawk Pie/Mummified Hot Dog/Chocolately Cheese Wedges/Chocolate Peanuts With Peas/Choco Spray/Bat Thing Usuki/Glittery Scorchstone/Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie/Slingshot of Fire
Estimated Value: There are many rarities, and I’m not even sure as to the price of some. The glittery ss is worth 100m, and bat thing usuki is worth 40m. Some of the others are priceless.
Price – $250

Item Pack #25
Faerie Slingshot/Jade Scorchstone/Fan of Swords/Sword of Reif/Glittery Scorchstone/Ghostkerbomb/Freezing Potion
Estimated Value: 293,000,000 NP
Price – $300

Item Pack #26
Caylis Plushie/Commander Gormos Plushie/Cylara Plushie/Fauna Plushie/Goregas Plushie/Gorix Plushie/Headless Jeran Plushie/Jerdana Plushie/Krawley Plushie/Lisha and Jeran Plushie Set/King Altador Plusie/King Skarl Plushie/Lord Darigan Plushie/Reginald Plushie/Sasha Plushie/Sophix II Plushie/Ylana Skyfire Plushie/Zafara Double Agent Plushie
Estimated Value: 450,000,000 NP
Price – $300

Item Pack #27
Ubikiberry Bag/Faerie Paint Brush/Krawkx4/Everlasting Apple/Portable Kiln/Snowball Machine/Cardboard Baby Cabbage Cannon/Fire and Ice Blade/Faerie Fog/Hubrids Noxious Blade/Faerie Queen Doll/Krawk Transmogrification Potion/Meuka Snot Gloves/Meuka Snot Trail/Bagguss Bomb/Baby Paint Brush/Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll/Snow Faerie Dollx2/Yoyo of Death/Asparachucks/Green Knight Shield/Winged Horde Dagger/Sword of Skardsen/Shield of Pion Troect/Grimoire of Thade/Regulation Meridell Crossbow/Slumberberry Potion/Ultra Bubble Gun/Skarls Hasty Mace/Commemorative Battle Faerie Axe/Werelupe Claw Necklace/Fyora the Faerie Queen (TCG)/Ghostkerbomb/Ghostkershield/Lisha and Jeran Plushie Set/Pirate Captains Cutlass/Island Mystics Staff/Pocket Cooking Pot/Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll/Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll/Porcelain Hair Sticks/Magical Marbles of Mystery/Glittery Faerie Dust/Reject Faerie Queen Doll/Slingshot of Fire/Twin Faerie Blades/Sword of Lameness/Sword of Thigl/Sword o f Ari/Sword of Reif/Shield of Faerieland/
Estimated Value: 525,000,000 NP
Price – $500

Price: $0.00

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1,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 1,000,000 neopoints through trades.


Price: $3.25

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5,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 5,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.


Price: $17.50

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10,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 10,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.


Price: $31.99

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20,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 20,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.


Price: $62.99

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30,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 30,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.


Price: $99.99

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40,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 40,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.


Price: $129.99

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50,000,000 Neopoints

You will receive 55,000,000 pre-loaded onto an account for your convenience. You will be provided with the username and password to this account.


Price: $149.99

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