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by Evening Star on Neopoints.in
Quick UC

Received my UC in less than 2 days, and exactly as described. Prompt and friendly service, totally recommended. Looking to purchase more items in the future. Thanks again!

by Random Customer on Neopoints.in
Good Service!

I made 2 bigger purchases on this site a few weeks ago. Delivery was fast in both cases and came on secured accounts. No issues so far. Would recommend!

by Jeo on Neopoints.in

After three purchases I can say that this is the best, most cusstomer friendly site I've ever bought from. The first two items I bought, a low tier UC grab bag and a mid tier grab bag account were instant deliveries and boy did they deliver, giving me even more than I initially expected! The third item I bought was a tier 5 UC, which, when delivered, I was given the wrong account, but immediately after I sent an email it was rectified and everything is awesome.

by Andrew on Neopoints.in
Excellent service

Excellent service and very helpful staff.

by cat on Neopoints.in
Great service with good deals

3rd purchase from this site, and everything was perfect + secured! Michael is as helpful as always, and will always try his best to accommodate what you asked for. Definitely recommending this site to those who are looking for a faster way to get your neo items/pets. (:

by Belle on Neopoints.in

I was feeling apprehensive as to whether this site was legit or not, but I went ahead and bought a semi-main account last week anyway, reasoning with myself that it's cheap so if it ends up a scam, I wont have lost much. I was pleasantly surprised that this website is legit! I got my account instantly, plus everything that was advertised on it. I will definitely be using this website in future! Very happy!

by Star on Neopoints.in

I was worried but actually is legit!!!

by Kathy on Neopoints.in
Excellent Service!

I was skeptical about purchasing Neopets items at first with such a high risk of being caught. I gave this site a try and turns out it's completely legit, safe, and 100% reliable. I strongly recommend this site to those seeking items without having to waste long hours grinding games and saving up every neopoint you earn. Thank you!

by taylor on Neopoints.in

thank you for running a legitamite transaction service, pleased with the results. did not lie about anything

by Jessica on Neopoints.in
Great Service!

The delivery was instant just as they advertised! I was really, really impressed. A friend recommended this service to me and my girlfriend and we both wanted to give it a try. It's been awesome! I did have a problem with logging into one of the accounts, and when I contacted the site, they got back to me in the same day and gave me a new account to use. Amazing and fast service, and very reliable.


by Link on Neopoints.in
Holy crap this works

I know what you're thinking, that this is too good to be true. Believe me, I was very nervous about purchasing this. I spent $0.99 as a trial (cause honestly I wouldn't be upset losing a dollar) and Neopoints.in really delivered, and instantly.

I always wondered how people had 3 mil+ NPs! I've been playing on this site since 2002 and maybe have a little more than 1.5mil, and that was from HOURS AND HOURS of game play, shop restocks and pure luck with RE's. I highly reccomend this system. Now I can afford to buy all the battledome items that I want =)

Seriously, if you don't believe me, just take the risk and spend the $1

by Happy Customer on Neopoints.in
Very satisfied with Neopoints.in

This site has the best selection and prices of UC pets around - not to mention a strong reputation of satisfied and safe customers. Michael helped answer any and all questions and concerns I had about making such a purchase to ensure that me and my account(s) would be safe in a timely manner. I recommend highly anyone who buys from this site contact Michael with the contact form and ask any questions you have and you will receive an answer in a reasonable time. I didn't test the waters with a small purchase, I spent over 60$ and walked out stress-free and happy. Thanks to him and neopoints.in, I now have the account and pet of my dreams - not to mention over a million free neopoints in the bank! I will be purchasing from this site in the future for sure.


by Laurie on Neopoints.in
Great Customer Service

My daughter convinced me to purchase paint brushes here for her Neopets. Nervous, but in the giving mood, I gave in. When I didn't get login info instantly, I got really nervous. I thought to myself, "what did I do" . Though it was not a lot of money, the thought of being scammed worried me. I wrote Michael here and within no time my concerns were over. He just wasn't online at the time and he fulfilled my purchase. He was very professional and now I am SURE I will be buying a lot more. Thank you Michael and for anyone nervous like I was, don't be.


by Amber on Neopoints.in
Wow. I am.... way more pleased than I expected??

I originally bought what I was expecting to be just 2 million neopoints pure. I thought I might get a shell account with a gibberish name and nothing but 2 mil exactly. What I got was actually a well named 12 year old account with a well named baby lupe, 2.6 million in the bank, and another million in items spread through the inventory, closet, and battledome equipment. If my gallery on my main account wasn’t already over level 100 in size, I’d absolutely switch main accounts to this new account I received. I am so incredibly happy with my purchase that I am eagerly awaiting the chance to buy again. I will absolutely be coming back for another purchase literally as soon as I’m able. Thos site was a great choice and I’m really glad I chose this one over other neopoints buying sites out there. I also received an email with the account log in info instantly. It actually showed up BEFORE I even got the paypal receipt email. A wonderful service. 10/10, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, whoever is running this site is doing it right. This guaranteed I will be coming back.

by Sam on Neopoints.in
Fast and Easy!

I'm so glad I found this site. Easy to shop and fast delivery! No worries about being scammed or finding MM for your trades.

Definitely be doing all my Neo business here from now on!

by Megan on Neopoints.in
Love them

I've used this site way too many times lol. Super legit and fast, I would highly recommend! πŸ™‚

by Alice on Neopoints.in
Good Stuff

I bought only yesterday and am very satisfied. I of course like many thought of it as a scam, but tried it anyway. Bought the cheapest thing possible and bought again. xD

by Matt on Neopoints.in
Fantastic service

A reliable, polished customer support, super safe and trustworthy

by A on Neopoints.in

I knew sites like this existed, but (like everyone else) I always assumed they were scams. Frustrated with the terrible trading scene, I finally decided to try buying my dream UC. It took a tiny bit longer than the promised 24 hours to get my pet, but I ordered on the weekend and tried not to freak out too much. When they finally arrived, I was so relieved and happy; I absolutely love the name, too! I spent YEARS on the PC trying and failing to trade for my dream UC, but in only a day I was able to get them from here. It's worth every penny so I don't have to waste my time on the PC ever again! THANK YOU!!

by mocha on Neopoints.in
Extremely Happy!

After looking around for the perfect main account, I came upon this site (which I was really skeptical about at first until I saw these reviews) and contacted them about some questions I had about a couple accounts I was looking at. They replied in a timely manner giving me more info about the accounts, and actually dug one up that was exactly what I was looking for instead! I'm super happy with my purchase and totally recommend! Don't be afraid to reach out for questions or anything similar!!!

by Alike Uwimana Chambers on Neopoints.in
I was 200% shocked

To be honest I expect some "script kiddie" hustle that was bound to get my account frozen or even worse, stolen. Cheap, Fast, and trustworthy was a service I did NOT expect what so ever. You are 110% guaranteed your product and the transfers are seamless. Took less than 30 minutes to put mock items in my real account store and have my purchased account "buy" worthless items for 999,999 NP and after a few items, everything was transferred over!

by Teresa on Neopoints.in
I got what I wanted

I am so happy ,that I got my UC Faerie Kougra.

I got 300k and a purple Petpet as well !.

by James on Neopoints.in

I was skeptical at first when coming across this site but I read the testimonial and decided that I needed to try it out for my self. It was the best decision I made. They have just about everything you would need and they are attentive to the needs of their customers. Would def recommend and use in the future.

by Care on Neopoints.in

I have seen this site pop up before when I have searched for an item service, but I was using a different one that I trusted over the years. Unfortunately, they never have NP to sell anymore and items are few. SO I decided to give neopoints.in an opportunity to earn my business. They have exceeded my expectations. They are a fast, efficient, and trustable site. Their selection is impressive, and they are continuously adding different options to meet the needs of their customers. I definitely recommend.

by M on Neopoints.in

I bought my dream pet. They were so efficient and quick, and I got accidentally what I paid for! Not only that, but I never received any hassle for her either. Thank you so much, guys!

by Ashley on Neopoints.in

I honestly was concerned if i should buy from this site or not but im very please I was able to use paypal and that I got what I ordered instantly with easy to follow instructions on how to retrieve order

by D on Neopoints.in

i was sceptical, so i bought something cheap by instant delivery, and it exceeded my expectations! i'm gonna spend longer browsing this place, so be ready for my next orders! πŸ˜€

by Chloe on Neopoints.in
THE best site for neopets needs

Excellent customer service. Staff is super helpful, reliable, and quick to respond. I’ve ordered a lot from this site and by following their safe trading guidelines, I’ve never had issues transferring the items/neopoints I’ve bought. Prices for most items are cheaper than other sites. The Grab bags are awesome; they’re a gamble, but well worth it. The overall functionality of the website is better and easier to navigate than most as well. Great selection. It’s awesome that they provide links to all the places to check on accounts for items/neopoints/plot points/etc. you get, so that you get what you paid for, and more! If you spend your money here, you will NOT be disappointed.

by Blu on Neopoints.in
Can't wait to buy from again

The site I used to buy from has closed up shop, so I looked for a new one and found neopoints.in. I purchased a item pack and it was definitely worth what I paid for it. Some of the items I thought would be hard to sell were sold within hours. It also came with 300 NC! That's 3x Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies πŸ˜€ Some of the prices of items listed in the account had gone down, as well as the value of the NP invested in the Stock Market, but you can't expect a site to keep up with prices for every single item in every single account they list. I'll definitely buy more from this site soon (looking at you, Wand of the Dark Faerie)!

by Owl on Neopoints.in

I was iffy about making any kind of purchases for awhile. However, I bought a few items and did receive them. The UC took a little more than 24 hours to arrive which made me nervous, but Michael was very nice! I will definitely be purchasing more and could not be any happier!

by J on Neopoints.in
Best Shop

When the previous site I bought from took 5 days to respond to one of my orders, I decided to look for another site instead. I found neopoints.in and I instantly saw that it was THE site to buy from. Michael was very helpful and prompt when responding to emails. I've bought a UC pet and some other items recently and they've all been delivered within the expected timeframe. Will definitely buy from again.


by Price on Neopoints.in
Excellent Customer Service

Way overdue on this review, but I just have to say, I've bought stuff here and there from this site since around 2013 I believe. Never had any issues to this day.

Michael is always super helpful and has always been quick to respond to any of my questions or concerns.

Will continue buying from this site in the future! Thanks a bunch!


by Minami on Neopoints.in
Faerie Queen Doll

Skeptical at first but actually this service was quite good. literally have been wanting the Faerie Queen Doll for the avatar for like 10 years and finally got it. Delivery was instant and so easy. Thanks


by Alex on Neopoints.in

Was also jubious but it worked!

by Lauren on Neopoints.in

I was skeptical but no issues thus far! Will likely purchase from again!

by MarKa on Neopoints.in

Recieved my pet in 2 hours, fantastic price, lovely people, going to buy again, just perfect, PERFECT!


by Lottie on Neopoints.in
Awesome β™₯

I love this site so much, fantastic prices super trustworthy and lovely people to talk to, always happy to help out in whatever way possible. Ive brought numerous Items/Pets with no problems at all, every visit has been a pleasure and i will always use this site for all my Neo needs!

Thanks guys for all the great work you do! β™₯


by Beans on Neopoints.in

So I've bought more than I'd like to admit from this site and I have to say, any hiccups encountered (only reason this isn't fully 5 stars) were fixed efficiently and to my FULL satisfaction - whether that be providing me with a quick refund or underpromising and overdelivering with the product purchased. Even providing SAFE alternatives (interac e-transfer) to the glitches I experienced with Paypal.

I can say my Neo-dreams have FINALLY been fulfilled in an otherwise seemingly dead neo-economy.

Copious amounts of gratitude go out to Michael for everything he has done through this purchasing process.

Oh, I can also say I haven't encountered a problem with any of the items/pets legitimacy.


by Jade on Neopoints.in
Awesome site! A++

This site really delivers! The only problem you may have is wanting to buy it ALL πŸ™‚ super happy with my purchases and I have received no problems at all with my items. So grateful I found this site!


by Andrea on Neopoints.in

I've bought from this site a bunch of times now and never had any problems. The customer service is great and the prices are reasonable. I've tried other sites like this but this one is my favorite. Thanks!

by M J on Neopoints.in
Thanks Guys!

I'll admit I was a little scared to try this out... but I'm so glad I did! I wanted my dream neopet dearly, and this site allowed me to get that.

I did not order an instant item, so it forced me to wait. I thought I'd have to wait a while, but instead within only a few hours of ordering I got my order!

Absolutely no issues and great service! Thanks guys!


by Beezy on Neopoints.in
Wonderful service.

I've bought from this website a few times and only with my most recent purchase was there an issue that was quickly resolved. I was offered a refund or an item of equal value. Highly recommend this site. I will be buying again. =)

by macaque on Neopoints.in

Went through other sites at first, this one was the quickest, easiest, safest and the cheapest to use! Highly recommend it.


by Sara on Neopoints.in

It's been two years since I bought my first UC, and I have had no problems. Just bought my second. I highly recommend this site!


by drizzii on Neopoints.in

Bought a H4000 helemt. Direct sale. Quick and reliable.

by cmoontoon on Neopoints.in
awesome fast service!!

got the item i bought w barely any wait time! would love to buy from you guys again! ^u^

by Norapora on Neopoints.in

I have bought from this site multiple times and have never once been disappointed. I tried dabbling in other online neopets goods sites but nothing compares to how Michael takes care of your orders, questions and concerns. I will be continuing to use this site because over the year I have been using it I've never once had a bad experience. Skeptical? Try a small order first and you will see just why everyone rates this site so highly.


by Mikayla on Neopoints.in

The coolest! I can't believe I have my very own UC! Thank you so much! Will be buying again!

by Sam on Neopoints.in

Started buying from here in December of 2016 and orders have never gone wrong for me. Michael is helpful if you have questions/requests, so I would highly recommend Neopoints.in if you are looking for a quick way to obtain something!

by dorian on Neopoints.in
they deliver!

I started with one item, something I have needed for a long time. it was on sale, so couldn't resist. it was gifted within a few hours. then I bought an item pack, basically a whole Main account filled with good stuff. Read the How to Buy Safely tips in the FAQ and enjoy.

by Kylee on Neopoints.in
Best Neopets Site In Existence

Absolutely amazing. I cannot even begin to express how much I love this site. I have been purchasing from multiple Neopets Sites for years now, and I only recently came across this one a bit over a month and a half ago or so. And boy am I so glad I did. Three words: account grab bags. Best thing to ever be sold. I've bought so many accounts and they are almost always over filled with items and more neopoints then the posted value (ex: instead of 1.5m, the account will come with 1.8m). It supper fun to go around and discover so many more items and extra neopoints. They're so generous you wont be disappointed. I've already spent over $200 on this site and am planning on spending much more in the far future. πŸ™‚ This site really helps you get ahead in the game and finally purchase those hard sought after items you've been saving for. Its fantastic. Its all legitimate and super safe, they never ask for any personal information so you have very little to worry about. They also provide you with a guide on how to buy safely which I found to be super insightful. I've bought around twenty accounts so far and I have yet to ever encounter a problem. So to reiterate: Best neopoint/item sale site ever, super safe, super generous, you wont be disappointed. Absolutely fantastic!

by Crys on Neopoints.in
So amazed!

I gave this site a shot with a small item to start, which went over great! Got my item immediately and was very pleased. Decided to try my luck with an Account Grab Bag, as I wanted the thrill of the gamble~. Came out way better off than I could hope to be with an amazing aged account and tons of really great items! I will come back for all my Neopets needs!!

by Barbara on Neopoints.in

I can't recommend this site enough!! I previously used a different neopoint purchasing site but left after a few sour experiences. Neopoints.in has totally restored my faith in this type of website. I bought a couple small items on ID and had them immediately, as promised. Bought a VWN UC and within 24 hours had the perfect new pet. I even got to choose between two 1st letter options after I requested a feminine name. Just purchased my second UC...I'll never shop anywhere else!


by K D on Neopoints.in
Great, speedy service.

My first order consisted of around $10. Was pleasantly surprised to instantly receive access to what I bought, directly after purchase. Thanks so much, and will be sure to buy again!


by Amanda on Neopoints.in

So like most, I ordered something cheap to test it, and I just have to say this site is amazing! I LOVE the instant delivery it makes it just that much better! I will definitely be coming back!!!

by Nicole on Neopoints.in

I purchased 3 instant delivery items and got them right away as promised. I'd definitely buy from here again as the prices and service are wonderful!

by Beth on Neopoints.in
Great Service

I was super sceptical at first but this site is quick and easy to use. Definitely recommend!

by Alasne Ratto on Neopoints.in

I was skeptical too, i bought something cheap with the money that was left in my paypal so i didn't mind to lose it. But i got my items and everything was awesome! More than i expected!!

This is my second buy and everything is cool, of course i'd recommend theese guys!!

by Jazzy on Neopoints.in

I was skeptical at first, so I started out buying a cheap item to test its legitimacy. I received my item almost instantly. This site is trustworthy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.


by Stephen on Neopoints.in

I bought a few items from here and everything was just as it said, delivery was quick and amazing. I would recommend purchasing items you want from this site you can trust it and it's definitely worth it.

by Simon on Neopoints.in

Having had an issue with another site,I was a little hesitant to purchase again, but I thought I'd give it a try. Not only is Michael friendly, professional and helpful,but he also responds very quickly to questions and concerns. Thank you for restoring my faith πŸ™‚

by Rose on Neopoints.in
Best Customer Service!

This website is definitely the best site I've ever used to buy neopets goods, and I am so grateful for Michael and all he's done to help. I've made several big purchases using neopoints.in, and not a single order has gone wrong and Michael has even gone out of his way to help explain order safety to me to ensure that nothing goes wrong on my end. He's even gone the extra mile to make sure that I'd be happy with my orders before fulfilling them, which means a lot to me! If any of y'all are reading this because you're unsure of whether to buy something from this site, I'm promising you that it's worth it and completely safe! And their Instant Delivery items are also awesome and never disappoint. Thank you Michael! πŸ™‚

by Chris on Neopoints.in

I've bought well over $500 from Michael he is amazing! His support is A+ and the non ID items show up rather quickly! I will continue to buy and support this site until he takes it down! Defiantly recommend a look around the site!

by liyana on Neopoints.in
Satisfied Customer

i'm a returning customer. i've bought a lot of item from this site. services are great and Micheal are so helpful. I love it!

by Anon on Neopoints.in
Great Site!

Bought a cheap item to ensure the site was legit, then made a more expensive purchase. I received everything within 24 hours, and Michael answered any questions I had. I'll definitely buy from this site again! πŸ™‚

by Don on Neopoints.in

awesome site, Fats no issues .. Items always as described...

by Samantha on Neopoints.in
Amazing Service!

Very efficient and patient with all my questions. Extremely happy with the service, will definitely be back in the future. Thank you!

by Stephanie on Neopoints.in

A friend sent me this, I thought it wasn't going to work my anxiety went crazy. But it's legit 100% and fast response to any questions.


by Don on Neopoints.in
awsome !!

Fast, great price and great items..

Great value..

Im a happy camper πŸ™‚

by Jay on Neopoints.in
Long-term happy customer!

I've had a taste of just about everything this site has to offer. Very safe and reliable. ~ 2 years as a repeat customer and I've never been compromised or regretted a single purchase. I know I can get what I want fast, safe, and cheaper than other sites. Michael has definitely won and kept my trust! I've had one order gotten wrong in all this time, and I was promptly offered a refund or replacement. This guy is a pro at what he does, seriously.

by Michael on Neopoints.in
Exceptional Service

I've used a few different sites, 4 to be exact. One of them, I am still waiting on delivery for items I purchased over 2 weeks ago. Another told me three days after I'd made an order that they hadn't updated their pricing, and would not be shipping my items. A third site took nearly 2 weeks to deliver my order. With Neopoints.in, I have never had to wait more than 24 hours for delivery, and typically deliveries are less than 6 hours after I place an order. I have made numerous orders here, and appreciate the attention I receive as a customer.

by Simone on Neopoints.in
Great site

A great service would recommend! Everything bought is always sent right away when bought!


by Kristin on Neopoints.in
Always Instant!!!

I love this site and I love the people working here! I had a question and they got back to me right away! Thank you guys for existing!


by Niel on Neopoints.in
Excellent Service

I believe that the mark of a truly exceptional business lies in how they treat their customers when things aren't running smoothly. My order had some special requests that made it take a bit longer than normal, but the staff here was in contact with me every step of the way. They even took the time to provide helpful advice about the aftercare of my order. And when I finally received it, well let's just say that it was well worth the wait! I couldn't be happier with not only the product, but the people as well.

Thank you.


by Dom on Neopoints.in

Loads of fun with the unchecked accounts! Some UCs, tons of pure and hidden gems. Definitely would do it again and recommend.


by Glitchy on Neopoints.in


I checked out this site and was super skeptical about it at first, but I did a small transaction and IT ACTUALLY WORKS IT ALL WORKS I GOT ALL MY ITEMS AND I'M SO HAPPY LIKE HOLY ****

Payment is SUPER SAFE and getting the items was SO. EASY. I've already recommended this site to a few of my friends (we're all veteran Neopet players) and we're all collectively loosing our ****.




by Martin on Neopoints.in
Cheapest around

was skeptical at first, but Micheal came through, and i will be using this in the future, checked the BD set i want and Neopoints.in is cheapest by like $30 - $60. =)


by Jenn on Neopoints.in
Great service and support

I've never done anything like this before so I was really nervous, but I jumped right in and purchased something I've always dreamed of having. I didn't have to wait long before receiving and even got a personal email sent to me when it had arrived!

Thank you so much, Michael! You've made my night and I'll definitely return for any other neo needs if they arise. πŸ™‚


by Kristin on Neopoints.in

I have been using other websites but found this one and the prices were cheaper so I thought I'd give it a test run. I ordered something small at first and it came to me a lot faster than other websites did. Then I tried for an item that I'd been wanting for awhile. I left a happy holidays message and I guess i accidentally had 50 items in my inventory so Michael sent me an email and wished me happy holidays as well and informed me my inventory was full and to let him know as soon as I resolved it. Once he got the email He sent me the item with no hassles. I like this website more because there's more variety and bigger surprises so far on loaded accounts. I can also look for more specifics of items that I want. I really recommend this website! I can't wait to buy more. ^-^


by Ethan N on Neopoints.in
Top Quality

You always get what you pay for, and quite often you get more! If you're after something not on the site, send in a request, and they'll almost always have it at an unbeatable price!


by Oli on Neopoints.in
Oh yeah

Cool, love the IDs, some good stuff in there. This site is great, and it's not too good to be true, it's wonderful


by Anon on Neopoints.in
Beyond awesome!

I've tried many sites like this in the past and have been burned time and time again, so I veered on the side of caution checking this site out. I have purchased two of the guaranteed grab bag special offers and I have not been disappointed! Each time I made back at least twice what I paid, and there are still accounts I haven't had a chance to go through. Delivery is extremely fast compared to the other sites out there -- this is the only site for me from here on out. You won't be disappointed.


by KGM on Neopoints.in
Hands down awesome!

I've gotten TWO of the GUARANTEED RICHES GRAB BAG – SPECIAL OFFER and I'm obsessed! It is SUCH a fun gamble and a great way to get into the minds of other people. Super efficient delivery and great customer service!


by Bee on Neopoints.in

Awesome. Cheapest site i've found/best deals around. Only once have i had a problem with something i purchased but they were very quick to compensate and make up for it. Deliveries are always in a timely matter and I even had a hiccup with the price of something and Michael gladly helped me with it, which i was very appreciative of.

I buy from this site frequently, it is totally safe and these testimonials are not fake. I didn't even test with a small purchase, i dove all in and was not disappointed.


by Ashley on Neopoints.in

This isn't my first time buying from neopoints.in, and it certainly won't be my last! Michael does his absolute best to find what you are looking for, whether it be the perfect account, items, or pets and he always goes the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want, and at amazing prices too! He will work with you and answer ALL of your questions, and he works hard to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and comfortable the whole time. You won't find better customer service or prices anywhere, so if you're looking to buy anything neopets related neopoints.in is definitely the place to do so! Thank you Michael! πŸ™‚


by Elizabeth on Neopoints.in
Legit and Excellent

I was so worried when I first bought from this site because I have never done anything like this before. I got what I ordered within 24 hours and everything was perfect. I cannot recommend this site enough. I love browsing through what is being sold.

My favourite are the unchecked grab bags. I keep getting brought back to buy more for the rush of seeing what I get. It is awesome.

If you are hesitating, don't! This is real!

Thank you so much for everything!


by Rhi on Neopoints.in
Flawless Customer Service

After having my account frozen, I decided to give this site a try and was (understandably) concerned. Michael was kind enough to cater to all my specific requests and requirements. His method is very methodical, logical, and above all, has immense patience for his customers. One feels at ease with the level of communication. He provides excellent advice and is completely honest in his transactions. This is, by far, the best service of its kind; there's no comparison.


by Nichole on Neopoints.in
Always a good response

Having bought from a few sites in the past when my friend told me about this one I decided to give it a try and haven't looked back since. I've bought things from NC accounts to UCs to chance accounts and every time I've received good customer service as well as some lovely deals.

Micheal has always responded very nicely to any hiccups or misfortunes that may have happened and it's honestly the best service I've gotten from any other cheat sites. He tends to respond at least once a day (depending on the time you message him) to keep you updated on UC searches or any questions you may have about something.


by Anon on Neopoints.in
The best site around

Items and accounts are always delivered fast. Michael is very considerate, and always quick to fix any mishaps!


by Becca on Neopoints.in
Im not dreaming?!!

Thanks to Michael, everything happend so fast and easily, I was left thinking it was all a pretty dream.(but for the nice new things I received immediatly)

Everything happend as he said it would, and I will definatly be back! I highly recomend this site.


by L on Neopoints.in
Fast, kind, safe

Quick customer support. Fast delivery. Michael was a huge help. Trustworthy site.

by A on Neopoints.in
Great service

Always happy with my purchases, especially the new ID that are available. Mike is always great to deal with and answers all questions you have. Highly recommend!

by A on Neopoints.in
Got one of my dream UC!

Very happy with my purchase! Michael answered all my (probably tiresome) questions and got me just what I wanted in a very reasonable amount of time. I will be purchasing more stuff in the very near future~


by SF on Neopoints.in

Mike is a reliable fellow, fast and reliable delivery, his response time is fast. Good advice as well. Will be recommending to friends!

by R on Neopoints.in
Exceptional Customer Service

I made an initial purchase and was very hesitant/ suspicious. Michael truly went out of his way to answer all of my questions. What I liked most was the level of patience he has with customers. Will purchase from again. πŸ™‚

by Nathan on Neopoints.in
Great Service

First time ever buying stamps and I was not disappointed. Instant messaging service was pretty comforting and got delivered within the hour after buying. Looking forward to buy here again

by sj on Neopoints.in
baby paint brush

I didn't think this would really work but for $1.99 I said "why not?". Literally, 12 hours later they delivered the brush! This is so cool, so thank you very much for what you all do, neopoints.in! πŸ™‚


by Jon on Neopoints.in
Great experience!

This is my first time buying an pet, and being fickle, I changed my mind about what I want. However, the staff was great to work with and now I have an UC I absolutely adore! Will definitely purchase from this site again in the future.


by S on Neopoints.in
Great service! Very attentive.

Decided to buy something off of here finally after lurking. It was a fairly expensive purchase so I mailed and asked a few questions first. All of my questions were answered promptly after using the contact form. Overall very happy with my purchase and the way the transaction was handled.


by J on Neopoints.in
Got my UC safely!

I took a while before writing this because I was afraid something would happen to my account (I'm pretty paranoid about account safety), but now that time has passed I can safely say I got the UC pet of my dreams! After purchase, I received my pet and complimentary account within hours and the staff were nice enough to get me a feminine-sounding name at my request. They were also very prompt to answer any questions I had. I waited a while before transferring my pet, but finally I did and I absolutely love her! Definitely already considering getting another one...


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