Neopets Shop Layouts

On Neopets, many people decorate their userlookup, pet lookups, petpages, and shop/gallery with layouts coded in html/css. These layouts tell people about you and your pets. By simply decorating them, you will blend in with others on Neopets and make yourself seem more legit and trustworthy. This is great if you want to buy neopoints!

General Rules:
1. Do not remove the credit if you are using someone else’s layout, this will get you iced.
2. Do not post pictures of yourself or do anything against TNT’s rules. (Bad language, fake age shields, etc.)
3. Do not link your side accounts to your main (vice-versa). 
4. Do not hide any information with HTML/CSS. It looks supicious and is against the rules.

(My Account>Control Panel>Modify Account Information)

The main part of your account, this is what people see when they click on your name or search you. Many people have layouts, so it would be wise to get one just to blend in.

-Always write a little bit about yourself. Whether it be real or fake, this little bit of information can help you look legit.
-You can add pictures of dream pets, avatars, goals, whatever works for you.
-If you are using an Auto Buyer or Score Sender, it might also be good to you write that you like restocking and playing games.

Pet Lookups:
(My Account>Control Panel>Neopet Description)

Many people forget about these but they really do make your account look legit and trustworthy. Everytime, someone searches or clicks on your pet, they will see your pet lookup. When you add a description or story about your pet, it shows others that you care about your pet.

-Add a description for the pet such as a story, traits, hobbies, etc.
-If the pet is illegit, put that you found it in the pound.
-If you bought a legit pet, you might want to put that you adopted it from someone or traded for it.
(It would look very suspicous if someone noticed the pet on another’s person account a week ago, and you said you just painted it yesterday)
-If you plan to sell the pet soon, put “UFA: Applications Closed” somewhere.

(My Account>Control Panel>Edit Pet Page)

Not many people will view these unless you tell them what you have on your petages. However, if you do decide to make one or two, it will
make your account look very good.

-Easy Ideas: Wishlist, Lab Ray Log, Screenies, Drawings (for artists)
-Hard Ideas: Directory, Graphics, Guides
-You can also make a button that links to your petpage and post it on your userlookup.

(Shops>Your Shop>Create/Edit Your Shop)

Yes, it does look nice if you decorate your shop, but it’s not too important. However, having a gallery with a nice layout and a nice theme,
makes you look legit and trustworthy. 

-Do not go overboard with your shop, it’s not too important.
-If you choose to do a gallery, look at layouts first and base your theme on a layout you like. That way, you don’t have to go look for a layout.
-Pick an affordable but not too cheap theme.
-Put up a wishlist if you would like.

July 7, 2013 7:17 am
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Neopets Stock Market

The Neopets Stock Market is a great way to invest neopoints! If your looking for a quick profit the Neopets Stock Market is not for you, but if it’s a long term investment I suggest you go ahead! I’ve invested 800,000 in KSON about two years ago, and now this stock is 28,000,000!

– Never sell at a loss. The stocks go up and down over the coarse of days, weeks, months, and even years. It is a patience game.
– Find a selling point. If you are short on neopoints, you may want to set your sell point low. Such as 30-45 nps a share. If you bought at 15nps a share, and sold at 30, you just doubles your profits. Currently, my sell point is 60+ nps a share
– Dont forget, the stock market is “free”. Your neopoints arent being spent, but invested. Think of it like the bank on steroids.
– Nigel the sports car riding chia will charge 20nps everytime you sell some stocks. If your profit is high enough, im sure you wont notice this.
– The stocks avie is awarded once 1mil nps have been invested (at once). So you either need to not sell your shares til you have invested 1mil, or buy a high stock for several days to get the avie quicker.
– There is no telling when a stock will stop going up. If you wait for the stock to reach a certain point before selling, you may miss the stocks “high point” and have to wait until it goes back up (again, could be days to months).

If you need some neopoints to invest, you can just buy neopoints!

July 7, 2013 7:14 am
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Neopets Lab Ray

The Neopets Lab Ray is a great tool on the site, which you can use one a day to chance the color or species of your pet! Using the neopets lab ray requires you to first get access, by acquiring all nine pieces to complete the map!

You can then get access to the Neopets Lab Ray. If you need to complete your map still, you can buy neopoints.

July 7, 2013 7:09 am
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Neopets Item Database

There are two big Neopets Item Database on the web. There is the Jellyneo Item Database and the Neododex Item Database. But since prices are usually user-submitted, they are hardly ever accurate.

wicked wocky wobble wallace red pile drop items warf petpets buzzer drackonack plushies neggs faeries

Jellyneo is a great Item Database for buyable items, but with high-end items it’s terrible.

Same goes for the Neocodex Item Database, the price for higher end items is very off. Buyable items are easy to account for, as all that is required to account for those items is to setup a script to search the shop wizard to log the prices.

July 7, 2013 7:04 am
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Neopets Avatars

It is the dream of ever AC’er to be on the High Score list of the Neopets Avatars Top Collectors, but it’s not no easy task as there are plenty of unavailable avatars that are not anymore attainable!

Neopets Avatar

If your looking for some Neopets Avatar items such as the Super Attack Pea, Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG), Bony Grarrl Club, Meowclops, Zafara Double Agent Plushie, Chokato (TCG), etc, than you can buy them here on! If your not a neopets avatar collector, and just want to buy neopoints you can do that also.

July 7, 2013 7:01 am
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Neopets Cheats

We here at are not big on encouraging neopets cheats, neopets hacks, neopets glitches, and etc. However, there are plenty of  neopets cheats that are perfectly fine to be used on!

The types of neopets cheats we are talking about are neopets codes you enter into games to earn a extra life, or earn a extra bonus in the game!

For a full list of neopets cheats, you can just search it on the web as there are a million guides, or if you don’t want to waste time with these neopets cheats, why not just buy neopoints?

July 7, 2013 6:57 am
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Daily Neopets

Neopets Dailies are a vital part of many neopians lives! Most of the higher end players don’t bother to do them as they are a waste of their time, but to the average player, daily neopets are a must!

Whether you do daily neopets to gamble some np, or you do daily neopets to obtain a new avatar, or you just do daily neopets to get some free omelettes for your pet, regardless of what you do it for, why not just buy neopoints instead of wasting your time with neopets dailies?

July 7, 2013 6:55 am
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Neopets Freebies

Instead of searching for Neopets Freebies out there which require you to fill out long surveys, download viruses, etc, why not just buy neopoints from

The only REAL Neopets Freebies, are the Freebies that Neopets give out once a month, but you don’t get much at all. You can visit the link below to claim your Neopets Freebies;

July 7, 2013 6:51 am
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What to Check For on A Neopets Account

Have you just bought a Neopets Account Grab Bag? Are you not sure where to search for riches on your new account? Here is a comprehensive list of links on Neopets to look through to find riches on your new account:





March 29, 2013 4:17 am
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Tyrannia Plot Battledome Set Guide

Looks like the new Tyrannia Plot will include a war, which mean battling, how fun! Though for most us, we have no clue what to do in the battledome, nor do we know what set to build!

No worries though, we here at Neopoints.In are here to help you with finding the right BD pet, and a great set to go along with it.

Our BD Pet section is usually empty as pets sell fast, but you can usually find some godly bd pets on our Main Accounts in the Main Accounts section.

As far as weapons go, take a look at our Clearance Shop and you’ll find a vast variety of weapons to choose! Just Contact Us if you want to buy anything!

For those who have trouble what set to build, here’s a quick guideline;

Generally you should have:

2 Constants

Hidden Tower+ – Level: Faerie Slingshot (FSS), Ghostkersword (GSword), Sword of White Lies (SoWL), Super Attack Pea (SuAP), Wand of the Dark Faerie (WoDF), Seasonal Attack Pea (SAP), Monoceraptors Claw (MClaw), Skarls Sword, Attack Pea (AP), Grapes of Wrath (GoW), Illusens Staff (IStaff)
Hidden Tower – Level: Anagrams (Sword of Ari/Reif/Skardsen/Thare/Thigl), Kelpbeards Trident (KBT)
Mid-Level: 13-iconers or dual-duties like Rusty Pitchfork (RP) and Hanso Charisma Charm (HCC)
Low-Level: 9-10 icon constants, like Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer (RHBH) and School of Knowledge (SoK – 11 icons, but use 2 SoKs, as icons are too spread out and easily blocked)

1 Freezer

Hidden Tower+ – Level: Moehog Skull (MSkull) – 100% freeze + bomb-level damage/defense
Hidden Tower – Level: Magical Marbles of Mystery (MMoM), Freezing Potion (FP), H4000 Helmet (H4K) – 100% freeze
Mid-Level: Randomly Firing Freeze Ray – 50% freeze
Low-Level: Snowglobe Staff – less than 50% freeze, or none (I prefer none)

1 Healer

Hidden Tower+ – Level: Leaded Elemental Vial (LEV), Jade Scorchstone (JSS) – full heal / Rainbow Scorchstone (RSS) – 80 HP + overheal, Glittery Scorchstone – 100 HP + overheal
Hidden Tower – Level: Bag of Healing Dust (BoHD) – 50% heal
Mid-Level: species healers / Greater Healing School (GHS) – 50 HP, no overheal / Green or Blue Scorchstone (40 HP/30 HP respectively, overheal)
Low-Level: Lesser Healing Scroll (LHS) – 25 HP, no overheal / Red or Bronze Scorchstone (20 HP/15 HP respectively, overheal)

1 Blocker

Hidden Tower+ -Level: Thyoras Tear (TTear) – Block all icons
Hidden Tower -Level: Downsize! – Block 50% of all icons
Mid Level: Downsize!
Low-Level: Downsize!

1 Bomb

Hidden Tower -Level: Ghostkerbomb (GBomb)
Mid-Level: HP (forget this if your constants are 13+ icons), Rainbow Clockwork Grundo
Low-Level: 15 icon muffins (single use)

And for the last 2 slots, either: a 3rd constant, a multi-shield, a stealer, a 2nd shield. Generally you should have at least 1 good shield, but I’ve made it optional because a shield won’t do anything if your defense stat is pitiful. A 3rd constant is mandatory for 2P battling to overcome your opponent’s shields and to prevent predictability in your attack.

If your constants are GoW-level or above, trade the Bomb slot for another of what I mentioned above.

February 19, 2013 3:32 am
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